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Learning Ouitcome

  • Get training in full face make-up application, from foundation to eye make-up, false eyelashes, lips and eyebrows.
  • Master how to analyse skin and make-up types by colour pigment and age.
  • Learn about the different types of make-up tools and how to create your own make-up kit.
  • Discover the art of pedicure, manicure and nail care, including gel nails, nail art and how to care for the hands.
  • Study hair care, from washing to colouring, to styling and extensions, across different hair types for both men and women.
  • Cover Health & Safety with a basic understanding of anatomy, physiology and hygiene.
  • Jumpstart your beauty salon career with this accredited course, or even start your own home business.

Course Content

Learn about skin types and how to diagnose them, from normal to combination, dry to oily or sensitive skin.  Study skincare, from removing makeup to protecting your skin with daily tips.

Study different face shapes and how to balance them with light and dark shade makeup correction techniques.

Learn what type of brush is appropriate for each makeup product, including which is the best material to use from natural to synthetic brushes. Study the various makeup products and their uses.

Discover how to apply foundation and concealer so that it matches the skin tone of your client and covers blemishes appropriately. Decide which type of foundation to use based on skin type and needs such as daytime vs evening looks.

Learn how to assess the natural tones of your client’s face, from hair colour to the colour of their eyes and skin. Use the right makeup tones to compliment your client’s natural features.

Topics covered are eye makeup application, eye curlers and eyeliner to achieve attractive eyes. Discover the different eye types and how to apply makeup that compliments or counteracts the natural shape.

Eyebrows frame the face and help express emotions so learn how to convincingly shape eyebrows proportionately with this module

Along with the eyes, the lips draw the most attention to a face. Learn about the different types of lip products and lip types in this module.

Learn how to do makeup for the occasion from natural, daytime looks to night-time and special occasions, bridal makeup, nude makeup, smokey eyes and even makeup for grooms

In this section, you will learn about the types of false eyelashes, their practical uses, and how to attach and remove false eyelashes. You will also learn about eyelash extensions, a step by step guide for attaching eyelash extensions, and how to maintain your lashes.

As we age, our skincare and the ways we do our makeup needs to update. In this module, learn how to recognise the skincare needs of your clients and how to create makeup looks that will flatter any age. Explore each age range in turn and learn about makeup mistakes that age the face.

Makeup artists have a great responsibility to ensure their products and practices are safe for their clients. In this module, you will learn about the cleaning and sanitisation of your products to prevent the spread of infections. Topics covered are cleaning and hygiene, stocking up and good practices for the prevention of contagion

All professional makeup artists need to carry a comprehensive kit to enable them to do an efficient job. In this module, you will cover which items belong in your personal kit, a basic professional kit, and the complete professional kit

Taking care of your hands is an important part of everyday health. In this module, you will learn about hand skin types, creams and suitable products, and nail disorders.

A professional manicure can be given in a few simple stages. Learn about the tools for giving a manicure with step by step instructions.

Your feet are just as important as your hands which is why being able to give a good pedicure is a crucial part of being a beauty technician. Learn about the tools needed for a pedicure with step by step instructions, including foot massage tips.

Many clients want their nails painted with patterns or symbols so it is a good idea for any beauty technician to understand nail art. In this module, you will learn about the different types of nail polish, tools you need and how to add decorations, colours and trends, special techniques, products on the market, exercises and much more.

Learn about semi-permanent polish and what is needed to achieve this look with a how-to guide for applying, shaping and removing both shellac and gel nails.

What is hair? Learn how to maintain your healthy hair and scalp with the best haircare for different hair types and a nutrient-rich diet.

Sometimes, hair can suffer from the rigours of winter or the products used on it. In this section, you will learn some of the ways to revitalise hair and repair the hair for your clients. Topics covered are hair products, hair and scalp analysis, and avoiding mistakes and damage.

The colour of your hair and skin should complement each other. In this section, you’ll look at the shades of hair colour that can enhance particular skin types, the four types of skin types, the styles and shapes of hair that suit which general shape of the face, and the five basic face shapes.

In this module, you’ll learn about the benefits of scalp massage, conditioner, hair treatments, expert tips and how to professionally wash hair.

In this module, you will learn how to add volume, create curls with rollers, enhance curls with a defuser, straighten hair, and how to sculpt hair with wax.

There are some great gender differences in hair involving its quality, texture and how it grows and hangs. Learn about gender hair differences, the beard, hair loss, and applying wax/gel.

Discover a brief history of up-styling, essential tools for up-styling, preparation of hair for up-styling and braiding, techniques for creating up-styles, fillers and hairpieces, and a step by step guide.

Extensions are a creative and quick way of adding a new style to the client’s hair without it being permanent. In this module, you’ll learn about the practical application of extensions, removable or clip extensions, keratin extensions and how to apply them, micro ring extensions and how to apply and remove them.

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with as many different hairstyles as possible so you can accommodate your client’s needs. Topics covered are the short pixie cut, shoulder-length hair, round bob with feathered contours, long layers or long hair.

Course Curriculum

Psychology Advanced Training
“The Dirty Secret Of Psychology” & How To Free Yourself! 00:25:00
“The Imprint Period” – How You Were Created – How You Were Programmed 00:17:00
Agenda & Lies – How They impact Your Life 00:11:00
Break Free From The Problems of “Attachment” & “The Sheep Mentality” 00:14:00
Defeat This Major Block …. And Free Your Mind! 00:08:00
Discover “The Source & Solution To All Your Problems” 00:15:00
Do You Know The Difference Between Reality & Lies? Are You Sure? 00:25:00
EGO – The Great Deceiver 00:35:00
Emotional Reasoning & Logic Systems – How To WIN! 00:08:00
Final Thoughts, Tips & Suggestions To Radically Improve Your Life 00:17:00
Gambits – Games People Play 00:12:00
Goals & Fundamentals 00:17:00
How To Control Your Own Mind – And WHY Almost Nobody Does! 00:05:00
How To Defeat The PAST & The FUTURE 00:18:00
Intro By Prof. Paul – WHY This Course is SO Important To Your Life! 00:02:00
Personal Illusions That Are Holding You Back – Break Free! 00:20:00
Tap Into The Power Of The Unconscious Mind 00:21:00
The Amazing Truth About Values & Beliefs 00:18:00
The Inner-Critic … How To WIN The INNER Battle 00:08:00
Understanding & Meeting Your Needs – The Hidden Secrets 00:11:00
Understanding HOW Feelings Work & How You Can USE This! 00:12:00
Understanding Motivation – The Ultimate Driving Force 00:17:00
Understanding Self-Image & Your Multiple Minds 00:21:00
Why FEAR Dominates Our Lives & How To Beat it! 00:05:00

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