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Wedding Photography Overview

  • Make yourself familiar with the camera settings so you can take the best shots
  • Capture striking photographs of the bride
  • Click some fantastic shots of the groom
  • Learn how to work with the light to shoot photos
  • Utilise all the different types of photography techniques
  • Discover the variety of different positions that produce good shots.
  • Convey the story of the wedding and all of the special moments to every detail

Wedding Photography Course Content

  • Introduction to the course:

    In the first section, we will introduce you to some simple tricks that you will find incredibly useful to take fantastic wedding photos. We will show you what moments you need to capture, and will give you a quick overview of what you’ll learn in the rest of the class. 

Applying Makeup

Let’s start the learning process with something simple. In this section, you’ll get a firm grasp on how to capture the perfect look of a bride while applying makeup. 


Dress and Shoes

For the wedding photo shoot, the photographer must get close-up shots of the bride’s dress and shoes and add them to the image.This tool will show you how to capture all of the details of the bride’s gown and shoes.


Doing Up The Dress

A bride’s dress is quite expensive, and she wants several perfect pictures of her in that dress. In this segment, we will teach you the techniques of how to take fantastic shots at the time when the bride’s doing up the dress.

Doing Up Other Things

A bride looks best in candid pictures on her wedding day. Through this lesson, you will understand how to take candid pictures of a bride in various situations other than wedding poses.


Bouquet in Foreground

Couples spend a lot of time and money choosing their wedding flower bouquet. A wonderful image of the bouquet should be added in the wedding album. Going through this lesson, you will be able to try out various shooting ideas to take some great pictures of the wedding bouquet.


Bride on Sofa

A number of assumptions must be taken while shooting photographs of a bride sitting on a sofa. In this topic, we will show you the ropes to capture beautiful, dreamy images of a bride on the sofa. 


Bride Formals

Since you have a good understanding of wedding photography,  it’s time to start with the first round of formal images. In this section, you’ll learn how to shoot excellent formal wedding photos. 


Bride by Window Part 1

At this point, you’re now ready to get into some more advanced shooting modes. This lesson will give you the knowledge to take amazing photographs of the bride through a window without spending a lot of time. You will learn the tactics and techniques to capture the bride’s attributes and expressions. 


Bride by Window Part 2

A picture of the bride’s dress is aesthetically pleasing. In this section, you will learn how to photograph a bride’s dress through a window. You will acquire knowledge on how to bring the bride’s dress into view by working on the window.


Bride Walking Down Stairs

You must observe the various stages of a bride getting ready to walk down the stairs to take the perfect shot. This tool will teach you how to position yourself on top of the stairs to take fantastic pictures of the bride while she walks down the stairs.

Arriving at Church

Capturing the bride getting ready to enter the church is spectacular. This tool will equip you with the fundamental skills to take perfect shots of the bride when she arrives at the church for the wedding ceremony.

Cake in the Background

A lot of things must be captured during a wedding ceremony. Most couples are interested in having a picture of their wedding cake. This section will teach you how to get the most brilliant wedding cake photos where you won’t have to keep moving the cake. 

Parents Seeing the Bride

How lovely it is to capture the moment when the parents see their child dressed in wedding attire. We will train you how to do that in this lesson. 

Walking the Aisle

The moment a daughter walks down the aisle with her father is very emotional. A bride becomes the center of attraction when she walks down the aisle and the moments must be captured from start to finish. From this tool, you will learn how to capture every special moment when a bride walks down the aisle.

Ceremony Moments Part 1

There’s something to capture in every moment of the wedding ceremony. For instance, meeting the eyes of a bride and groom. Going through this lesson, you will have a solid understanding of how to catch every moment in the wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Moments Part 2

You must take good photographs while couples exchange rings in their wedding ceremony. This tool will teach you the tactics and techniques on how to position yourself to take the best close up shots of that event. 

Groom’s First Sight of Bride

Up to this point, you have learned a great deal about photography. In this section, we will guide you on how to capture the moment when a groom looks at his bride when she walks down the aisle towards him. 

Signing the Register

It’s great to capture some lovely photos when the bride and groom get ready to sign the register. By attending this session, you’ll be able to learn about the exciting techniques of taking perfect shots while the  bride and groom prepare themselves to sign the marriage register.

The Rings

You are proceeding towards professionalism through these learning sessions. You still have a long way to go. In this segment, we will teach you how to carefully take photos of the wedding rings. 

Bride and Groom Relaxed

This lecture will go over the fundamentals you need to know about taking candid shots while the bride and groom relaxes after the ceremony.


This session will polish your photography skills to capture the small details after the ceremony. You can take photographs of flowers, cards, as well as other items to help make the wedding day remarkable. 


After the ceremony, everyone congratulates and hugs the bride and groom and enjoys the moment. It’s a great opportunity to capture some authentic moments. In this lesson, we will teach you how to get comfortable in such situations and take quick shots of these emotions.

