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What Qualities You Should Attain to Become A Hotel Receptionist

The hotel receptionist is the front face of any hotel. In fact, they are the first impression that impacts most. So, you can guess the pressure, as a receptionist, you have to provide top-notch service while managing different issues in the reception areas. You have to be busy with the phone as well as with the guest who is standing in front of you. You have to provide delightful service every time with consistency. 

However, as a hotel receptionist, you can get an immense chance to meet new people around the world, learn new culture and thoughts. But if you want to become a hotel receptionist, it is important you need specific skills. In this blog, we have come up with the list of qualities you should attain to become a hotel receptionist. Read them and start working on them from today.  

What Does Hotel Receptionist Do?

The primary job of a hotel receptionist is to greet hotel guests, assist with their booking rooms, and manage the front desk area in the hotel. Along with this primary task they have other tasks too. Hotel receptionists have to update hotel records, confirm with the guest about the room purchases during check-out, and additionally offer extra service to the guest to increase the hotel revenue. Besides, hotel receptionists also work with the management so that they can organize the front desk, ensure satisfying service to the guest, manage guests’ complaints and issues so that the guest gets 100% satisfactory service.  The job of a hotel receptionist is tough but fun if you have a passion for people skills. 

How Much You Can Earn As A Hotel Receptionist 

If you start with an entry-level position you can earn up to £17500 per year. If you work part-time then you can earn up to £8.97 per hour. The more you get experienced the more you can earn. As an experienced receptionist, you can earn up to £23,133 per year. 

List of Qualities for a Hotel Receptionist 

Every job requires specific qualities. So, let’s explore what qualities you should attain to be a hotel receptionist. 


Empathy is the core skill for any hotel receptionist. It is important to understand the guest, their approach, their emotion and their busy time. When a guest arrives, they might be tired, hungry or annoyed. As a hotel receptionist, you will be the person to give them a warm welcome, ask them how they feel and greet them with a smile. Understand their needs and their situation and provide recommendations accordingly. Without showing proper empathy you can not win your guest heart and their satisfaction. So start building empathy for others and make yourself ready for the hotel receptionist job. 

Good Communication Skills 

Communication is the core part of a receptionist job. Your main responsibility is to engage with the guest. The hotel revenue, good reviews from the guest, guest satisfaction almost everything mostly depends on your communication. With your pleasant communication skills, you can turn a difficult guest into a loyal one and you can add extra service for the guest and add extra revenue for the hotel you are working for. Only your good approach and verbal communication can bring so many returning guests for the hotel you will be working for. So, to be a successful hotel receptionist you should be very good at communication. 

Dedication and Passion 

You need to be dedicated and passionate about your job to be a successful hotel receptionist. You should have a positive mindset for the job to go the extra mile. Your job is not to answer the phone, the main purpose is to keep the hotel reputation. So, the more you show dedication and passion for the job, the more you and the hotel can grow. You can become the star performer for the hotel and eventually can climb up the career ladder. 

Stress Management Skills 

Not every day in the reception area will be the same. It can vary from day-to-day. Like on peak season, you may experience a number of guests to handle. However, in the off-peak season, you may have to deal with 1 or 2 guests or no guest in a day. During a busy time, it is important to stay calm and manage the guest queries, answer phones and manage their issues. You can not skip any of them, you can not ignore anyone, all you have to do is to manage them smoothly. This is why you require a very high level of stress management skills to tackle. 


Your energy is your asset in your job. In your communication, activity and managing issues, the only requirement is your energy. If you have a bag full of energy you can get success faster. No matter what, you can not show a single sign of tiredness or fatigue, you can not look pale and unhappy. During your job, you have to serve with a pleasing smile and energy. Only this way you can give a warm welcome to your guest and increase the reputation of the hotel. So, the more you stay energetic the more success you can gain in the hotel receptionist job. 

Knowledge About the Local Area 

The hospitality industry is closely related to the travel industry. Not everyone but most of the guests resides in a hotel for travelling. Most of the guests don’t have proper knowledge about the local area. So, they may prefer asking you. This is because you are reliable for them. So they may ask for the suggestion. As a receptionist, it is your duty to suggest them the right place, beautiful sights. So, having local knowledge is a must for you. So, know your city before starting working as a hotel receptionist. 


One of your important jobs as a receptionist is to make your guest comfortable. You can do it by understanding their needs and taking proactive action. Like when you see them tired, you can offer them a complimentary juice, when you see a guest with children you can offer extra care and service for the children that your hotel offers for them. Each of your proactive actions will lead to guest satisfaction and increase the reputation of the hotel. 

How to Improve Your Qualities To Become a Hotel Receptionist 

No one is perfect, but you can become perfect with proper training and guidance. Viso learning offers an online course on hotel receptionist diploma. With this course, you can learn all the techniques, strategies and principles of a hotel receptionist. You will get in-depth ideas of the qualities you required to become a hotel receptionist. 

You will get proper guidance and training so that you can improve your qualities, skills and knowledge. The course will be conducted by the expert, so you will get real-life examples and tips to recover real-life problems while working as a hotel receptionist. 

The course is fully online, so you can access it from anywhere and anytime. Which means you don’t need to struggle to balance these courses with your busy schedule, you can learn it whenever you want. The course is 9 hours long but the return from the course is boundless. You will get an accredited certificate from the CPD which will enhance your CV for the hotel receptionist job. Enrol in this course today and start your journey as a hotel receptionist. 

If you are a hotel receptionist you are the front face of the hotel. Guest satisfaction highly depends on your service quality, how well you can serve them and how well you can solve their issues. This is a tough job, but not impossible. With proper training and guidance, you can develop perfect skills for becoming a hotel receptionist. So, if you are dreaming to start your career as a successful hotel receptionist then enrol in the hotel receptionist diploma course today!!

July 19, 2021

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