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Start a Web Design Business Step by Step Masterclass Course Overview

  • Familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of web designing business
  • Build the skills to get clients for web designing
  • Understand the strategies of delivering website projects
  • Get introduced to project management tools.

Course Content

  • Course Introduction

In the first module of this section, our expert instructor will walk you through the four sections which will be covered in this comprehensive course.

  • Introduction to Web Design Business

This module will show you what you are going to learn from this course. You will get a brief overview and understand what the learning outcomes of this course are.


  • The Web Design Agency Business Model

Here, In this first module of this section, you will understand the fundamentals of the web design agency business module. You will acquire a clear view of the essential elements of building a web designing business.

  • What are the Types of Web Design Projects

After you grasp the basic concept of the web designing model, you will be prepared for this stage. In this module, you will be introduced to the two types of web design projects and learn their principles.

  • Additional Services 

As you have acquired a primary understanding of the web designing business, now our expert instructor will introduce you to some additional services you can provide. These services can help you earn some extra profit without putting in too much effort.

  • Outsourcing Resouces 

You need to sign up on websites to outsource your services. In this module, you will be able to familiarise yourself with some sources which can help upsell your services.

  • Common Website Builders

Now it’s time to take your skills a step ahead. In this stage, you will acquire a great deal of knowledge on the most common web builders. This module will broaden your understanding of website builders and give you the skills to create excellent websites for your clients.

  •   Where to Find Website Themes and Templates

There some sources that provide ready website themes and template. These themes and templates can make your work easy and time-efficient. In this step, you will be introduced to these sources and learn how to use them.

  • Build Websites and 10 Seconds

In this time of technology every day, new tools are coming in to help you create websites faster. In this module of this section, you will learn about many tools that can assist you in building websites in just 10 seconds. You will comprehend all the strategies to maximise the use of these tools.

  • How to Position Yourself as an Expert Web Designer?

When you start your business you might not have any experience or reference work to show your clients. In this module, you will see how to solve this problem. It will teach you how to create credibility and position yourself as an expert web designer.

  • Best Places to Find Clients

Finding clients for your web design business can be a challenging task. This module is dedicated to helping you find clients for your business. It will provide the best locations to find and attract your potential clients.


  • How to Get Clients from Facebook Groups?

Facebook is always buzzing with customers. You have to grasp the techniques to attract the crowd. This module is built to teach you all the strategies you need to find customers from Facebook groups.


  • How to Package and Price Your Services? 

It is very important that you price and package your services carefully. Here, this module will show you what procedure you should follow while you are pricing your services. It will also give you a clear understanding of the effective strategies of packaging the services.


  • Booking Software Walkthrough

Maintaining a booking schedule will not only make your work systematic but will also signify your professionalism. The instructor will walk you through software that will keep track of your schedule and assist the clients in booking your services.


  •  Keep Track of Your Clients

In the next stage of this section, you will learn how to track your clients. It will introduce you to the software for tracking your customers and assist you in lead generation. This module will be very valuable for building a good relationship with your clients.


  •  How to Collect Payment?

There are a lot of ways you can collect your payments. Here, you will learn about different types of payment methods and gain the skills to figure out which one is suitable for your business.

  • How to Deliver Your Website Projects?

After you are done with building the website now, it’s time to deliver the project to your clients. In this comprehensive module, you will come across the steps of delivering a project. It will also help you show your customers how they make changes to the website on their own.

  • Project Management Tools

In the last module of this course, the instructor will help you boost your project management skills. You will learn about project management tools so that you can have a track of your projects. These tools will come in handy for increasing your proficiency.

Course Curriculum

Web Design Agency Business Introduction
Introduction to Web Design Agency Business Course 00:03:00
Web Design Business Sales Video 00:01:00
Web Design Agency Business Foundations
The Web Design Agency Business Model 00:06:00
2 Main Types of Web Design Projects 00:04:00
Additional Services You Can Provide 00:06:00
Upsell Services Outsourcing Resource 00:15:00
Most Common Website Builders 00:04:00
Where To Find Done For You Website Templates 00:12:00
Secret Tool That Builds Websites in 10 Seconds! 00:09:00
How To Position Yourself As The Expert Web Designer 00:05:00
How To Get Web Design Clients
Best Places To Find Clients 00:11:00
How To Get Clients From Facebook Groups 00:03:00
How To Package and Price Your Services 00:09:00
Booking Software Walkthrough 00:11:00
How To Keep Track of Your Clients 00:14:00
How To Collect Payment 00:06:00
Web Design Agency Business Deliverables
How To Deliver Your Website Projects 00:03:00
Project Management Tools 00:03:00
Resources – Start a Web Design Business Step by Step Masterclass 00:00:00

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