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Online English Training Overview

  • Become fluent in English and improve the way you speak, write, read and listen.
  • Learn the fundamentals of English grammar in an easy to understand, bitesize way.
  • Master the basics and structure of sentences to help your writing skills.
  • Understand how to phrase questions in an ideal way.
  • Discover the ins and out of punctuation and capitalisation.
  • Learn about spelling tips to improve your reading and writing skills.
  • Study some common mistakes and learn ways to improve your English.

Course Content

This module covers the basics of English grammar. You will learn about the different parts of speech that form a sentence, such as nouns and verbs, and the indefinite and definite article. The module includes plenty of examples to show you how each concept works in practice.

In this module, you will learn about different types of sentences and how to identify their various parts. Topics to be covered in this module are Sentences and Parts of Sentence, Kinds of Sentence, Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences.           

In this module, you will examine the structure of a sentence and how you can use different types of sentences to express different moods and ideas. Topics to be covered in this module are Voice, Tense, Person, Infinitive, Participle & Gerund, Mood and Modifiers.

This module examines the five-question types that English speakers use to ask questions in both formal and informal situations. Topics to be covered in this module are Yes-No Questions, “Wh” Questions, Alternative Questions, Declarative Questions and Tag Questions.

This module explores the rules that govern the use of capital letters and punctuation marks in writing. Topics to be covered are Capital letter Rules, Punctuation Marks, and Punctuation in Numbers.

One of the more difficult aspects of learning English is spelling. English is such a mix of other languages that few words are spelt how they sound. Once you learn the rules and reinforce them with reading practice, they will become second nature. Topics to be covered in this module are British vs American, Homonyms, and Common Spelling Rules.

This module highlights common mistakes people make when speaking and writing in English and shows you how to avoid making them. It finishes with tips on ways you can improve your English, punctuation, and grammar daily. From watching TV to reading novels, we suggest a range of fun and interesting activities you can turn into an educational experience.

Course Curriculum

Complete English Course - Beginner Level
Module 1: Basics of Grammar 00:13:00
Module 2: The Basics of Sentence 00:08:00
Module 3: Structure of Sentence 00:16:00
Module 4: Question 00:11:00
Module 5: Punctuation & Capitalisation 00:21:00
Module 6: Spelling 00:24:00
Module 7: Common Mistakes & Ways to Improve 00:18:00

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