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Fashion Design Course Online

Course Overview

  • Take a thorough look at the world of fashion design, from its history to key terms.
  • Study the principles of fashion design such as Unity, Balance, Proportion, Emphasis, and Rhythm.
  • Understand the major design concerns, the main steps in the fashion design process, and design essentials.
  • Develop your sketching skills with a walkthrough for fashion sketching.
  • Learn to work with patterns and browse the trends of Spring/Summer 2020.
  • Find out if Fashion Design is the career for you with this guide on what to expect as a fashion designer.
  • Discover the business skills required to be a fashion entrepreneur, from writing a business plan to registering a trademark.

Course Content

  • Learn about the ins and outs of fashion design from its history to key terms with this in-depth chapter.
  • The principles of fashion design include Unity, Balance, Proportion, Emphasis, and Rhythm.
  • The world of fashion design is constantly changing. What was in style last month may be old-hat now, but if you know how to stay ahead of trends and keep your design skills sharp, you’ll always be ahead of the curve. This thorough module covers the intricacies of major design concerns.
  • This module summarises the major steps in the fashion design process, including conceptual development, pattern making, sample creation and finalisation, presentation, and hand-off.
  • Design Essentials include Colour Selection, Textile Elements, Silhouette and Accessories. Learn about each in turn with this comprehensive chapter.
  • An understanding of the human body is integral to fashion sketching, which is usually the process of drawing the clothed figure on a stylised human form. To a layperson, fashion sketches can often appear abstract, energetic or even unfinished, but in fact, fashion sketches serve different purposes depending on their intended use. Learn to draw fashion figures with this detailed walkthrough.
  • A pattern is a flat paper or card template, from which the parts of the clothing are transferred to fabric, before being cut out and assembled. Look at the equipment needed, the sizing and grading, taking measures, blocks and patterns, understanding grain lines, pattern cutting secrets, and dart manipulation.
  • Get ready to update your wardrobe with the coolest fashion trends spotted at Spring/Summer 2020 fashion weeks.
  • Take this self-evaluation to find out if fashion design is the right career for you. Learn what fashion designers do, the required skills for the role, what responsibilities you will have, how to embrace the world of fashion, and find balance.
  • In this module, you will determine your design speciality, create marketing materials for your job search, and learn how to land your dream design job.
  • Study these skills like writing a business plan, choosing the type of ownership, branding policies, creating accounting, budgeting & bookkeeping systems, how to register a trademark, hiring employees, developing a marketing plan, establishing a sales and order fulfilment strategy, and strategic business trends in the fashion industry.
  • Fashion design is more than just glamorous runway shows and celebrity dressing. It requires an in-depth understanding of design construction, technique, form, and proportion, as well as knowledge of business operations and consumer behaviour. Learn how to build a career in fashion design with this module.

Course Curriculum

Fashion Design Course Online
Module 01: A Glance at the World of Fashion Design 00:20:00
Module 02: Fashion Design Principles 00:10:00
Module 03: Major Design Concerns 00:30:00
Module 04: Uncover Fashion Design Process 00:10:00
Module 05: Know What are Design Essentials 00:35:00
Module 06: Fashion Sketching Facts 00:30:00
Module 07: Learn to Work with Patterns 00:30:00
Module 08: Trendy Attires of Women 00:05:00
Module 09: A Step Forward to the Career in Fashion Design 00:20:00
Module 10: UK Job Market 00:30:00
Module 11: Secrets to be a Fashion Entrepreneur 00:35:00
Module 12: Revealing Further Study Walkway 00:10:00

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