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Mobile Photography Course Online Overview:

  • Learn how cameras work, from Aperture to Shutter Speed, ISO and the Exposure Triangle. Study Lights & Filters, White Balance and Resolution with video lessons.
  • Discover some capabilities and limitations of your Smartphone Camera vs a DSLR.
  • Get the most out of your Smartphone Camera with these video demos covering Exposure, Low Light, and Depth of Field.
  • Become a Pro with a comprehensive list of mobile phone camera accessories.
  • Discover how to use Portrait mode on your smartphone to achieve a shallow Depth of Field with a video guide. 
  • You will be graded on an assignment of questions that you can complete at your leisure to receive your certificate.

Course Content

  • How Does a Camera Work?

It is important to understand the parts of a camera and how they work before you start. 

  • Aperture

The aperture is the opening inside your camera lens that lets in light. Learn how this works with this video tutorial. 


  • Shutter Speed

The shutter speed is how much time that light is let into the camera. Learn more about this, including fractions and shooting moving objects, with this video lecture. 


  • ISO

ISO is basically the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor. The higher the ISO number the more sensitive it is. Learn about how to brighten up your images with ISO.


  • Exposure Triangle

Study how to combine all three settings to set the exposure you want in your image. 


  • Lights & Filters

Learn how to increase exposure by adding more light. Or you can use filters to cut down light in settings that are too bright.


  • White Balance

The White Balance setting adjusts depending on the Colour Temperature which is like a scale from cool to warm light. Learn how to get the most out of this setting with this lesson.


  • Photo Resolution & Quality

Typically, the higher the resolution, the higher the pixels, and this improves the quality and sharpness of the image. Study pixels and sensors with this video.


  • Intro to Mobile Photography

Smartphone photography has come a long way, we see a wide range of really advanced sensors, lenses, and portrait mode with settings that mimic the shallow depth of field of more expensive cameras. 

  • Using a Smartphone Camera

Discover some capabilities and limitations of your Smartphone Camera vs a DSLR. 

  • Exposing Properly with the Smartphone Camera

For the most part, phones are automatic, but you can change the exposure manually with the help of this video demonstration. 

  • Tips for Shooting with Your Mobile Camera

These tips include composition, depth of field, exposure tips and even photographing at night.  

  • Shooting in Low Light with a Smartphone

Study how to improve your low light shots with this video lesson and demo, from adjusting exposure to using flash or a tripod. 

  • Mobile Camera Accessories

Discover the variety of accessories that can assist with your mobile photography. 

  • Using Portrait Mode

Learn how to create a shallow Depth of Field look where the object in the foreground is in focus but the background is blurred.

Course Curriculum

Photography Basics
How Does a Camera Work 00:01:00
Aperture 00:07:00
Shutter Speed 00:06:00
ISO 00:04:00
Exposure Triangle 00:05:00
Lights & Filters 00:03:00
White Balance 00:03:00
Photo Resolution & Quality 00:03:00
Mobile Photography
Intro to Mobile Photography 00:02:00
Using a Smartphone Camera 00:03:00
Exposing Properly With the Smartphone Camera 00:01:00
Tips for Shooting With Your Mobile Camera 00:04:00
Shooting in Low Light With a Smartphone 00:07:00
Mobile Camera Accessories 00:02:00
Using Portrait Mode 00:03:00

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