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Online Adobe Lightroom Course Overview

  • You will learn the basic functions of Adobe Lightroom CC with an instructional video.
  • Study how to make local adjustments to a photo, adjusting the exposure and highlights of only a specific part of the image.
  • Make HDR images that bring out the highlights and lowlights separately to combine them in one image for a more vibrant, detailed outcome.
  • Learn how to edit night photos and create dynamic sky effects in Photoshop.
  • Bring out the vibrant colours of your sunset images with this video walkthrough.
  • Discover how to complexify the light in dark images and blend multiple exposures in Photoshop.
  • There are no assignments for this course. You can download all raw images from the course for practising with, plus 11 free Lightroom pre-sets.

Course Contents

  • Introduction             

Introducing examples of what you will learn in upcoming lessons.

  • Import and Basics of Lightroom            

In this first video, you will learn the basic functions of Lightroom to edit your images.

  • Local Adjustments               

Learn how to adjust exposure, contrast or highlights etc. to only a specific part of the image. 

  • Create an HDR in Lightroom

In this lesson, you will learn a basic Lightroom landscape workflow to make an HDR image.

  • The RAW-Development in Lightroom

Learn how to manage dark and light exposure to bring out the separate details, depth, and colours of the HDR photo.

  • Sharpening and Export

Using Photoshop, you can sharpen the image. Learn how to export the file as a JPG.  

  • Edit a night photo with Lightroom

Again, here we will use an HDR image with this walkthrough.

  • Dynamics and special effect  

Learn how to add a long exposure effect in Photoshop using layer masks and motion blur.

  • Create colours and dynamics in Lightroom:

Learn how to rescue raw files to bring out vibrant colours and make your photos more interesting.

  • Processing of a sunset photo – add more colours to an image:

Study how to correct the white balance in the image, bring down the highlights and bring out the details of the lowlights before adding some colours with vibrance and saturation.

  • Basic RAW-Development in Lightroom

How to turn boring raw files that are too dark into great images with sunsets and light complexity.

  • Complexify the light

Learn how to complexify the light with the local adjustment brush.

  • Combine multiple exposures in Photoshop:

Using Photoshop you can auto-align layers to then blend multiple exposures together.

  • Edit an autumnal waterfall photo with Lightroom:

Learn how to manage colours and make pictures look natural. 

Course Curriculum

Unit 01: Basics
Introduction 00:05:00
Import and Basics of Lightroom 00:20:00
Local Adjustments 00:11:00
Unit 02: RAW-Development in Lightroom
Create an HDR in Lightroom 00:03:00
The RAW-Development in Lightroom 00:19:00
Sharpening and Export 00:05:00
Unit 03: Dynamics and visual effect of a picture
Edit a night-photo with Lightroom 00:16:00
Dynamics and special effect 00:12:00
Unit 04: Image processing of photos taken in bad weather
Create colours and dynamics in Lightroom 00:19:00
Unit 05: Complete editing - effect of colours
Processing of a sunset photo – add more colours to an image 00:18:00
Unit 06: Combining your knowledge for a last amazing image editing
Basic RAW-Development in Lightroom 00:16:00
Complexify the light 00:09:00
Combine multiple exposures in Photoshop 00:14:00
Unit 07: Edit waterfall photos
Edit an autumnal waterfall photo with Lightroom 00:24:00
11 free Lightroom presets 00:00:00
All RAW files for practising 00:00:00

Course Reviews

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