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Course Overview

  • Understanding graphic design & the role it plays in modern-day marketing 
  • Create practical projects to enhance skills and build a personal portfolio
  • Creating Social media Ad designs
  • Understanding and sourcing design assets
  • Understanding Youtube thumbnail design and creation
  • Knowing the Power of Mockups
  • Develop Business cards and Resumes
  • Design pleasing Printable Items
  • Know got  Design Logos and Branding
  • Other forms of Digital Illustration

Course Content

A brief introduction covering the importance and types of Photoshop usage, and how creative designs are made both digitally and as printable. Discover the materials required to start your journey with Photoshop.

In this module, you will obtain comprehensive knowledge and skill on what Face Cover projects are, and how to design them step by step.

In this module we will continue with from our previous lesson on how to create Facebook Cover projects (continued)

In this module, you will obtain extensive understanding on how to create eye-catching Youtube Thumbnails, Learn size ratios and design aspects

In this lesson you will learn how to create colourful and creative Instagram mockups. Get to know Food base contents and how to design them accordingly, also learn how to make content for personal branding.

This module will provide you with comprehensive knowledge on drafting, designing and creating unique Facebook Ad templates based on your product/services and target audience.

In this particular lesson get to know the fundamentals on how to create printable Business and personal cards step by step.

This module will provide you with comprehensive lessons to assist you in creating  unique CVs(Resumes) which will make your personal portfolio stand out.

This module will provide you with significant knowledge and assist you towards creating effective Newsletters for your business and campaigns.

After familiarising basic Newsletters in the previous lesson, this module will focus on bringing life and colour to your Newsletter to make it striking and eye-catching.

In this module you will be learning how to design unique and eye-catching posters and Ad banners with branding in mind.

In this module, we will discuss more on printable designs. Learn how to create functional and friendly menus and other forms of catalogues for your business.

This module will include comprehensive knowledge on fresh Logo designing. A step by step tutorial will detail the process on how to sketch a logo from scratch with all important factors related to branding in mind.

This module will run down the topics which were covered in the previous lessons, wrapping up all the knowledge obtained. Some insights will be provided to kickstart and pursue your photoshop career.

