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The Ultimate Sales Training Blueprint Course Overview

Designed for amateurs and complete beginners, this course is the best way to learn digital photography skills, with step-by-step guidance.
  • Master the ultimate sales framework
  • Learn how to create your circle of excellence
  • Know how to build unstoppable confidence
  • Get to know the fundamentals of Rapport building
  • Understand the value of what you are selling
  • Master how to develop a powerful mindset
  • Learn how to overcome objections with ease

Course Content

In this module, we would introduce you to our Sales Mastery course so that the whole training course becomes easy and effective for you.

We will also share with you the image of the salespeople, the meaning of selling and the value of the products and services you are gonna sell.

In this module, we will teach you how to develop a strong mindset to skyrocket your sales. Some of the core things we will cover in this model are:

  • Difference between fixed and growth mindset
  • The power of intention and knowing oneself
  • How you can build enormous confidence
  • And let you know how you can develop a circle of excellence

Here we will give you a thorough understanding of the Rapport building. We will teach you the foundations of Rapport and the key elements of it. We will also teach you the technique of asking the right questions and secrets to build instant Rapport.

Here in this module, we will share with you the truths of selling and the major 4 steps of selling any product or services. We will take you through the four steps sales framework and the four steps sales framework questions.

Here we will introduce with you the two major types of objections. We will also share with you the secret weapon for objections and how to easily overcome any objections from the opposite side.

In this module, we will thoroughly take you through the process of closing sales perfectly. Here is a snapshot of what you will learn about closing sales in this module:

  • Rules and the 6 fundamentals of closing any sales
  • 5 steps sales closing process
  • Techniques to closing the sales 
  • And top 25 effective ways to ask for the sale when you are closing

Course Curriculum

Sales Mastery Course Introduction
Introduction to Sales Mastery Course 00:03:00
The Image of Salespeople 00:04:00
The Meaning of Selling 00:04:00
Understanding The Value of What You’re Selling 00:03:00
How To Develop a Powerful Mindset
Fixed vs Growth Mindset 00:03:00
The Power of Intention 00:06:00
The Power of Knowing Oneself 00:05:00
How To Build Unstoppable Confidence 00:07:00
Creating Your Circle of Excellence 00:06:00
Foundations of Rapport Building
The Foundations of Rapport 00:06:00
The 5 Key Elements of Rapport 00:08:00
How To Ask The Right Questions 00:10:00
Secret Technique To Build Instant Rapport 00:05:00
The Ultimate Sales Framework
9 Truths of Selling 00:12:00
4 Stages of a Sale 00:02:00
The 4 Step Sales Framework Overview 00:05:00
The 4 Step Sales Framework Questions 00:10:00
Overcoming Objections With Ease
The 2 Types of Objections 00:05:00
The Secret Weapon For Objections 00:04:00
2 Ways To Easily Overcome Objections 00:09:00
Closing The Sale
The Rules of Closing 00:08:00
6 Fundamentals of Closing 00:04:00
5 Step Closing Process 00:04:00
Closing Technique #1 00:02:00
Closing Technique #2 00:03:00
Closing Technique #3 00:03:00
25 Ways To Ask For The Sale 00:06:00

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