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Key Skills Required to Become a Quality Assurance Manager

Can you guess what makes a million-pound business? Is it design, is it branding or the quality? Think about what you would prefer most? Would you invest a thousand pound for a low-quality product? Would you buy a low-quality phone that runs out within just a couple of months? Would you buy it again? Would you recommend it to your friends and family? Of course not, in the end, we always prefer quality to quantity. A single deficit in quality can ruin the business reputation. So, can you guess now,  what makes a million pounds business?  Yes, it is the product quality that impacts the business most.  

Being a quality assurance manager is a very intelligent, prestigious but tough job. You are liable for the product quality, which means product success depends mostly on you. So, as a quality assurance manager, you must possess some extra skills that make you stand out in the market and a perfect match for the job. Since the job is very crucial, the skills are mandatory. In this article, we are going to present the key skills required to become a quality assurance manager. 

What Does Quality Assurance Manager Do?

Quality assurance managers ensure product quality before it reaches the customers. Every product has its own quality measurement and customer expectation. The main job of the quality assurance manager is to meet the quality requirement of the product. Quality managers inspect output and input of the products, identify mistakes and non-conformity issues. 

The duties of the quality assurance manager may vary from industry to industry. However, some of the common duties of a quality assurance manager include:

How Much a Quality Assurance Manager Earn 

It is not wise to get ready for a job without knowing its career prospect. The earning of a quality manager depends on experience and skills. The more skills you have with proven expertise the more you can earn. On average a quality assurance manager earns up to £45,000. This amount varies depending on your skills and experience. In the beginning, you can earn £27,495 yearly or can get £23.08. If you become highly experienced and skills you can earn up to £76,500 every year.

Required Skills to Become a Quality Assurance Manager 

Earning £76,500 every year is a tough job, but not impossible. You need certain qualities and skills to land your dream career. So, let’s check out what skills are required to become a quality assurance manager. 

1. Attention to detail 

Your attention is the key asset for the company and for the job. With your sharp eyes and attention, you can detect defects before it is marketed. Your habit of not letting minor details help the company to grow more significantly. Saves companies money from rework, redone and revised. You will be hired to meet internal and external quality expectations for the product, without attention to detail it is not possible. 

2. Problem Solving Skills 

You have to face a lot of challenges in your job. Your job is to manage them successfully. You have to find a solution when your product can’t meet the required quality standard. Only with the ability to think critically and logically with rational thinking, can you solve problems. With your problem-solving skills, you can overcome challenges easily and can easily take the company further ahead. 

3. Ability to Work in a Team 

Teamwork is the core part of the quality assurance manager’s job. You need to collaborate with different teams from different departments. Without good teamwork and collaboration skills, it is completely not possible to continue the work smoothly and achieve the product quality standard. As a team member, you need to understand others’ problems, how they work, how they collaborate with you, sometimes you need to spread your helping hand when they can’t meet their workload. Only with true teamwork and the collaboration you can achieve the desired quality standard otherwise not. This is why you need to develop true capabilities to work in a team. 

4. Communication Skills 

A  quality assurance manager has to explain the process to ensure the quality of the product. A wrong communication during the explanation can lead to serious issues like an error in the product and its quality. So, a quality assurance manager should be a good verbal communicator. They should know how to communicate precisely and effectively. Along with the verbal communication skills they required good listening and writing skills too. With good listening skills, you can get a crucial understanding of the product quality requirements and their written communication skills help in reporting and analysing. So, if you want to start your career as a quality assurance manager start working on your communication skills from today. 

5. Time Management Skills 

Time plays a very important role in business. Since business is teamwork, each of the members has a dependency with others. However, manufacturing is a process that follows a strict time, for a smooth operation. If you are on time, your other team member will have more time to complete their task, so the work quality will not be compromised. When everything from top to bottom worked smoothly the quality of the work and the product increased. So, you need to be a pro in managing your time, if you can do so, you will be free from stress and can concentrate more on the product quality. 

6. Multitasking 

Your job is to manage the quality, maintain the quality, so you have no room for compromising the quality of your own work. As a Quality Assurance Manager, you have to be busy with multiple tasks and duties. No matter how many there are, you can’t compromise the quality of your duties. So, you need multitasking ability. So that you can work smoothly and efficiently with multiple responsibilities.

How to Improve Your Quality Assurance Skills 

If you do not have the aforementioned skills do not worry. The good news is, you can always learn them or improve them. Visio Learning offers an online diploma course on quality management. With this online course, you will learn the essential skills, techniques, strategies and key principles of quality management. The course is fully online so you can access the course from anywhere and anytime. This is an accredited course certified from CPD which will add extra credentials in your CV. This course will make you a perfect individual for the quality assurance job. So, enrol in this course today to start your career as a quality assurance manager. 


“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” Improve your skills, stay focused on your career and keep working for your dream job. One day no matter what, you will become a successful quality assurance manager. So, enrol in the quality management diploma course now and start your journey towards your dream career. 


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