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Imagine becoming Your Own Boyfriend

Picture: Due To Pennie Koliopoulou

What can it resemble should you dated you? What can it be like any time you simply messed up your own nerve last but not least
married yourself
? Might you make your self very pleased? Could you spend-all your own times cooking within lingerie? Maybe it’s bliss. Other individuals include worst.

Embracing the idea that
really love and other people could suck
, professional photographer Penelope Koliopoulou began a task by which she posed as both halves of several. That series, called

Personal Portraits

, is actually kinda a bummer — but it is interesting, funny, and caring nicely.

In an
meeting with


, Koliopoulou discusses criticizing relationships and enchanting comedies. The easiest way to do this would be to show both elements of the story:

Why you made a decision to make these self-portraits instead of recruiting types?

In the beginning, I thought of producing all of them making use of buddies of mine. But I usually caused self-portraits — i have been thinking about talks that cope with identity … i possibly could additionally take this conversation slightly more, though — explore how we propose our objectives onto the folks we decide to get with, even when occasionally these objectives have nothing to do with who they really are.

We additionally replicate all of them, trying to their expressions, gestures, or words they normally use.

Yes. And you end up searching more and more like each other, and sometimes you drop your own sense of home.

Especially if you as well as your spouse tend to be virtually one individual.

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February 9, 2024

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