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How to Earn Money Online With No Experience?

In this age of technology, you can do almost any jobs online if you have the will and patience. In 2020, the global economy was swept off its feet and forced to rethink the whole commutable office situation. It changed the status quo to impose work from home rules to maintain safety guidelines. So, how to earn money online with no experience?

Although the big, traditional corporate conglomerates were late to join the party. However, there were always hundreds of thousands of jobs present online. You could even get those jobs without having a university degree whatsoever.

How to Earn Money Online With No Experience?

Before learning how to earn money online, know that there are numerous fake schemes going on in the platforms. So, be aware of the platform that you choose. Avoid paying any registration fees to any corporation. Because 9 out of 10 times, these websites or companies turn out to be sham.

However, there are several legit options to earn money online. But, you have to be consistent and patience. You can make lots from online avenues if you know where to look.

14 Highest Paying Jobs Online Without a University Degree!

Before we begin discussing how to earn money online, let us figure out what skills you need. There are various nooks and crannies online where you may find a job that pays well. It may come with additional benefits of no trouble of commute involved.

Mind you that you do not need any diploma or degree to start earning money. However, it is sometimes desirable to your client base.

The work online is not always available. And you might not get a fat paycheque after finishing each task initially. Still, the benefit of working at your own pace in your comfort zone outweighs these minute issues of online jobs.

Another fact you should keep in mind before learning how to earn money online is, find your niche! Find what drives you! Figure out what keeps your motor running, what you are good at, and your most robust suite! Do you have a knack for creating art and writing fictional stories simultaneously? Those are two criteria you can primarily focus on while looking for a job online. Because we know turning a passion into a profession has hurt no one ever!

1. Become a content writer

Content writer

Becoming a content writer is a classic textbook example of how to earn money online. Does writing come naturally to you? Then it is time you start getting paid for it. You do not need additional skills other than a good command of English and grammar rules. However, your client or employer might prefer you to have a degree in journalism or English literature. Besides, a degree in any other relevant field with transferable skills for this industry is also desirable.

However, you may think academia is not for you. In that case, you might take a few professional writing courses online offered by Visio learning. It will hone and sharpen your penmanship. It is the most important improvement a writer can acquire. Because your employer will be concerned with what unique ideas you have to provide to them. Furthermore, you can start your blog and let your creativity carry you to the peak of success. Although it might take time. But, you can build a loyal client base if you give enough effort and be consistent in your publications.

Research about how to make your contents SEO optimized. It will make sure your blogs are getting the maximum reach they should. Besides, learning the best keywords practices will up your chance of being seen in google search. It will further broaden your employability options.

Moz’s beginner’s guide to SEO  will let you in on all the tips and tricks. Everything you need to know about for a jump start to your blogging career! You will also need to know basic formatting like headings, lists and adding hyperlinks. You should also learn how to use WordPress. Because some employers might ask you to submit the write-up directly onto their website.

Additionally, You need to make your presence known in the industry. You can write guest blogs on some other websites. Furthermore, reach out to publications and showcase your snappy ideas about various issues. From lifestyle to educational write-ups, let them know you can do it all!

It would be best if you also strengthen your presence on social media. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use the platforms to build professional connections with writers. It will help you gain a strong foothold and be a part of the relevant discussions in the industry. This way, you’ll be getting the exposure you need. It will let your potential clients know that you are serious about progressing in your career.

So, do you want to build up a reputation for yourself as a content writer or blogger? Swing for whichever tag you want. You can start advertising-sponsored content on your blog website. Furthermore, affiliate with companies, and help pitch their ideas or products to your reader-base. Affiliations will help you to earn a large sum of money.

The annual average income of a content writer or a blogger in the UK is around £25,000. But, you can earn more as you keep improving your content quality. You have to stay updated on the latest trends. The bottom line is, content creation is a free market. The longer you can keep at it, the richer you can become!

