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Bookkeeping & Accounting Course Online

  • You will get guidance with how to organise your physical paperwork and look at IT systems as well.
  • Understand the principles of bookkeeping with some history, from double entry to petty cash to certain types of ledgers.
  • Learn how to prepare a trial balance and how that works.
  • Study Nominal accounts and Coding Classes.
  • Get to know the terminology – Assets, income, Liabilities and Expenses.
  • You will learn how to make a Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet.
  • You will be tested on a short assignment which you can complete at your leisure to get your certificate.

Course Content

    • Introduction             

    An introduction to the course and the topics that will be covered, from physical paperwork to the history of bookkeeping.

    • Manual System                     

    This module looks at organising paper records into one shelf comprising of an IN tray, 5 folders and a box file.

    • Computerised Systems                    

    It is worth being aware of what is out there, this includes Excel spreadsheets, Sage Line 50, Quick Books, MYOB, Kash Flow and Xero.  

    • How it Fits Together            

    This module covers a brief history of bookkeeping. Learn about the principles of Double Entry and the Books of Prime Entry.

    • Bookkeeping Basics             

    In this module, we will cover the key aspects of bookkeeping: we will introduce you to the language of bookkeeping, familiarise you with how bookkeepers manage the accounting cycle and show you how to understand the more complex type of bookkeeping – double-entry bookkeeping.

    • Ledgers                      

    In this lecture, we will analyse further the different ledgers from the sales ledger, the purchase ledger and the petty cash book.

    • Trial Balance and Coding                 

    With bookkeeping, once all the ledgers have been done, you take the totals or balances of the accounts and make a Trial Balance sheet.

    • PNL Account and Balance Sheet            

    Learn how to produce the Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet.

  • AILE Personal

Discover how to use accounting terminology such as assets, income, liabilities and expenses for your own personal files.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course
Introduction 00:02:00
Introduction to Bookkeeping
Introduction to Bookkeeping 00:15:00
Bookkeeping systems
Manual System 00:08:00
Computerised Systems 00:10:00
How it Fits Together 00:08:00
Basics of Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping Basics 00:30:00
The functionality of bookkeeping
Ledgers 00:10:00
Trial Balance and Coding 00:10:00
PNL Account and Balance Sheet 00:04:00
On a personal note
AILE Personal 00:05:00

Course Reviews

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