The Speeches

It’s a joyous moment when people deliver speeches after the wedding ceremony. It’s also a delightful occasion when couples get to speak at the end of their wedding ceremony. In this context, you will explore how to photograph all these moments effectively. 

Through a Door

You are already aware of how to capture various events. This lesson will guide you in every possible way to help you take natural, candid shots of the bride through a door. 

Going Over the Speeches

When the bride’s getting ready, there might be someone looking over a note or preparing a speech to show care for the bride and groom. This tool will help you take great candid shots that  tell the story of the day. 

Groom Groom on His Own

The groom deserves to have some perfect pictures as well! This lesson will teach you the various poses and techniques you need to take casual photos of the groom. 

Groom Against the Church Wall

A groom loves to have a dramatic looking image. In this section, you will get introduced to different strategies of how to take excellents of groom against the church wall. 

Groom and Best Man

When you’re done with taking pictures of the groom, it’s the perfect time to click some pictures of the groom and his best man. You will come to grips with the specific skills to take fantastic candid shots and capture great expressions.

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids make the wedding day even more enjoyable. In this lecture, we will show you the different ways to take the perfect pictures and candid shots of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. 

Drinks in Foreground

Drinks are beautifully arranged on the table during receptions. Glasses make a striking look when they are well organized in a neat row. In this lecture, you will learn the skills to photograph the drinks before the guests get their hands on the drinks.

First Dance

This lesson will introduce you to photographing the first dance. You will learn how to set the camera and all other equipment. It will familiarise you with the camera settings to achieve professional results.

Group Formals

By comprehending this lesson, you will enhance your abilities to take formal group photos. It will help you master the formal photography techniques, allowing you to take better-looking formal group photos.

Kissing with Friends

The couple wants to be photographed while kissing each other. This session will teach you some enjoyable photography tricks to snap the perfect photographs of the newly weds kissing each other while the friends are cheering in the background. 

Leaving by Church Doorway

You are only a few steps away from the end of this course now. You have covered most of the relevant information that is necessary for empowering your photography skills. This section will guide you on how to get into the right position to shoot a wonderful image while the couple leaves by the church doorway. 

Confetti Throwing

Your knowledge and abilities are almost at their maximum potential at this point. In this lecture, you will explore what it takes to click some fantastic images during the confetti throwing.

Leaving in Car

This is the last area you must explore before completing your learning journey. Here’s a guide to shoot different scenarios when the couple uses their vehicle to leave  the destination of their wedding ceremony.


That’s pretty much all about this course. You have acquired a general background on photography types and techniques. With some little experience, you’ll be ready to photograph wedding parties like professionals!

Course Curriculum

Unit 1- Introduction
Module 1- Introduction to the Course 00:03:00
Unit 2- The Bride Getting Ready
Module 1- Applying Makeup 00:03:00
Module 2- Dress and Shoes 00:04:00
Module 3- Doing Up the Dress 00:03:00
Module 4- Doing Up Other Things 00:03:00
Module 5- Bouquet in Foreground 00:02:00
Module 6- Bride on Sofa 00:02:00
Module 7- Bride Formals 00:04:00
Module 8- Bride by Window Part 1 00:04:00
Module 9- Bride by Window Part 2 00:03:00
Module 10- Bride Walking Down Stairs 00:03:00
Unit 3- The Ceremony
Module 1- Arriving at Church 00:05:00
Module 2- Cake in the Background 00:02:00
Module 3- Parents Seeing the Bride 00:02:00
Module 4- Walking the Aisle 00:04:00
Module 5- Ceremony Moments Part 1 00:05:00
Module 6- Ceremony Moments Part 2 00:05:00
Module 7- Groom Groom on His Own 00:03:00
Module 8- Signing the Register 00:03:00
Module 9- The Rings 00:04:00
Unit 4- After the Ceremony
Module 1- Bride and Groom Relaxed 00:08:00
Module 2- Details 00:03:00
Module 3- Congratulations 00:03:00
Module 4- The Speeches 00:05:00
Module 5- Through a Door 00:02:00
Module 6- Going Over the Speeches 00:02:00
Module 7- Groom Groom on His Own 00:03:00
Module 8- Groom Against the Church Wall 00:03:00
Module 9- Groom and Best Man 00:02:00
Module 10- Groomsmen and Bridesmaids 00:06:00
Module 11- Drinks in Foreground 00:01:00
Module 12- First Dance 00:02:00
Module 13- Group Formals 00:04:00
Module 14- Kissing with Friends 00:03:00
Module 15- Leaving by Church Doorway 00:03:00
Module 16- Confetti Throwing 00:03:00
Module 17- Leaving in Car 00:04:00
Unit 5- Conclusion
Module 1- Conclusion 00:02:00

Course Reviews

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