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Have You Explore The Excel Course: The Most Demanding Course Ever

This week we will introduce you to one of the top selling and demanding courses – Microsoft Excel 2013 – Beginner to Advanced. From the name, you can easily understand that the course is about Microsoft Excel and everyone can enrol the course- whether she has a basic knowledge or advanced knowledge of the application. The course is designed for everyone who wants to develop one of the fundamental and demanding digital skills- spreadsheet programs. The course is taught by the expert professionals who have years of experience. You will find the up to date information and easy learning ways of mastering the program.


Excel Course 2

Why do you need to know Excel?

Spreadsheet software is the most widely used software for office work. Among the several popular spreadsheet programs, Microsoft Excel is the highest used software which is used in the workplace worldwide. The software allows the user to store and retrieve numerical data in a grid format of columns and rows.

Becoming an expert in the software means you have added a great qualification to your portfolio. Even in the job advertisements, you will see that many companies require people having digital skill. A research done by the Burning Glass Technologies reveals that people having digital skill will get more opportunities and earn more than the people who have no digital skills: “More than 8 in 10 middle-skill jobs (82%) require digital skills, a 4% increase since 2014”. So, specialised knowledge about the digital skill become mandatory for people.


What can you do by using Excel?:


With the knowledge of Excel, you can do several things. Some of the major works are given below:


  • Accounting and Finance: By using Excel, you can manage, analyse, and evaluate data quickly. Apart from these, you can also present those calculated data visually.
  • Data-Organization: Though Excel is mostly popular for financial area, it can be used to organise your company’s data for administrative purposes.
  • Programming: One of the great advantages of the application is that it supports Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications programming language for creating macros. As a result, you can work quickly by automating or simplifying complex functions.


What is in the Course?


The course will help you to understand the Microsoft Excel program easily. The contents of the course are graded regarding difficulty. At first, you will be introduced to the basic concepts. As the lesson proceeded, you will learn the more advanced features and functions of the application. You will learn how to use logic and text functions, how to organise data, and how to present your data. In spite of these, the course teaches you formatting, building formulas, creating different types of charts. Finally, you will be familiarised with the advanced features such as IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH, create and format PivotTables and record basic Macros.

The visual presentation along with the informative resources of the course allows you to understand the course contents quickly and encourages you to involve practically. The content of each lesson is based on practical workplace problems. Therefore prepare you for the office works.

As this is an online educational platform, you can access from anywhere. Additionally, the responsive website allows you to use the courses from any devices including mobile, tablet and laptop.

Excel Course 3

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the course, you will be able to use the program professionally.  One of the reasons for the effectiveness of the course is its practical information. It is a fabulous course in the sense that the course includes the real world problem and solutions which you will find relevant to your office work.

The purpose of the course is to teach you to manage large datasets, gathering information from the spreadsheet program, presenting the information visually by drawing graphs, etc. With the knowledge from the course, you will be able to validate data and know how to prevent the common errors.

Overall, the course is the complete solution for those who want to work efficiently with the spreadsheet program. It can be hoped that upon completion, you will know to create automation, use advanced formulas and conditional logic, calculate and analyse company data, create sales figure, taxes, commission rates, etc.

July 19, 2021

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