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How to Make Money with Photography?

Photography is more than just a profession for some people. Even if it is your hobby, you can still earn money by doing photography. So, how to make money with photography? You can follow some necessary steps to develop your skills in this particular area.

In this article, you will be able to learn how to make money with photography. In addition, there will be more details about photography and different strategies for selling your photos.

What is Photography?

What is Photography

It isn’t easy to envision a world that does not have photography. Consider how necessary photography is in our world: from the ability to capture family memories to enjoying renowned photographic artwork, photos play an essential role in our lives. Although most people can recognise a photograph, not everyone fully understands its craft, where it comes from, and what is involved with this intricate art form. As a result, we often take all photographs around us for granted because we are so used to seeing these photographs in our everyday lives.

However, the term “photography” is commonly referred to as a universal language since photography speaks to all people, no matter what the language is. And, it has the ability to appeal to all people and can frequently communicate more than words themselves.

Photographs are often captured on film or digital sensors and then converted into actual pictures. Also, the art of photography has advanced so much that you can capture light undetectable to the naked eye with the right camera equipment.

In addition, photography has gone a long way since it first appeared on the scene, and it is now capable of capturing excellent photos that many people never dreamed were possible.

What Accessories You Need to Take Photographs

Accessories You Need to Take Photographs

To understand how to make money with photography, you need to familiarise yourself with all photography accessories. While images may appear pretty universal in today’s world, there is much more to photography than you may think. So, to capture pictures, you need a lot of equipment.

Indeed, today’s smartphones have sufficient camera capabilities to capture stunning images and are enough for inexperienced photographers. However, if you genuinely want to pursue the art of photography and create professional-grade photos, you’ll need a lot of gear.



This is surprising that “camera” technology is improving beyond our imagination. Now you can find thousands of camera categories in the marketplace. Based on pricing, cameras are ranging from a few pounds to thousands of pounds. 




To take a photo, of course, the essential accessories you need is a camera. The next thing, though, is a lens. The quality and appearance of your shot may be significantly affected by lenses.

Let’s see some basic types of lenses-

1. Prime Lens –  It is basically used for portrait photography. Unfortunately, this lens cannot function for zoom.

2. Macro lens – Usually used for taking macro photography.

3. Zoom lens – Used to capture photos from far away. 

4. Telephoto Lenses – Suitable for capturing fast-moving objects.

And, if you are a beginner, you can start your photography career with a standard zoom lens in your initial days.

Post-Processing Software

Post-processing software is a must-have for any photographer who wants to edit their images to professional standards in today’s digital photography world. Hence, with these software tools, you can adjust the colour, lighting, and other problems in your pictures to have an accurate end output.

Post-Processing Software

For example, Photoshop and Lightroom are two top-rated post-processing software programs. Therefore, you can use these tools to make necessary changes to your pictures. But, you may need to pay a small amount for premium features.

Other Accessories

While a camera, lens, and correct software are the three essential accessories you need to capture beautiful pictures, other supplements may genuinely assist you in capturing photographs. These are now pre requisitions for photography.


The tripod has long been around and remains one of the most precious instruments. It’s ideal for landscape and time-lapse photography, and it’s a great way to capture images when you don’t want to be with the camera or are concerned about camera movement.


Polarising filters are another helpful tool for landscape photographers, and they are required when shooting outside, significantly to cut down glare.


While most cameras have a built-in flash, there will be times when you’ll need to purchase a separate flash, transmitter, and receiver, particularly if you want to use an off-camera flash. Remember, when it comes to photography, lighting is necessary.

How to Make Money with Photography?

There are multiple ways to make you understand how to make money with photography. Photography is not only a profession, but also it can be a passion for you. So, first, what you need is to have patience for a step into this profession. Let’s see the ways you can use to make money with photography –

1. Use Social Media as Your Marketplace

Instagram is an inspiring source of good photography. However, you can also use Instagram for selling photographs to gain money. For example, you can provide photos to businesses and blogs that require images regularly. Also, many photographers sell the photographs they display on their websites. Moreover, you can share links to purchase your photos from a third-party website.

Social Media as Your Marketplace

In addition, you can also use Facebook for selling your photos. Facebook provides different pages, group facilities for individuals or groups. Hence, you can advertise your offer in these groups or pages and let people know that you sell photography.

2. Online Selling

Selling photographs online through a third-party seller is the most straightforward technique. They’ll make all the efforts, process the order, print the photos, and ship them off. And, they will give you a commission in exchange. So, there are no reasons for which you should wait for someone to come and buy your photograph. You can sell them online right now!

Online Selling

To clarify, here are some popular websites where you can sell your photos to anyone who might have interest in your photography:

For example, Etsy is an incredible place for selling your images. This website provides a platform for the sharing of all handmade items. In addition, it is a cost-effective technique to deal with. So, you just need to edit your picture, place it on the website and mail it to the customer. And, you’ll be in charge of dealing with any complaints or refunds. However, some other websites sell photos too. They are- Alamy, SmugMug Pro etc. 

3. Travel Photography by Story Selling

There is always a demand for original contents. People search for new content in magazines and newspapers. So, By creating a story of a journey with photographs, you can make money. What you need is to develop an album that tells the story.

Travel Photography by Story Selling

As a decent storyteller, you can write and design a whole bundle of articles with your photographs. So, the articles and photographs must make a story to reach people. So, images that don’t only look attractive are useful anyway because you have a story to tell.

