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Healthy Eating for Physical & Mental Health Online Course Overview

  • This course will help you understand the benefits of eating healthy
  • You will gain elaborate knowledge of the Alkaline foods and food pyramid
  • Familiarise with healthy meals and learn how to cook them
  • Enrich your knowledge of food cholesterol

Course Content

  • Healthy Eating Lifestyle

In this module, you will learn the importance of a healthy eating lifestyle and how you can maintain this lifestyle. There are various aspects to have to consider to maintain a healthy diet; this module will introduce you to those aspects.

  •  Benefits of Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is the most important thing to maintain your health. In this module, you will learn the benefits of eating healthy and how they improve your life.

  • Alkaline Foods and Acidic foods

After you acquire knowledge about a healthy diet, now it’s time to know your food. In this step, you will learn about alkaline and acidic foods and how they impact our body.

  • Food Pyramid 

The food pyramid is very resourceful for creating a nutritious diet with a variety of foods. In this lesson, you will learn what is a food pyramid and understand how you can use it for eating healthily.

Now it’s time to go deep. In this module, you will learn what cholesterol is, how it comes into our body, what are the types and more. It will give you an in-depth understanding of cholesterol to control it and maintain a healthy body.

  • Food Recommendations for Good Health

This course will now help you out by providing food recommendations. It will introduce you to different kinds of food and teach you how they play a part to keep you healthy. You will be able to understand what food is suitable for your body and why it’s important to consume the right food.

  • Cooking Healthy Meals

Till now you have learned about healthy food and diets. It’s time for you to learn how to cook healthy meals. The module will hand you recipes and instructions so you can easily prepare delicious and healthy meals.

The best part about this course is that it will give you a guideline for you to maintain a healthy eating habit. In this module, you will get that guideline where you will know what food is good for your body and how to avoid unhealthy foods.

Course Curriculum

PROMO Video – Eating Healthy 00:04:00
Healthy Eating Lifestyle 00:06:00
Powerful Benefits of Eating Healthy 00:05:00
Alkaline Foods & Food Pyramid
Alkaline Foods vs Acidic 00:07:00
Understanding The Food Pyramid 00:09:00
Food Cholesterol
Food Cholesterol 00:10:00
Eating healthy & Healthy Meals
Recommended Foods For Exceptional Health 00:09:00
Cooking Simple Healthy Meals 00:09:00
Guidelines To Well-being
Guidelines To Well-being 00:10:00

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