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Social Media Viral Marketing Course

  • Learn some top tips for growing your followers and going viral.
  • Understand why social media marketing is important.
  • Study each platform from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to decide which ones are right for you.
  • Discover how to make the perfect profile and posts for each platform.
  • Grow your followers and increase your engagement across the board with these top tips.
  • Learn about Hashtags with some Dos and Don’ts and consider strategies for how often to post.
  • Understand which types of posts are resonating with your followers with analytics.
  • There is no exam or assignment, simply complete the course at your leisure to earn your certification.

Course Content

  • You will learn from an expert in the field of organic social media growth, how to grow your followers, strengthen your brand, boost sales and drive traffic from social media to your website, blog or online shop.
  • In this module, you will learn why marketing on social media matters. Social Media is where your audience is, they engage with their favourite brands, make purchases online and show brand loyalty when they recommend products to their friends.

  • Diving into the Pros and Cons of each platform, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so you can decide which is right for you.

  • Here are some top tips for crafting the perfect profile, writing a polished bio, uploading the best profile picture possible, and filling out your profile with all the key points your customers want to see.

  • You will learn the key elements for whipping up the perfect post and then how to optimise it for each platform, from Instagram and Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Growing your follower count with these top tips. When it comes down to it, numbers matter, social proof is real. When users see an account with a large following, they view them as trustworthy, professional and worthy of following.

  • Get more engagement, such as likes, comments, retweets and shares across the board with these sure fire ways to increase interactions on your page.

  • Hashtags are arguably one of the easiest ways to organically expand your reach on Social Media.

  • Consider strategies for frequency of posting. Simply put, whichever platform you are the most active with, will probably grow the most followers.

  • A lot of people skip over their analytics entirely because they can be overwhelming to decipher and understand. Discover which types of posts are resonating with your followers with this video guide.

  • Here are some vitally important tips for social media success such as photo editing, reposting old content, or how to handle negative comments.

Course Curriculum

Social Media Viral Marketing Course
Intro 00:05:00
Fact Sheet 00:02:00
Pros And Cons 00:11:00
Perfect Profile 00:04:00
Perfect Post 00:07:00
Get More Followers 00:10:00
Get More Likes 00:05:00
Hashtag Dos and Donts 00:06:00
How Often To Post 00:05:00
Quick Peek at Analytics 00:06:00
Five Bonus Tips 00:04:00

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