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Secrets of Motivating Your Employees

Motivated and jolly workers are the best creative and productive workers. But what can the managers do to motivate the staffs? Fortunately, there are several ways that you can follow to motivate your employees and engage them in working positively in the office environment. People become motivated when it comes from a manager who creates a motivated office environment.


Secrets of motivating your employees 2


Personal Enrichment – Be an example to your employees:

Personal development is a lifelong process that will increase your awareness and inner potential for gradual development. Try to be an example to your employees so that they can trust you and relay to you. Try to be enthusiastic, energised, lively, and passionate about your work. This way, your employees will love to follow you as their role model. For creating the enthusiastic nature, you should involve yourself with continuous personal enrichment. However, there are several ways by which you can engage your stuff in a motivating way. You can encourage the staff to involve with the charitable work or to volunteer in the time of crisis. You can teach or train them practical lessons. You will find that in a motivating environment, your employees will work harder than any manager could force them to do. We ( Global Edulink/ Adams Academy)  provide a wide range of personal development course that you may choose if you want to motivate your staffs for becoming more productive and hard working. You may explore the courses such as First Aid at WorkMastering Creative Thinking, or Facilitation and Meeting Skills.

Organizing Team Work and team meeting:

An office is a place where people are busy with their work. So, organising team meetings can foster excellent communication among the team members. As a leader, it is your duty that every team members are cooperating with each other. You should also focus on the corporate and friendly behaviour in the office.  At the time of the meeting, try to engage the employees as much as possible so that they think that they are valued. Update them on their work and make the meeting conversation lively.

Appreciate the Good Works:

It is also essential to notice and appreciate the good works as well as to make constructive criticism for the bad actions. Try to make sure that the good works done by the employees are noticed, recognised and appreciated by the other team members. Overall, you should maintain a friendly office environment.


Secrets of motivating your employees 3


Tips to follow:

  • Say hello
  • Listen to the employee
  • Appreciate them and say “well done” or “Good Job”, etc.
  • Evaluate their work
  • While necessary do constructive criticism, do not make destructive criticism
  • Communicate well
  • Say ‘thank You.”

Setting Goals:

Without aim or goal, success is not possible. Set goals – both short term and long term. And obviously, after achieving a goal, appreciate the team members for their collaboration. However, if you cannot be able to reach the goal, you should inspire them to fulfil the objectives in next time. Setting goal motivates the staffs and encourages them to work more for achieving the goal.

Appreciate Questions:

Try to make sure that your employees do not hesitate to ask questions. It is vital that they are allowed to ask questions about their confusion. If they do not understand any matter regarding their job, let them do queries. In this way, they will be motivated, and the result will be great as the excellent understanding promotes good jobs as well as better outcomes.

Communicate Well:

The importance of staff communication is tremendous. A manager cannot be a good manager if his name is only visible in the newsletter or email. You should communicate well with your employees and maintain a trustworthy relationship with them. It is better to speak them frequently, especially try to make face-to-face communication instead of email or phone. Additionally, if possible, try to maintain an excellent conversation at the time of group lunch or evening parties.

Assign Responsibilities:

A great way of motivating the employee is to assign them responsibilities. This way the employee will feel that they are valued and trusted by you. However, be sure that you are not overloading them with works.

Create a positive atmosphere- your office should be the second home to the employees:

A creative job is done only in the stress-free and positive environment. Be sure that you are offering a positive environment to your employees so that they can nourish their hidden talents and bloom their potentials into a fruitful tree. Try to give them nutritious foods, and ensure plenty of purified water in your office. If possible, decorate the office with standing desks, or desk cycles so that people feel that they are welcomed nicely.

Presents Incentives:

Upon accomplishing a specific goal or for completing a good job, give some gifts to your employees. Giving incentives not only makes them happy but also motivates them to exceed their present condition to do better in the future.

In short, if your employees believe that you value them, they will naturally motivate more and work more. There are many methods that a leader may follow to motivate his staff. However, the above list presents some best paths for motivating the employee. You employee always want an appreciation of their good work. Try to maintain a healthy relationship and ensure them a secure and positive workplace so that they can create a productive office environment. Try to make your office as their second home.

August 6, 2021

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