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How Do You Learn To Crochet: A Beginners Guide

Ever received a beautiful crocheted wool scarf for Christmas from your grandma? It must’ve made you think, what is crocheting? Or how do you learn to crochet? 

Crochet is a needlecraft that uses yarn or thread to create cloth. It creates stitches by intertwining loops with a hook-tipped needle. These stitches can produce a wide range of textured fabric, from simple solid types to elegant lace-like designs. Modern doilies, Afghans/blankets, homewares, clothes & accessories, and even stuffed toys are all made with crochet.

What Is Easier To Learn, Knitting Or Crocheting?

Crocheting skills

Crocheting is a relatively easy skill to master. Even though it requires dedication, time, and energy, it isn’t as complex as knitting. However, crocheting does necessitate a lot of practice.

When the tutorials or steps become overly tricky, you may want to give up right away. Aside from hard work, studying and mastering crochet often necessitates a great deal of perseverance. When you marvel at each line or process in turn, it quickly becomes more agreeable.

What Are The Differences Between Knitting & Crocheting?

Crochet hook

There are distinct differences between knitting and crocheting. The tools used are the first noticeable difference. Crocheters use a hook to latch onto the yarn, while knitters use two flat knitting needles. Crochet hooks are usually made of plastic, wood, bamboo, aluminium, or steel. It comes in a range of sizes depending on the material used.

Crocheting takes only one hand, which some people find more convenient. Crocheting is usually faster than knitting. The end result is generally lighter and drapes better than knitted garments. Both crafts use wool, but crochet is a little more forgiving. It’s possible to crochet everything from thread to rope using various hook gauges.

Stitches are used in a variety of ways in both crafts. Knitting mainly employs two stitches. At the same time, crochet offers a vast array of complex stitches, producing a range of results. Knitters have several active loops on their needles at the same time, so the way the stitches are shaped varies greatly. There is usually only one active loop at a time in crochet. 

However, both crafts use patterns with abbreviations. You can make similar items with both Crafts.  For instance, blankets, mittens and sweaters.

Should You Learn To Knit Or Crochet First?

Learning to crochet

Crochet is more adaptable than knitting. Most knit products can be imitated in crochet using Tunisian crochet methods or post stitches. There are even ways to make it look woven. But knitting imitating the crochet technique is much more difficult.

Crochet is more accommodating than knitting. You can quickly improvise without preparation, making it more adaptable. You’re less likely to unravel stuff all the way down previous rows if you make a minor error. When crocheting multicolour patterns, it’s much simpler to change colours without leaving trailing strands on the back of the job.

Crocheting in the round is more convenient. Crochet only needs a single hook, while knitting requires several needles or a collection linked by a plastic rope. Tunisian crochet can be made to look like knitting. It can be worked in the round with only a single double-sided needle.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Crocheting?

Crochet learning duration

Learning to crochet will take anywhere from three to six months for a beginner. It can only take a few hours to learn the fundamentals, such as single crochet, spinning, and chaining. However, mastering and being relaxed with the majority of crochet styles and patterns could take up to a year.

If you want to learn to develop smooth and clear patterns, you must practice diligently. It will take several weeks to months to master the mechanics and muscle memory needed for this mission.

How Do You Learn To Crochet: 7 Simple Steps

So, how do you learn to crochet, exactly? What tools and materials you need to learn how to crochet? 

Crochet doesn’t need a lot of materials to get started. The crochet hook is essential. Make sure you choose the aluminium crochet hook as it makes the yarn easily glide. Other than that, you will need a pair of scissors, a ball of wool or acrylic yarn. Acrylic yarn is suitable for beginners. It is soft and typically consists of tightly spun plies that do not break, making it simple to work with. 

Mastering the skills of crocheting may take time. If you want to master the art of crocheting, then follow these seven simple steps:

Learn to crochet in 7 simple steps

Choose The Right Yarn

Choosing the suitable yarn is very important. When you look at the yarn, it needs to feel very smooth. There are several types of fibres available these days. Novelty yarns with bumps and different textures are also available in the market. These are all perfect for crochet.

Crochet yarn

However, while you’re learning the art, you’ll want to go with yarn that has a simple texture. This yarn is available in a variety of fibres, but the most common are wool, cotton, and acrylic. All of these can be used to learn. 

Choose the yarn that works best for you. You can find yarn in different weights as well. Yarn with extra weight serves different purposes for a crocheter. 