Course Curriculum

Welcome 00:06:00
Getting Fast Help 00:02:00
Graphic Design 00:03:00
Create your first Facebook Ad Design 00:08:00
Using Photoshop for Every Project 00:04:00
Design Assets Explained 00:06:00
Best Sources for Design Assets 00:08:00
Optional – Setting up Photoshop 00:06:00
Mix and Match ADesign Assets 00:04:00
What does it take to create beautiful graphics? 00:03:00
Facebook Cover Project
Introduction(Facebook Cover Project) 00:01:00
Project Settings & Aspect Ratios 00:08:00
Optional: Creating Text Assets From Scratch 00:05:00
Selecting Image Assets 00:07:00
Arranging the Assets on the Canvas 00:04:00
Designing the Cover 00:07:00
Typography for the Facebook Cover 00:07:00
Fine Tuning the Cover 00:06:00
Conclusion of Facebook Cover Project 00:03:00
Facebook Cover Project #2
Introduction(Facebook Cover Project #2) 00:01:00
Analyze your assets and options 00:05:00
Setting the project’s foundation 00:05:00
Creating a neutral background with a noise texture 00:07:00
Sizing up the products correctly 00:05:00
Creating shadows for the products 00:06:00
Fine Tuning the Cover 00:04:00
Using vector graphics to create version 2 00:04:00
Creative Facebook cover iteration 00:09:00
Youtube Thumbnails
The connection between YouTube thumbnails & Views 00:02:00
The power of a mockup 00:07:00
The Absolute best way to design YouTube Thumbnails 00:04:00
Classic YouTube Thumbnail – Part 1 00:05:00
Classic YouTube Thumbnail – Part 2 00:06:00
Abstract YouTube Thumbnail – Part 1 00:06:00
Abstract YouTube Thumbnail – Part 2 00:07:00
Choose your own style 00:05:00
Before and After Thumbnail 00:07:00
Illustration-based Thumbnail – Part 1 00:05:00
Illustration-based Thumbnail – Part 2 00:05:00
Personal Brand Thumbnail 00:07:00
Text Behind & In Front of you 00:05:00
Conclusions 00:01:00
Introduction (Instagram) 00:01:00
How to Post on Instagram from your Computer 00:02:00
Instagram Content Creation Hack 00:05:00
Clean Product Presentation – Part 1 00:05:00
Clean Product Presentation – Part 2 00:07:00
Instagram Mockups – Easy! 00:03:00
Inspirational Content – Part 1 00:06:00
Inspirational Content – Part 2 00:04:00
Black & White Content 00:08:00
Food Content 00:06:00
Personal Branding – Part 1 00:06:00
Personal Branding – Part 2 00:04:00
Content Striking Colors – Part 1 00:04:00
Content Striking Colors – Part 2 00:04:00
Facebook Ads
Introduction (Facebook Ads) 00:01:00
Framing Facebook Ads & Quality Standards 00:06:00
Colorful Product Ad – Part 1 00:07:00
Colorful Product Ad – Part 2 00:05:00
Colorful Product Ad – Part 3 00:07:00
Colorful Product Ad – Part 4 00:06:00
The question of stock photos & freebies in FB ads 00:05:00
Vector Based Ad – Part 1 00:06:00
Vector Based Ad – Part 2 00:07:00
Vector Based Ad – Part 3 00:06:00
Vector Based Ad – Part 4 00:05:00
The Pros and Cons of People-based Facebook ads 00:06:00
People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 1 00:07:00
People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 2 00:06:00
People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 3 00:06:00
Best Facebook Ad Template – The Foundation 00:04:00
Best Facebook Ad Template – The Details 00:07:00
Conclusions 00:01:00
Business Cards
Introduction (Business card) 00:03:00
Colorful Business card for the CEO – The essentials 00:06:00
Colorful Business card for the CEO – The details 00:06:00
Colorful Business card for the CEO – Beautiful Icons 00:07:00
What do ‘simple’ and ‘clean’ mean? 00:07:00
Personal Branding Business Card 00:07:00
Business Card Best Design Practices 00:06:00
Corporate Business Card – Foundation 00:07:00
Corporate Business Card – Icon Design 00:08:00
Design Beautiful CVs (Resumes)
CV (Curriculum Vitae) Designs in Today’s Market 00:04:00
Deciding on a CV style 00:04:00
Setting the foundation of the CV 00:07:00
Choosing a typeface – really important! 00:07:00
Rocking Typography 00:05:00
Gorgeous icons for your CV 00:06:00
Staying consistent in your design 00:05:00
Negative space in a CV design 00:06:00
Creating a timeline for your CV 00:06:00
Final Thoughts for the Clean CV Project 00:01:00
Beautiful CV Design
Creative CV Design 00:05:00
Modern Typography for a Creative CV 00:06:00
Use Freepik to make your CV stand out! 00:07:00
How to adjust vectors and add detailed icons 00:07:00
Fine-tuning the CV 00:06:00
The last 10% that makes all the differences! 00:06:00
Newsletters in today’s market 00:03:00
Newsletter styles 00:06:00
Colorful Newsletter in Mailchimp & Photoshop 00:06:00
Create a catchy newsletter hero-element in Photoshop 00:06:00
The most important element: the CTA 00:06:00
Create effective layouts in Mailchimp 00:06:00
Inserting new content in Mailchimp 00:05:00
Balancing graphics with content 00:08:00
Design overview 00:03:00
Animated Newsletters
Animated Newsletter in Mailchimp & Photoshop 00:05:00
Create the product presentation in Photoshop 00:05:00
Animating the product presentation – Method #1 00:07:00
Animating the product presentation – Method #2 00:05:00
Create the call to action 00:04:00
Creating a gift design for the newsletter in Photoshop 00:06:00
Animating the gift box – the lid 00:05:00
Animating the gift box – the stars & text 00:05:00
Graphic Design Analysis with Chris Barin
Introduction(Graphic Design Analysis with Chris Barin) 00:04:00
Mazda 3 Launch Ad 00:06:00
Travel Agency Templates – Good or bad? 00:06:00
Original Design versus Templates 00:07:00
Hiring People Through Beautiful Ads 00:06:00
Premium Office Building Ad – Shocking! 00:05:00
Huge Telecom Company Blunder! 00:06:00
50% for 5% 00:09:00
The reason why most designs are cluttered 00:06:00
Clichés and Stereotypes in Graphic Design 00:04:00
Printed Design: Indoor Ad Banner
Introduction(Printed Design: Indoor Ad Banner) 00:03:00
Everything’s about the Style Guide 00:05:00
Indoor Ad Banner: Laying things out 00:06:00
Indoor Ad Banner: Typography & Layout 00:07:00
Indoor Ad Banner: Styling 00:08:00
Indoor Banner: Final touches & Conclusions 00:05:00
Bonus: Create an indoor ad banner mockup 00:05:00
Section conclusions 00:01:00
Printed Design: Product Catalogue
Introduction(Printed Design: Product Catalogue) 00:02:00
Set up the catalogue project in Photoshop 00:06:00
Styling the cover of the catalogue 00:08:00
Fine-tuning the cover 00:06:00
Add something extra to the cover 00:08:00
Interior page style: Typography 00:08:00
Interior page style: Layout 00:06:00
Styling large amounts of text 00:11:00
Interior pages overview 00:07:00
Conclusions(Printed Design: Product Catalogue) 00:02:00
Logo Design
The Truth About Logo Design 00:04:00
Should you design logos as a freelancer? 00:08:00
Creating logos in Photoshop 00:06:00
The complexity behind a logo 00:04:00
Gathering information 00:06:00
Worst techniques for logo design 00:05:00
Best techniques for logo design 00:06:00
Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts 00:02:00