All in all, newspapers and magazines aren’t the only ones that require travel photography. You may also sell them to tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, and even your local newspaper. Often, the more you deal with a customer, the more new possibilities you will find.

4. Create Your Photo Book

Another addition to the answer to how to make money with photography is through your photo books. Making your photo book is one of the uncommon ways to earn money from photography. Photo books let you customise the photographs according to your wish. 

For instance, you can add text to your photos, build frames around them, and organise your collection. You can create a picture book in a couple of hours if you are efficient. Furthermore, you can also try buying and customising a photo book like the Self Adhesive Photo Album online. Thus, all of these are an efficient way to explore how to make money with photography.

Create Your Photo Book

It is expensive to print hundreds of photos and purchase a good album, But, photo books are reasonable. Even, many photo book businesses charge as little as 5 pounds for a book. You can also give a photo book as a gift to friends and family who wish to save all of their memories in one secure location. Some photographers prefer to publish books with their portfolios. It also gives you a more professional appearance.

A photo book can be made in a variety of ways. You don’t have to spend hours on your laptop editing and building one. Some websites offer designers that make your picture book within three working days, like Shutterfly. Blurb is also excellent platforms for creating your portfolio. You only need to upload your photos.

5. Wedding Photography

Many photographers choose to specialise in wedding photography. As a photographer, this speciality has the potential to make you earn a lot of money. However, it is not only financially lucrative work, but also a tremendously satisfying job. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of one of the happiest days of someone’s life. 

Wedding Photography

However, the stakes are pretty high. You’re in charge of documenting someone’s most memorable moments. Thus, you should have the necessary skills and expertise to execute it efficiently. 

Although, if you are still  in a dilemma about your skills, you can attempt to involve yourself as

  • A photography assistant
  • An engagement session photographer

6. Club Photography

This is an exceptionally particular sort of photography, which is fast emerging as a popular career choice among all age groups. Professional nightclubs work with well-known promoters. These promoters are all looking for nighttime images of their club, and you can be the one to offer them. Henceforth, the promoter pays for a picture taken by a photographer. Then, these photographs are then posted on Facebook and used to advertise the club.

Club Photography

The majority of club photographers are likely to be in their early twenties. So you don’t need the world’s most prominent work expertise. So, you can simply go to a nightclub with your camera and take pictures to promote the club. But, most importantly you can enjoy yourself at the clubs as well as earn money! 

7. Get a Licence for Your Photographs

Thousands of individuals use Flickr to start generating money from their images. So, you can license your photographs through Getty Images if you have a Flickr account. As a result, when people notice them, they may decide to pay to use them and let you earn money.

Licence for Your Photographs

On its image pages, Flickr members can activate a “Licence request” link. The link will appear next to the information on the licence. Getty Images examines the photographer’s work when a member submits a request. Then, they’ll get in touch with the Flickr user and assist with permissions, releases, and price issues. In general, you should only display the finest images on Flickr.

8. Contact Local Galleries to Sell Your Photograph

It’s an efficient technique to get money by selling your images in local galleries. First, however, it is essential to determine what to sell in galleries. For example, you intend to sell photographs that include local people, such as beautiful views or local landmarks. On the other hand, international landmarks, well-known landscapes, and pictures of prominent persons may sell well to a large audience. But at a local market, they will be less popular.

Furthermore, for getting access in the local galleries, you can request wall space in person. The simplest option to find out if your images have been accepted into a gallery is to visit it. Then, pick 10 of your most acceptable shots and show them your work in person.

Sell Your Photograph

Next, you’ll have to deal about the price with the local gallery if they wish to show your images. In different situations, pricing for your wall space may vary. At the same time, some people will charge a minimum monthly fee and a part of their earnings. And, others may manage printing and pricing, but they will take more charge in return.

9. Work as an Assistant Photographer

If you want to make money with photography but don’t want to operate photography projects, assisting other photographers is a good idea. Also, assisting a photographer is one of the quickest methods to acquire skills and earn extra income. If you plan to work at weddings and so on, you will need a strong portfolio and experience.

However, by working as an assistant photographer, you can acquire experience and make a strong portfolio. You won’t need to go behind the camera here, but you will assist other photographers. Also, photographers frequently require assistants on these kinds of jobs, and they pay a good amount of money for this assistantship time. 

Assistant Photographer

Finding someone ready to give you the money you require for the task you’re competent at is the most challenging part. Now, for getting an assistantship, you may need to search for local photographers. If possible, make contact with them and inquire if they require assistance. In some cases, you can offer to make it for the first time free. Then, if they see the potential in you, they will call you back and pay you for your time.

10. Real Estate Photography

Offering your expertise to an interior designer or a real estate agent is another excellent approach to earn money. First, decide who you’d want to work with. Then, estimate local photography work rates and look at some real estate photography examples.

Afterwards, your offer will need to be created. A pricing sheet, a contract and other data should be included to ensure the entire hiring process goes successfully.

Real Estate Photography

Then, it’s only a matter of communicating and identifying prospective clients. You can find available local real estate events on Meetup, Meero, or Facebook groups. And, you can also attend design-related conferences or events to make contacts with potential clients.

Concluding Notes

Even if you think that photography is an expensive pastime, you can transform it into a reliable source of revenue. So, decide what you love about photography before you begin this career. Is it the aesthetic aspect, or the mirrors, shutters, sensors, and other technical cool gadgets?

Also, the best way to explore how to make money with photography is to take a photography course and experiment with new styles. Therefore, you can enrol on our Online Photography Course for Beginners to learn more about photography.

August 10, 2021

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