For beginners, medium weight yarn is the best. Besides, try to choose always choose yarn in lighter shades. Dark-coloured yarn will give you a hard time while crocheting.

Hold The Crochet Hook Properly

Person holding multiple crochet hooks

Hold the crochet hook in a comfortable position for you. While there is no one correct way to hold a crochet hook, there are two basic styles that can be reversed depending on which hand is dominant. Your hand may cramp if you hold the hook incorrectly.

When using the Over-the-Hook position, do the following: Like a pencil, hold the hook so that the handle rests against your palm. Your thumb and index finger should be placed so that they grasp the thumb rest as you go over the hook.

Holding the hook in the Under-the-Hook position is similar to holding a spatula. Your thumb and forefinger should be on the thumb rest while your hand is under the hook.

Learn How To Slip A Knot

Crochet slip a knot

Knowing how to make a slip knot is the third step in starting any crochet stitch project.  It’s how you will thread the yarn onto the hook and begin crocheting. Twist and loop the yarn onto the hook as quickly as possible, then coil it around the hook and pull it through the loop to tighten it. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but with practice, it will become easier. 

Crochet a Foundation Chain Stitch

Crochet a Foundation Chain Stitch

You’ll need to crochet a chain after you’ve made a slip knot on the hook. When you work other stitches into it, it’s commonly referred to as the beginning or base chain. Pinch the tail of the crochet hook between your thumb and ring finger, so it hangs down. Bring the ball of yarn to the crochet hook’s left. Yarn over to the left of the slip knot, bringing the working yarn behind the hook and then over it. Underneath your hook, carry the working yarn. 

Via the slip knot, pull the working yarn. Pull the yarn over all the way through the slip knot as you move your hook to the right. Your hook would always have a loop on it, as well as one under it. Chains are what these loops are called, and you’ve just made the first one! 

Learn How to Double Crochet

double crocheting

After you learn how to chain a stitch, the fifth step to how do you learn to crochet is a double crochet. Many crochet stitches start the same way as the double crochet. So, once you master it, you’ll be ready to tackle more complicated stitches. 

The base chain is worked into for the first row of stitches. Each chain is shaped like a V, with the V’s mouth opening toward the right. From front to back through the V, insert your hook into the second V. 

Take a close look: There should be two loops of yarn above the hook and one strand of yarn below the hook when you insert the hook. Knit over your working yarn with your hook through the V. Pull the working yarn through the V in the following manner: make a right-hand movement with your crochet needle. This will bring the working yarn through the chain. There should be two loops on the hooks of your crochet after you finish.

Work a yarn again and pull it through both the loops. Your first single crochet stitch is complete now! 

Learn How To Treble Crochet

A person treble crocheting

Treble crochet is also known as triple crochet. It is taller than double crochet. Treble crochet is created by working two yarn overs at the beginning of the stitch rather than one as in double crochet. 

You have to knit twice more than a double stitch chain. Then insert the hook into the chain (fifth chain from the hook on the starting chain). Pull up a loop by yarning over and drawing yarn through. Re-knit the yarn and pull it through the hook’s last two loops. Congratulations! You have made one treble successfully. Yarn over twice more, then insert hook into next stitch; repeat from the beginning.

Stay On Track With Your Stitch Count

Crochet rills and hooks

Your stitch count should remain consistent from row to row while working straight rows. You should not make any fancy increases or decreases. There should be 30 stitches in rows two and three if you have 30 stitches in the first row. The other rows need to follow suit too. 

Count each step as you go, starting with the turning chain. You know you have to start from scratch if you get to the end of the row and don’t have the correct number. 

Why Should You Learn How To Crochet?

Crocheting can be a fun and enabling experience for you. If you like challenging yourself consistently, then you will love learning how to crochet. You can always present your loved ones with customized and inexpensive gifts. Handcrafted gifts are a great way to show your loved ones how much you care for them. Crocheting is a productive and relaxing hobby. It can relieve you of tension and stress.


Now that you know how to learn to crochet, start practising right away! If you are still unsure whether crocheting is right for you, ask yourself a few questions. Do quick projects excite you? Does your mind work spatially? Are you creative and have the patience to rectify your mistakes? 

If you are not consistent with the stitch numbers, you might have to rip out work to fix a stitch. You have to be highly creative. Crochet patterns can be hard to find. So, you may have to forge your own design. If you want to learn to develop smooth and clear patterns, you must practice diligently.

July 2, 2021

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