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Business Writing Diploma – The Course of The Week

This week, we are going to discuss one of the best selling courses named Business writing Diploma. Before jumping to the course, let’s have a look why people love the course or what is the outcome if you take the course.

Why ? – the burning question:

What is the purpose of education? We are not talking about the scientist or innovator. People educated to live a better life. After completing your graduation what will you?

There can be two answers:

  • I will try to find a good job that suits my niche and subjects, or
  • I will be an entrepreneur or I will start a business.

These two questions are enough to judge the effectiveness of the course. Whether you are planning to find a job or want to start your business, you need to have clear knowledge about business writing. It is a must. If you apply for a job, the owner may want to know how proficient your business writing is?  If you plan to start your business, you may need a loan and need to clarify your statement. Or you need to propose a plan to your investor. All of these cannot be possible if you do not have enough knowledge about business writing. Business writing is a distinctive genre and completely different from the case study, essay writing, newsletters, or newspaper articles. Because of the growing demand for job seekers or to maintain professionalism, both employers and employee need to know business writing style. And this is the reason for the popularity of the course.


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Business Writing – A Practical and Dynamic concept:

The format of writing differs from genre to genre. Business writing refers to the special type of writing that highlights business purpose. It may be done for both internally and externally. The tone of writing here is professional and straightforward. Unlike literary writing, you have to define the subject matter very clearly in the business writing. Business writing may include memorandums, reports, emails, or business proposals. Therefore there are various forms of business writing.

Where to learn:

 We showcase various types of business writing course. All the courses are based on practical problems and provide practical solutions. All the courses start with the basic business writing concepts then explain the related genre. Some courses deal with email writing, some deals with newsletter writing where some deals with business proposal writing and report writing. However, all the courses have one thing in common – the structured form along with marketing plans.

What you will learn in the business writing course?:

Throughout the courses, you will learn the practical techniques of business writing. How to start a business writing, how to address the audience, how to greet them or how to conclude your writing – everything will be discussed in the course. You will explore the beauty of business writing through vivid practical examples. While studying the courses, you will feel that you are working in a business organisation and writing towards your target audience about your business plan or other business activities.

After completing the course, you will be able to create well-structured, compelling and engaging business documents, memos, emails and reports. The course teaches you to write various types of business writing such as:

  • Marketing contents
  • Mission statements
  • Press releases
  • Newsletter
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Corporate documents for external, in-house, web and blog use, etc.
  • Business Proposal writing, etc.

Apart from these, you will learn the system of conducting interviews, writing professional speeches, or the ways of writing for digital marketing or social media marketing.


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Who can enrol the course?

 Anyone can enrol the course. You will be benefitted from the courses, whether you have basic knowledge or not. The purpose of the course is to make your more proficient and skilled in business writing.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the course, you will gain enough courage, confidence and competence to write a business writing eloquently. As the ability to have good skill in business writing is a plus point, you will be highly valued in the professional environment.

However, please check the course and see the course outline and course descriptions for getting more information.

July 19, 2021

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