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Choose The Lucrative Job of Counselling

Mental depression, anxiety became part and parcel of modern civilisation. The prophet of the modern age, T.S. Eliot feels that the modern people are alienated, frustrated and self-centred in his masterpiece “The Waste Land”. In another poem he said:

“This is the dead land

This is the cactus land.”

–    The Hollow Man by T. S.Eliot

Suffering from depression and anxiety became a common disease of modern people. In the study done by the organisation Mind, 1 in 4 people in the UK experienced a mental health problem each year.


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What is the solution?

 To get rid of depression is not very easy. It is like a cigarette that will burn your mind, and it is difficult to get rid of depression. However, counselling can be one of the best choices for recovery from anxiety and stress. A counsellor listens to the people in an objective setting and tries to understand her problem then guides her to overcome her fear and anxiety. As depression or poor mental condition became a common disease, there is a steady demand for counselling or mentoring for psychological health. If you are thinking to obtain a career in counselling which is also one of the highest paid jobs, you should start your journey by studying the Counseling courses.

Am I eligible to be a counsellor?:

 Anyone can be a counsellor. However, there are some prerequisites for becoming a counsellor such as:

  • A good listener: If you had visited a counsellor, you would have known that a counsellor is the best listener that allows you to talk. So, if you are a good listener, it will be a huge plus point.
  • The mentality to work with different kinds of people: Another vital prerequisite of becoming a counsellor is the mentality to work in a variety of condition in non-judgmental and enthusiastic.
  • Objective Judgment: You should be objective and neutral about your patient.
  • Interest in Psychology: The understanding of psychology is the heart of counselling. Most of the skilled and established counsellors have degrees in psychology.

Apart from these mandatory abilities, you need to have a keen desire to help people to solve their problems. You should need you enjoy your conversation with the people.

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 The Working Area:

 While you were in school, you must have visited career counsellor or your homeroom teacher who counsels you to make decisions about your study. If you plan to buy a house, you need to visit the real estate expert for counselling. Or if you are planning to marry someone, you need advice. Or when you are expecting kids, you need to go to the counsellors for some training. After the birth of your child, you sometimes need counselling or coaching how to take care the baby. In fact, you will find advice everywhere- from womb to tomb. So, if you want to be a counsellor, there are lots of opportunities for you. You may work as a freelancer or work in the government agencies or work in the NGOs. The common career goals of a counsellor are:

  • Freelance
  • Government agencies dealing with human resource
  • NGOs
  • Educational Organization
  • Career counsellor
  • Voluntary agencies
  • Health care providers
  • Child care agencies
  • Citizen’s advice bureau
  • HR sections
  • Telephone helplines

What is the role of a counsellor:

The work of a counsellor can be summarised as follows:

  • Listening to the customers either over phone or face to face conversation
  • Carry out sessions with individuals or group of people
  • Coach people about peaceful life
  • Train people
  • Work in a training centre and taking developmental courses
  • Maintaining records or customers developments
  • Maintain a portfolio for tracking the gradual progress of your client or your work. It will help you to find several ways to solve people’s problems.

Estimated Earning:

 Though the starting wages of a counsellor varies, it is found that the average salary of a counsellor is £20,000-£26,000 in the UK. An experienced counsellor can earn up to £40,000.

Where to start?:

 We offer a vast range of counselling courses. Explore the courses and read the course outline to choose the right course for you.

July 19, 2021

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