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Email Marketing Course: A Guide to Choosing the Best Course

Are you looking to elevate your business and get more leads and traffic? Or do you want to learn Email Marketing to become a pro and get a job or help your company? An email marketing course can be essential to increase your Email Marketing efficiency and knowledge. Email Marketing is one of the most effective strategies for doing business marketing.  

In this blog, you will learn a bit about email marketing, how you can choose your email marketing course and some of the best email marketing courses available for you.

What is Email Marketing?

In the world of Digital Marketing, Email Marketing is a part that never failed a company or business. Email marketing is one of the earliest forms of digital marketing, which is still a valuable marketing strategy in 2021. In order to generate leads and traffic for the business website, it can do wonders.

Therefore, Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending promotional emails to customers and prospects. It is a powerful marketing channel and also a way of doing direct marketing for your business. What’s more, through emails, you can promote your brand, business’s products and services. It is important to know that email marketing is different from sending your customer order confirmation emails and delivery information. 

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Firstly, through email marketing, you can inform your customers and prospects about your offers. You can also send them the latest updates on new and existing products through newsletters. Secondly, email marketing can play a significant role in aspects like lead generation, brand awareness, building customer relationships. Also, it helps to engage customers in purchases through various forms of marketing emails. Not only that, but you can also send information on the latest discounts, product updates, holiday offers, blogs and e-books and anything that gives the value of your brand to your audience.

Starting With Email Marketing

In order to do email marketing for your business, first, it is important to have a website. Secondly, you can add a newsletter sign-up option to your website so that people subscribe. Eventually, as people subscribe to your website, you can send your subscribers emails and greetings. You can also direct your target audience and customers to subscribe to your newsletter through social media platforms. 

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Here are some groundbreaking statistics that will show you the impact of Email Marketing on you and your business. 

1. The number of active email users is predicted to get up to 4.3 billion in 2023.

2. The total amount of emails that are sent and received each day is around 293.6 billion.

3. Most importantly, for every $1 spent under email marketing, the average ROI is $42 approximately.

4. Every one in ten marketers uses email marketing to promote their business.

5. About 81% of small businesses depend on email marketing in order to acquire customers and 80% to retain customers.

6. For a welcome email, the mean open rate is 82%.

7. Emails that have personalised subject lines produce 50% higher open rates. 

8. You can increase your click rates by 300% if you add videos to your email.

9. Lastly, around 49% of consumers want to receive promotional emails from their favourite brand.

Why is Email Marketing Important Today?

As an email marketer, you can substantially benefit and increase your income. Without a doubt, it is an effective way to make people visit your website and blogs. As a result, there is more traffic to your site, and that leads to more income.

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Moreover, email is a great marketing tool for businesses because it pursues users to take some form of action. Therefore, an email will stay in the inbox until some kind of action is taken for it, like it is read, deleted or sent to the archive. 

Furthermore, email marketing enables you to run A/B tests for a subject line or call to action. As a result, identify the best-performing message by using email marketing software. This software can also be configured to send emails to your target audience easily.

From driving traffic, building to targeting users by demographic, email marketing contributes immensely to business growth. Hence, here are some of the most beneficial characteristics of email marketing and why you must learn it.

1. Almost everyone uses email on today’s date.

2. Stay in contact with your customers and audience.

3. You can reach customers in real-time.

4. People engage with emails.

5. Email marketing is easy to measure.

6. It’s cost-effective.

7. You can send customised emails to target audiences according to their demographics.

8. Email marketing increase brand awareness.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Course?

Now, if you have come across our blog, it means that you have already been doing your research on the Email Marketing course.

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Therefore, you may have a tad bit of knowledge about email marketing. Actually, there are many top trending email marketing courses that may come to your aid. Also, there are hundreds of email marketing courses out there that you can take advantage of. But it is very important that you know what you are looking for in the course when you’re selecting an email marketing course. Here are some tips that will help you to figure out which email marketing course is right for you.

  • Firstly, discover what you know and what you do not know about email marketing. If you have few ideas about email marketing, jot them out. Then figure out your problem areas and topics that you need to learn afresh. 
  • Secondly, while there are lots of free email marketing courses available, many require a small fee to buy them. Therefore, you must know how much you want to invest in a particular email marketing course.
  • Thirdly, research and note down all the email marketing courses that meet your need. Most importantly, look at the reviews, lessons, and course descriptions. Visio Learning can provide you with an A-Z of all the criteria you are looking for in an Email Marketing course. But for your better understanding, there are other best courses you can grab a look over.

What are the Best Email Marketing Courses Available?

We have gone through the definition of email marketing. We also touched on its importance, and how to pick an email marketing course. Now it is time we go through some of the best email marketing courses that you can take advantage of and become a pro email marketing specialist.

1. Complete Email Marketing Course

Visio Learning is an e-learning platform that offers great courses from all kinds of backgrounds.

