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Pinterest Marketing & Advertising Course Online Course Overview

  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to set up your account and create a high converting profile
  • Learn how to create compelling content that engages your target audience
  • Understand the different types of pins on Pinterest and how to use them effectively
  • Know how to conduct keyword research and implement SEO techniques
  • Be able to use hashtags effectively to optimise your images
  • Grow your followers in no time with our simple tips and hacks
  • Learn about the top tools for creating professional Pinterest graphics
  • Understand the common business marketing mistakes 

Course Content

  • Is Pinterest Right for You?

Are you considering including Pinterest in your social media strategy? In this introductory  class, you will gain an in-depth understanding of what Pinterest is, and if this social platform is right for you. You will also explore the many benefits of marketing on this platform.

  • How to Create the RIGHT Content on Pinterest

To use Pinterest effectively, you have to understand how it works as a marketing tool. This section will teach you about the type of content you will find on Pinterest, and how to work with visual content to engage your target audience.

  • Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Account

This step-by-step video guide to setting up your Pinterest business account for beginners will help you get started no time. By the end of this lesson, you will be fully familiar with Pinterest’s basic settings and tools.  

  • Rich Pins – How to Set Them Up & Why They Are So POWERFUL

Rich pins automatically sync information from your website to your Pinterest pins. They are a powerful tool for increasing brand exposure. This masterclass will teach you how to use rich pins effectively to generate more traffic to your web pages.

  • 6 Top Keyword Research Methods

This section will explore the top methods for researching specific audience-targeted keywords, taking you through each one step-by-step. It is a useful guide for analysing search terms that beginners and advanced marketing professionals alike will benefit from. 

  • Get More Pinterest Followers FAST

What every business owner wants to know is how to boost their follower count. This class is packed with tips and advice for marketing your business on Pinterest in the most effective way. It will teach you up-to-date techniques and best practices for taking your marketing to the next level.

  • How To Pin From Your Own (& Others) Website In Seconds

In this video tutorial, you will be taken through the steps for pinning from any website, including your own. This is a great way to direct traffic from Pinterest to your web pages.

  • 14 FREE Pinterest Pin Templates!

This section of module four is designed to give you an idea of what a Pinterest business profile should look like. It includes 14 free templates to help you elevate your Pinterest boards and make them sleek and professional-looking.

  • Personal Pinning Strategy

Pinterest pros recommend pinning 5 to 30 pins a day. Rather than pinning them all at once, it is better to schedule your pins. This class will teach you how to put together a winning Pinterest strategy that will help you leverage keywords and drive more traffic to your website.

  • How To Post On Autopilot With Tailwind!

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to create standout pins, discover content and monitor conversations. In this lesson, you will learn how to use Tailwind to automate posts and reach a wider audience.

  • Tailwind Analytics For Pinterest

Now that you’ve mastered Tailwind, it’s time to get to grips with its analytical tools. In this training, you will learn how to utilise Tailwind to find out which pins are getting the highest clicks, which will help you to refine your marketing strategy.

  • Google Analytics For Pinterest

After mastering Tailwind, you will learn how to incorporate Google Analytics into your Pinterest marketing strategy to measure the performance of your Pinterest posts. This class includes step-by-step video training for beginners, taught by our expert instructor.

  • How Do Pinterest Ads Work?

In this class, you will learn how advertising on Pinterest works. It will help you to determine which ad format is right for your business goals, as well as teach you how to promote your best-performing pins.

  • Pinterest Ad Optimisation – How To Gain More Profit Every Week

Now that you know how Pinterest ads work, it’s time to start optimising your ads to ensure they perform well. This class will equip you with the skills to use keywords effectively, come up with impactful calls to action, and convert pinners into customers in no time.