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Lola Bond
Lola Bond
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The course costs £7.99 each month; however, the first four weeks are free. Try it out with the free sessions, and I'm sure you'll end up subscribing as I did!
Poppy Whitehouse
Poppy Whitehouse
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Keep up the incredible work, Visio Learning. Your classes have blown me away, and I will definitely be taking more.
Shannon Kent
Shannon Kent
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Thank you very much, Visio Learning, for providing students with such excellent opportunities. I've picked up several new talents that have proven to be helpful in my professional life.
Anthony Fisher
Anthony Fisher
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I can't tell you how much this course taught me! There are over 500 courses available on Visio Learning, and I'm going to subscribe for more.
Tyler Mitchell
Tyler Mitchell
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I highly encourage everyone not to squander time and take advantage of Visio Learning's fantastic learning opportunities.
Amy Dean
Amy Dean
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I had no idea that an online course could teach me so much! I'm glad I subscribed for this course.
Jennifer Winter
Jennifer Winter
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I'm glad for the chance to study under world-class educators. Thank you so much, Visio Learning!
Kate Dobson
Kate Dobson
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"I paid £7.99 for a monthly subscription to this course, and trust me, and it's well worth it! This course has taught me so much. "
David Law
David Law
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I'm thrilled to have the chance to learn from world-class professors! It went above and beyond my expectations. I strongly advise everyone to give it a shot.
Leon Davey
Leon Davey
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The course is a wealth of information! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Strongly recommend!
Sienna Simpson
Sienna Simpson
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Visio Learning offers student help 24/7 students support, and that's amazing! I could contact them with any questions or concerns I have, and they were always willing to help.
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman
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What a fantastic course! I started for free for the first month and couldn't stop myself from subscribing! Highly recommend.
Sienna Leonard
Sienna Leonard
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The top educators are unquestionably found at Visio Learning. I can't express how thorough the instructor was in each lesson, and I could pick up a lot of information.
Abbie Hayward
Abbie Hayward
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"I discovered this website through a friend and joined in the free trial course for the first month. I couldn't resist subscribing for £7.99 each month. It's my third month with them, and I'm having a great time! "
Kyle Pearson
Kyle Pearson
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I had no idea that an online course could provide me with so much information! I appreciate it.
Matthew Thomson
Matthew Thomson
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The instructor was great! I was blown away by how expertly he explained the complex topics.
Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee
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I can't express how fantastic the courses Visio Learning provides. The £7.99/month subscription charge is insignificant when compared to the training quality. I've taken a lot of courses from them, and they've all been great!
Liam Whittaker
Liam Whittaker
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I had previously taken a few online courses that did not match my expectations. I'm delighted I discovered Visio training. It provided me with the most beneficial learning experience. The 24/7 student support helped me immensely with my inquiries.
Faith Sharpe
Faith Sharpe
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"This course was quite beneficial to me. Everyone should give it a try, in my opinion. You may cancel your subscription at any time, but I bet you won't since you'll be delighted by the great classes. "
Jayden Carr
Jayden Carr
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I am a person who is always willing to learn new skills. I took a bunch of online courses, but none of them lived up to my expectations. Thank you for your excellent classes, Visio Learning. They've been quite helpful in expanding my skill set.
Muhammad Field
Muhammad Field
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Excellent classes at a fair price for a subscription. Truly recommend!
Ryan Barry
Ryan Barry
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The instructor was upfront and knowledgeable. His instructions revealed his intelligence. I gained a lot of knowledge and am grateful for the fantastic learning experience.
Brandon Vincent
Brandon Vincent
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In my perspective, they deliver knowledge with care. They were incredibly accommodating anytime I needed help with the courses or anything else. All of my doubts were dispelled. Thank you very much!
Hannah Bates
Hannah Bates
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"The training I took from them was beneficial in terms of bolstering my CV with new skills. Keep up the great work, Visio Learning! "
Ellis Swift
Ellis Swift
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Thank you so much for the fantastic lessons and welcoming environment, Visio Learning. Access to your classes at any time helped me immensely in learning at my own pace.


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