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Financial Analysis : Finance Reports Course Overview

  • Learn the basics of financial analysis 
  • Be able to make financial reports 
  • Understand how to evaluate your business and investment 
  • Be able to perform Investment analysis 
  • Get a clear understanding of the 10k principles 
  • Be able to evaluate cash flow generation 
  • Understand the financial strength 
  • Be able to maintain balance sheet

Course Content

You will get a basic understanding of financial analysis from this lesson. In this lesson, you will learn what financial analysis is, how it works and how to use it in your business. 

Learn to create and maintain Form 10-K and be able to keep all your financial data in one place. This lesson will teach you how you can maintain Form 10-k and make financial reports.

Now you have learnt how to create a financial report. In this lesson, you will learn how to evaluate profitability by analyzing an income statement. You will learn how you can extract data from an income statement and analyze the growth of the person or the company.

This lesson will teach you how to evaluate any operation. You will learn how to understand the functions and divide a large operation into smaller chunks to understand them better. You will also be able to evaluate the financial profitability of an operation from this lesson.

Understanding the financial strength of any action or operation is very important. This lesson will teach you the aspects of financial strength how to evaluate and understand them. you will be able to highlight the financial strength in your analysis from this lesson.

To understand your finance properly you need to understand where your money is going. This lesson will teach you the cash flow and how to evaluate your cash flow. You will learn the importance and functions of cash flow from this lesson.

Last but not least, you need to know when to invest and how much to get the maximum profit. In this lesson, you will learn the basics of investment analysis and how to perform investment analysis. You’ll also learn the importance of Investment analysis for any financial transaction.

Course Curriculum

Financial Analysis: Reading Financial Statements like a Pro
Welcome to the Course! Get the Overview of What You’ll Learn 00:04:00
What is a 10-K? 00:07:00
Evaluating Profitability by Analyzing the Income Statement 00:19:00
Evaluating Operations: Tying Operating Metrics to Financial Results 00:07:00
Evaluating Financial Strength: Balance Sheet Analysis 00:14:00
Evaluating Cash Flow Generation 00:09:00
Performing Investment Analysis 00:15:00

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