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Course Overview:

  • Develop the vital skills & practical knowledge of effective management
  • Build your self-esteem & assertiveness in leading and influencing
  • Learn effective time management & meeting management strategies
  • Understand the risk management in strategic leadership
  • Techniques of teamwork & team building for productivity-boosting
  • Learn to observe the efficiency through performance management
  • How to make better knowledgeable decisions & understand the organisational impact of your decisions
  • Learn the different methods of motivating co-workers to achieve shared goals

Course Content:

This introductory class will give you a good overview of the definition and a detailed explanation of why & whats of this course and how to achieve the best out of this course.

A leader can motivate his co-workers & team members to make the impossible possible. Here we’ll teach you the art of motivating & inspiring your co-worker & team with your leadership skills and develop your leadership skill. Gain the ability to influence and encourage others to bring the best out of them.

Setting up a goal is one of the most crucial things to do. This module will teach you how to set up a plan with proper planning. Explore the vital techniques of setting your organisational goals and manage the time to make the best use of them.

Most of the time, people communicate with nonverbal language. If you want to be a good leader, you need to understand them properly. This lesson will help you understand the nonverbal signals you use to express your feelings and intentions, including your posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures.

Nobody is going to speak for you unless you do. Here you will find out how you can speak up for yourself, share your opinions or feelings, the relationship between self-esteem and assertiveness and how you can maintain them properly as per your necessity.

Your corporate behaviour plays a vital role in your leadership skills. Learn how corporate behaviour plays various roles within different areas of a business & also enables companies to overcome any problems they may face. Use them in your favour.

A leader has to attend & manage thousands of schedules, meetings & appointments. Herewith this lesson, you will understand the planning and booking the meeting and managing meetings effectively and how to get better results out of it.

Managing the projects & meet the goals is a crucial job. You must learn how to lead the work & team. In this lesson, we’ll reveal the expert tips & process of conducting the creation of a team; to achieve all of the project goals and meet success criteria at a specified time.

Risk is the compulsory part of the work & you have to deal with it each & every day. To deal with them first, you need to identify them & learn how to control them. This lesson will teach you the process of identifying and managing threats to an organisation’s capital and earnings. 

A good team is what makes a good leader. A leader is defined by his team & their work. This lesson covers the core concept of building an efficient team and achieving goals with teamwork. You can choose the best team & be a good leader with great teamwork.

You need to create a competitive environment to get the best out of your team & co-workers, and track their work and evaluate them. This lesson is made to teach how to use this corporate management tool that will help you to evaluate employees’ work & create a competitive friendly environment.

There will be critical & adverse situation where a leader has to stand out with his critical thinking & decision. This part will teach the most crucial leadership skill, critical thinking. It’ll help you to understand the impact of your decisions on the business.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Leadership
Module 01: Introduction to Leadership 00:47:00
Module 02: Inspiration and Leadership
Module 02 : Inspiration and Leadership 00:34:00
Module 03: Setting Goals and Time Management
Module 03: Setting Goals and Time Management 01:13:00
Module 04: Body Language and Effective Communication
Module 04: Body Language and Effective Communication 01:05:00
Module 05: Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
Module 05: Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills 01:02:00
Module 06: Business Management and Corporate Behaviour
Module 06: Business Management Corporate Behaviour 01:01:00
Module 07: Meeting Management
Module 07: Meeting Management 01:20:00
Module 08: Project Management
Module 08: Project Management 01:15:00
Module 09: Risk Management
Module 09: Risk Management 00:28:00
Module 10: Team Work and Team Building
Module 10: Team Work Team Building 00:52:00
Module 11: Performance Management
Module 11: Performance Management 01:04:00
Module 12: Critical Thinking: Implications for Leadership
Module 12: Critical Thinking Implications for Leadership 00:58:00

Course Reviews

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