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Online Digital Marketing Course

  • Get started with Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy for beginners. Learn hacks to save time posting on Social Media, find new customers for free, and master Instagram for business growth.
  • Study how to run successful giveaways online, from building the contest to sourcing free prizes to picking the winners and maximising the results.
  • Master Email Marketing for both B2B and B2C with lessons on Dos and Don’ts, building email marketing lists, B2B drip campaigns, automated customer emails, and how to create fantastic newsletters.
  • Discover influencer marketing on a budget with tips on finding influencers, deciding what to pay, and managing content.
  • Learn about ASO (App Search Optimisation) to get your mobile app ranking high in the app store. Study keyword research, creating the perfect images and how to get reviews.
  • Understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get your website displaying high on the search engine results pages. Learn tools to audit your website, check for keyword density, and backlinks.
  • There are no assignments for this course, simply complete the classes to receive your certificate.

Course Content

  • Understanding Social & Developing YOUR SMM Strategy           

You need to start your social media marketing from the very beginning of your business to build trust with customers.

  • How to Automate Social Media Posting & Make it easy!             

Here you will learn some hacks to save on your time investment in social media.

  • How to Find New Customers for Free with Social Media       

Off-page social media marketing is so much more valuable than what you post on your own page. Learn how to reach people who are actively talking about your product or the problem it solves.

  • How to Master Instagram for Business Growth         

Instagram is becoming more valuable as a tool for business growth, with many companies reporting more visits to their Instagram page than their website.

  • Building Your Sweepstakes Campaign    

Giveaways are an underutilised strategy for start-ups and a great way to generate targeted followers and email signups.

  • How to Find Free Giveaway Prizes 

Marketing departments will be keen to get free exposure by donating some relevant prizes.

  • Picking Winners and maximizing the results.

 Randomise the winners with free software to pick your winner. Ask your winner to post on social media or send a photo for your own content. Offer a discount to the contest entries.

  • Email Marketing 101

For early-stage start-ups, about 60% of conversions come through email marketing. Here are some Dos and Don’ts when you are getting started.

  • Strategies for Building Email Marketing Lists

Think about gaining email contacts as a conversion which you can maximise with Lead Magnets.

  • Writing Perfect B2B Drip Campaigns         

Learn about a tool to create successful drip campaigns for B2B contacts.

  • Creating Automated Customer Email Journeys 

How to take B2C customers on a journey, impress them, make them convert and refer others with email automation.

  • How and When to Create Incredible Newsletters

Here are some hacks for creating newsletters easily.

  • Finding and hiring Influencers

You need to get influencers with hands-on experience of your product to give feedback and promote your product to new followers. Here is how to build up a list of credible influencers.

  • Pricing- How much to offer

There are different budgets and levels of influencer, decide which kind you can afford but make sure the influencer is adding value.

  • How To Perfect The Influencer Content

Look out for the right type of content when searching for an influencer. Ask for their analytics and target demographics.

  • Using agencies and platforms

Learn about agencies vs platforms for finding influencers.

  • Perfecting Keyword Research             

ASO is the organic work you can do to make your app appear higher on search results in the Apple or Google Play Store. Discover the free tools to help you find the right keywords for your brand.

  • Writing Keyword Dense Listing Content 

Your whole business will revolve around the keywords you have discovered, from social to web content to newsletters. Learn which tools to use to check for the optimum keyword density.  

  • Creating the Perfect Images   

You get four images and one video in the app store, learn about a free tool that will allow you to create the perfect images.

  • Getting Reviews 

More reviews tell the App Store Search Engine that your app is legit and will show higher in search results. Learn how to get reviews with this video lecture.

  • How to Audit Your SEO          

Learn how to use a free audit tool to check the SEO of your website and fix what needs to be changed.

  • Killer Keyword Research 

Develop a keyword strategy to improve your keyword density with this free tool.

  • Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid common mistakes like duplicate pages, broken links, and low site speed.

  • Off-Page SEO and Linkbuilding

Off-Page SEO is an ongoing strategy to build links to your website, through social media and partner sites.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: How to Launch Professional Social Media Marketing SMM from Scratch
Understanding Social & Developing YOUR SMM Strategy 00:03:00
How to Automate Social Media Posting & Make it easy! 00:06:00
How To Find New Customers For Free With Social Media 00:06:00
How to Master Instagram for Business Growth 00:07:00
Section 02: How to Launch Massively Successful Online Giveaways & Sweepstakes
Building Your Sweepstakes Campaign 00:05:00
How to Find Free Giveaway Prizes 00:06:00
Picking Winners and maximizing the results. 00:05:00
Section 03: Become an Email Marketing Master (For both B2B & B2C).
Email Marketing 101 00:03:00
Strategies for Building Email Marketing Lists 00:06:00
Writing Perfect B2B Drip Campaigns 00:05:00
Creating Automated Customer Email Journeys 00:04:00
How and When to Create Incredible Newsletters 00:05:00
Section 04: A Complete Guide on How to Do Influencer Marketing on a Budget.
Finding and hiring Influencers 00:05:00
Pricing- How much to offer 00:05:00
How To Perfect The Influencer Content 00:05:00
Using agencies and platforms 00:06:00
Section 05: A-Z DIY App Store Optimization (ASO) for your Mobile App
Perfecting Keyword Research 00:04:00
Writing Keyword Dense Listing Content 00:04:00
Creating The Perfect Images 00:03:00
Getting Reviews 00:05:00
Section 06: All You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How to Audit Your SEO 00:03:00
Killer Keyword Research 00:04:00
Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid 00:05:00
Off-Page SEO and Linkbuilding 00:06:00

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