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Online Baking Course

  • Learn how to read recipes and prepare for your baking with Mise en Place. 
  • Choose your ingredients and kitchen equipment wisely.
  • There are special notes for those living at high altitudes. 
  • Learn about butter cakes and how to make them. 
  • Discover what oil-based cakes are and watch the method for creating chocolate and carrot cakes.
  • Study the different types of sponge cakes and learn how to make American and European styles. 
  • Watch a recipe for simple syrup.
  • There are no assignments for this course, simply order your certified certificate when complete.

Course Content

  • Welcome to the Course


Learn how to navigate the course and what you can expect with this friendly introduction video.


  • Reading a Recipe


Your tutor shares tips for reading a recipe, along with common mistakes made when baking cakes. Ingredients are supposed to be listed in the order that you will use them. 


  • Mise en Place


Now that you’ve read through the recipe, you want to get your equipment and ingredients ready.


  • Choosing Ingredients


Try out the different qualities of ingredients and see what difference that makes on taste. There are many different types of flour and sugar, pay attention to the type called for in the recipe. 


  • Equipment Toolkit


What sort of equipment should you have ready in your kitchen if you will be baking cakes often. 


  • Special Notes for High Altitude


For anyone living above 3000 feet, your cakes may not turn out the way they’re supposed to. Learn the tips to combat a weakened cake structure. 


  • What is a Butter Cake?


Learn about the consistency of butter cakes and when to use them. 


  • History of Butter Cakes


The butter cake comes from the pound cake which originated in the UK in the 18th century.   


  • Important Considerations for Butter Cakes


Troubleshooting your cakes if they don’t turn out the way they are supposed to. Learn how to store and serve your butter cakes.


  • Creaming Method- Almond Butter Cake


Now we get to mix the batter and bake the cakes with this video tutorial. The creaming method takes butter and sugar and beats them together with a paddle that incorporates air into it so that it gives your cake a nice, light texture. 


  • Reverse Creaming Method- Vanilla Butter Cake


Here you will get a demonstration of the reverse creaming method.


  • What is an Oil-Based Cake?


Oil-based cakes are cakes where oil is the main source of fat. They are typically paired with chocolate or spice flavours and have a longer shelf life.


  • History of Oil-Based Cakes


We know that the Greeks used olive oil in their baking, it is most likely one of the first cakes to ever come about. 


  • Important Considerations for Oil Cakes


These considerations are choosing an oil that’s going to go with other flavours in your cake. Vegan cakes tend to be oil-based.  


  • Blended Method- Chocolate Olive Oil Cake


Learn how to make a Chocolate Olive Oil Cake with this video tutorial.


  • Blended Method- Carrot Cake


Discover how to make Carrot Cake with this video walkthrough. 


  • What is a Sponge Cake?


Also known as foam cakes, they get their volume from the air beaten into the eggs. Sponge cakes are low in fat and cholesterol. 


  • History of Sponge Cakes


Sponge cakes came about during the Renaissance. The first documented recipe of a sponge cake recipe dates back to the year 1615.


  • Sponge Cake Mise en Place


How to separate your eggs with two options. If you are going to be whipping egg whites you want to make sure you have a grease-free bowl and attachment. 


  • American Sponge Cakes


Their key characteristic comes from their lack of fats and airy structure which comes from whipping the egg whites and yolks separately. 


  • American Sponge Method- Classic American Sponge


Learn how to make an American sponge cake with this video walkthrough. 


  • European Sponge Cakes


These are on the dryer side, so they need simple syrup. They have a mild flavour, so they pair well with rich fillings. European style Sponge Cakes whisk the whole egg. 


  • European Sponge Method- Genoise


This video shows you how to make a Genoise European-style Sponge cake. 


  • What is Simple Syrup?


It is simply a solution of sugar and water, which can be measured by volume or weight. It is so versatile as you can add different flavours to it. 


  • Simple Syrup Method


Learn how to make Simple Syrup with this video walkthrough.


  • Thank You!


You should now feel comfortable and confident to try out these recipes in your kitchen.


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Baking
Welcome to the Course 00:03:00
Reading a Recipe 00:04:00
Mise en Place 00:03:00
Choosing Ingredients 00:06:00
Equipment Toolkit 00:04:00
Special Notes for High Altitude 00:03:00
What is a Butter Cake- 00:01:00
History of Butter Cakes 00:02:00
Important Considerations for Butter Cakes 00:02:00
Creaming Method- Almond Butter Cake 00:10:00
Reverse Creaming Method- Vanilla Butter Cake 00:11:00
What is an Oil Based Cake- 00:02:00
History of Oil Based Cakes 00:02:00
Important Considerations for Oil Cakes 00:03:00
Blended Method- Chocolate Olive Oil Cake 00:05:00
Blended Method- Carrot Cake 00:11:00
What is a Sponge Cake- 00:02:00
History of Sponge Cakes 00:02:00
Sponge Cake Mise en Place 00:03:00
American Sponge Cakes 00:02:00
American Sponge Method- Classic American Sponge 00:16:00
European Sponge Cakes 00:02:00
European Sponge Method- Genoise 00:07:00
Simple Syrup Method 00:04:00
Thank You! 00:01:00

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