Visio Learning

Firstly, their digital marketing courses are one of a kind and teach you everything from scratch. But most importantly, their Complete Email Marketing Course will give you everything that you want to learn about email marketing. 

Significantly, this course is CPD accredited that will help you to achieve professional certification in Email Marketing. In addition, you can learn email marketing at your pace, and it will only take around 2 hours, 42 minutes. 

Especially, there are 7 modules and 38 units in this email marketing course which are divided into smaller units. Therefore, it will be easier for you to learn and understand email marketing in a short and digestible phase.

Furthermore, this course will give you ideas on marketing techniques and guidelines to create perfect ads for your products and business. In short, you will learn the concept of email marketing, lead funnel, grow an email list, and generate target messages for the audience. 

Module List:

1. Introduction

2. Entrepreneur Mindset Masterclass How to Start and Grow an Email List

3. Creating Email Lists

4. Email Automation

5. Email Copywriting

6. Email Deliverability

7. The Concepts of Email Marketing

8. Using Capture Pages and Funnels for Leads

9. Conclusion

2. Email Marketing Basics (Google Digital Garage)

Google Digital Garage provides free and valuable courses on digital marketing and other things.

Google digital garage

If you want to enhance your digital knowledge instantly, Google digital garage helps you with it. Therefore, their 30 minutes email marketing course can be a starting point for you to learning it. In addition, it has some concise and valuable tips on email marketing.

Besides, this email marketing course is a small part of a bigger course, “Promote a Business with Online Advertising”. Overall, 106 lessons across 26 digital marketing topics make it a three hours long course that you can continue at your ease. Furthermore, email marketing covers topics like display advertising, advertising on other websites, Google Ads, etc.

Here is what you will get to learn on Email Marketing through this course:

  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Email Marketing Options
  • Crafting Great Marketing Emails
  • Managing Successful Email Campaigns
  • Measuring Success in Email Marketing

3. HubSpot Academy: Email Marketing

If you are looking for Free online courses, HubSpot Academy is the leader and gives the best training on inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.

Academy Thumbnail for Resource Library

On top of all, their Email Marketing course will help you to learn and create email marketing strategies. In this course, you will learn content management, segmentation, and also email deliverability and analyse your email performance.

Furthermore, you will learn to create an email marketing strategy that is very effective and build trust with your customers. Here you will face 9 lessons and 28 videos to gather email marketing knowledge. Moreover, you can test what you have learned with 9 sets of quizzes which you will face at the end of each lesson.

Additionally, not only lessons, videos, and quizzes, but you can also apply what you learned at the end of the course through the email marketing tools that come free with the HubSpot Academy account.


1. Understanding Email Marketing

2. Creating a Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy

3. Sending the Right Email

4. Creating a High-Performing Email

5. Understanding Email Deliverability

6. Outlining the Design of Your Marketing Emails

7. Analysing Your Marketing Emails

8. Testing Your Marketing Emails

9. Developing Relationships With Lead Nurturing

4. The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course

When it comes to e-learning, Udemy is one of the best sources to get all the quality courses.

Udemy Email Marketing

Their email marketing course, MailChimp for Ecommerce Email Marketing Master Class, is one of a kind. Essentially, this course is specially designed for entrepreneurs running an e-commerce store, drop shippers, physical store owners, and marketing managers as well.

Especially, in this course, you will get a detailed understanding of how to use MailChimp for Email Marketing. Additionally, you will learn in this course how to design e-commerce emails that boost sales, how to implement MailChimp’s marketing automation features. Furthermore, you get to learn how to integrate your e-commerce store and email marketing easily. This email marketing course has 7 sections and 35 lectures. All this makes it 4 hours 7 minutes long course which you can do at your own pace.

Course Content

  • Introduction to MailChimp for Ecommerce
  • Designing E-commerce Emails in MailChimp
  • Organising Your Subscribers in MailChimp
  • Sending and Optimising Ecommerce Emails in MailChimp
  • Creating Opt-in Offers to Grow Your List
  • Using Automation to Create Email Marketing Sequences
  • Bonus Material

5. Email Marketing Essentials: Designing Effective Emails

Another essential course on email marketing is brought to us by SkillShare. Email Marketing Essentials: Designing Effective Emails course is very helpful to write effective emails but does not provide any certification.

Skill share email marketing course

If you have a growing email list and wonder how to write a more compelling email that can boost sales, this course is for you. As a result, this course will help you to increase your professional learnings.

Moreover, this course is only 30 minutes long, which will give you enough ideas to grow your email marketing knowledge.

Here are the modules that are included in this course:

  • Introduction
  • Your Product
  • Core Principles
  • Voice and Tone
  • Written Elements of Email
  • What to Write
  • Core Types of Emails
  • Editing Tips
  • Final Thoughts


Email Marketing is an essential strategy for all kinds of businesses. If you are trying to grow your business or become more professional in digital marketing, you must now email marketing. All the five discussed Email Marketing courses will help you grow your expertise in this field. So choose your email marketing course at ease and grow your skills.

August 18, 2021

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