In this final section of the course, we will take a look back at what we have learned throughout the course. It covers a wide range of topics discussed in previous modules.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Pinterest
Pinterest Marketing Preview 00:01:00
Welcome! 00:02:00
Why Pinterest Is the Greatest Opportunity Today 00:06:00
Pinterest Vs. Other Platforms – Which Is Best? 00:08:00
Is Pinterest Right for You? 00:13:00
How to Create the RIGHT Content on Pinterest? 00:05:00
Stay Up to Date with Pinterest 00:06:00
Module 02: Getting Started with Pinterest
Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Account 00:04:00
Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile 00:02:00
Effortlessly Craft A HIGHT Converting Pinterest Profile 00:06:00
How to Claim Your Website(s) With Pinterest? 00:05:00
Rich Pins – How to Set Them Up & Why They Are So POWERFUL 00:06:00
Understand Pinterest To DOMINATE the Platform 00:19:00
Integrate Pinterest With Instagram, Etsy, Shopify, and More! 00:03:00
Pin Format Guidelines 00:09:00
Understanding The 5 Pin Types – Standard, Rich, Product, Promoted & Repin 00:11:00
Get Rich with Rich Pins! 00:05:00
DRASTICALLY Increase Your Results With 1 Click! 00:06:00
Get What YOU Want by Giving Pinterest What IT Wants! 00:04:00
The 3 Pinterest Pillars 00:04:00
Module 03: Pinterest Keyword Research & SEO
Pinterest Vs. Google – What’s the Difference? 00:07:00
Keyword Research Method #1 – Pinterest Search Box 00:12:00
Keyword Research Method #2 – Pinterest Ad Creator 00:07:00
Keyword Research Method #3 – Pinterest Trends (Brand New!) 00:09:00
Keyword Research Method #4 – Google Keyword Planner 00:07:00
Keyword Research Method #5 – Ubersuggest 00:08:00
Keyword Research Method #6 – Google Search Hack 00:04:00
The BEST Hashtags To Use For Pinterest 00:06:00
Keeping Your Sanity… And Data Organized 00:08:00
Pinterest SEO – How To Gain Traffic While You Sleep 00:02:00
Pinterest SEO – Effortlessly Rise To The Top Of Pinterest 00:12:00
How To Rank #1 On Pinterest 00:06:00
Pinterest Authority – Get The MOST Visibility From Your Pins 00:05:00
Get More Pinterest Followers FAST 00:10:00
Module 04: Pinterest Graphics
Data-Driven Pinterest Graphic Tips & Tricks 00:12:00
The Best Tool To Create Professional Pin Graphics With No Skills 00:02:00
How To Create STUNNING Pins For 100% Free! 00:09:00
14 FREE Pinterest Pin Templates! 00:06:00
There’s More Than One Way To Pin 00:01:00
Setting Up Your Pinterest Boards The RIGHT Way 00:05:00
Pinning From Pinterest 00:06:00
Multi-Pinning Hack That Will Save You Hours! 00:02:00
The Best Pin Type For E-Commerce! 00:02:00
How To Pin From Your Own (& Others) Website In Seconds 00:09:00
Effortlessly Get Your Audience’s Attention 00:08:00
Best Pinterest Growth Strategy? 00:05:00
Content Strategy Checklist 00:07:00
Module 05: Pinning Schedule
Personal Pinning Strategy 00:09:00
How To Post On Autopilot With Tailwind! 00:04:00
Tailwind Step-By-Step Tutorial 00:12:00
Importance of Brand Consistency 00:07:00
Get Dozens Of Pins Created For You In MINUTES! 00:07:00
Module 06: Pinterest Analytics
Pinterest Analytics – What ACTUALLY Matters! 00:04:00
Let Pinterest Tell You What You’re Doing Right 00:10:00
Tailwind Analytics For Pinterest 00:06:00
Google Analytics For Pinterest 00:04:00
Module 07: Pinterest Advertising
Pinterest Advertising – What We’ll Cover 00:02:00
Why Is Pinterest Advertising Unique? 00:04:00
How Do Pinterest Ads Work? 00:06:00
Digital Advertising Terms Simplified 00:12:00
IMPORTANT – Do This Before EVER Advertising! 00:05:00
Pinterest Tag – Tracking Your Results 00:07:00
The RIGHT Pinterest Ad Campaign Structure 00:13:00
Match Types Explained 00:10:00
Block Out Fake Buyers Using This Keyword Type 00:11:00
3 FREE Tools To Discover HIGHLY Profitable Keywords 00:14:00
5 Tips To Create SUPER Profitable Pins! 00:13:00
Step-by-Step Pinterest Campaign Setup 00:23:00
How To Create 2 Ad Groups Per Campaign 00:04:00
2 SUPER Profitable Pinterest Ad Campaigns! 00:11:00
Pinterest Ad Optimization – How To Gain More Profit Every Week 00:01:00
“Cut The Fat” – Interest Campaign Optimization (Part 1) 00:15:00
Scaling Up Your Interest Campaigns (Part 2) 00:13:00
Keyword Optimization For Pinterest Advertising (Part 3) 00:09:00
Module 08: Conclusion
Course Conclusion 00:01:00

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