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Online Outdoor Photography Course Course Overview

  • Learn how to find great backgrounds for your outdoor portrait photography
  • Know how to work with natural lighting and photograph the night sky
  • Master photography composition skills with our practical beginner’s guide
  • Get expert tips on how to capture a model or subject in outdoor photography
  • Learn how to edit your images and add the finishing touches for greater impact
  • Start building your portfolio as an amateur nature or wildlife photographer

Course Content

This introductory module will take you through the practical lessons you will learn in this outdoor photography guide, as well as provide you with an insight into this particular field of photography. Whether you wish to start a photography business of your own or just want to broaden your creative skills, this opening module will give you the background knowledge you need to get started. 

Knowing how to prepare your background is the first step to becoming a successful outdoor photographer. This module will equip you with the skills to utilise the beauty of your natural surroundings and find that perfect backdrop to create the right atmosphere.

In this class, you will gain expertise in shooting models outdoors and capturing a subject perfectly in natural lighting. It will take you through the tools and equipment you’ll need, introducing the latest techniques and guidelines. This module is very useful for anyone looking to work with lifestyle brands and companies.

In this final lesson, you will learn how to polish your photos for digital use and maximum impact. It will also show you how to enhance your images using top editing software tools, for blogs, portfolios, professional websites, social media and freelance projects.

Course Curriculum

Online Outdoor Photography Course
Introduction 00:02:00
Preparing a background 00:06:00
Adding a model 00:09:00
Making a burning sword 00:04:00
Dragon and atmosphere 00:09:00
Finishing touches 00:06:00

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