2. Become a YouTuber!


Admit it; we have all thought about starting our own YouTube channel at some point in life. But, sometimes, setting lofty goals instead of starting small has forced us to take a step back! Now, it is time to stop feeling sorry about yourself!  Get out of that blanket and get your groove back!  Did you know that Vlad & Nikita, aged four and six years old, earn an estimated £240,500 per video? Are you sure you don’t have it in you to even make 1/10th of that?

You don’t need to create content about the latest trend to be a famous YouTuber. Find an issue that is compatible with your skillset. Something you could talk about incessantly or love doing! Your channel could be about cooking the most delicious cuisine from around the world. Also, it could be a DIY instruction channel; the choice is yours.

On average, you can get paid £8 per 1,000 views on your channel. It means if you hit a million views in a month, you earn £8,000!

3. Become a Virtual Assistant!

Virtual assistant

How to earn money online with no experience? Become a virtual assistant! This is one of the most straightforward jobs you can do online without a degree. Good organizational and communication skills topped with flexibility and dedication, and you are hired! Many companies offshore their simple management tasks. For instance, handling emails, responding to any queries on their social or corporate website, making appointments. Furthermore, scheduling interviews and advertising portfolios of client’s work is the responsibility of an assistant. So, it would help if you were tech-savvy and have a stable internet connection to be hired.

You can expect to earn around £15 an hour in the initial phase of starting. But, with enough experience, you can make up to £50 an hour. There are a variety of virtual assistantship jobs available on Indeed. So, pick the gig that is right for you!

4. Become an ESL teacher!

ESL teacher

You can now teach English as a second language online to international students. Thanks to distance learning technology, you can teach from the comfort of your home!

To be qualified as an ESL teacher, first and foremost, you need to be a native English speaker. You do not need to hold a bachelor’s degree. But, with the upsurge of ESL teachers, employers might now require you to have a TESOL/TEFL certificate. Do you have all the qualifications? Then set up your profile on italki, cambly or skimatalk today. Happy teaching!

As an ESL teacher, the base pay rate depends on your experience and student rating. Also, your pay can vary depending on the company you are working at. But you can expect an hourly rate of £25 on average. Some companies offer incentives based on how large of a student group you can teach.

As an ESL tutor, you set your hours. You can choose to work as little or as much as you want. You can log in anytime you have a spare moment. And you can begin taking chat, calls or classes in a matter of minutes. However, some companies require you to send them your lesson plan in advance before the course begins. Regardless, you can have an eye-opening cultural experience with students from all around the globe. This valuable experience might get you invested in this job.

5. Be a Voice-over Artist

Voice-over artist

Are you a camera-shy person but have good acting skills? Then a job as a voice-over artist is something you could explore! A voice-over artist’s position is one of the most exciting careers today. Considering it offers flexible working hours, a diverse range of clients. You have the ability to work or audition from home.

The best thing about working in this industry is that you don’t need to be a college graduate. Your employer won’t even care about your high school grades. But, you need to deliver the content they want in a melodious voice.

There are many work openings in the voice-over industry. Although you’re probably still familiar with voice acting in the context of radio and television commercials, anime, and video games. There are a variety of other industries. The industries employ voice actors when they need a script delivered professionally. The education industry is one of the fastest-growing fields of voice over. Voice actors who specialize in educational reads are increasingly in demand. They provide narration for e-learning and corporate training.

Speaking of corporate preparation, company jobs abound in the voice-over room daily. Business voice over will always be in demand. A company may be in need of a brand voice for their IVR and telephone voicemail system. Besides, they may need an artist to talk about their brand through all of their internet advertising.

Consumers in today’s world are still looking for compelling narrative material. Audiobooks and podcasts are becoming ever more popular venues for storytelling and advertising. It is happening due to increased screen fatigue and the growth of audio streaming services like Audible and Spotify. Thus, you can easily find a multitude of voice-over opportunities in either sector.

You need to have a soundproof basement or a studio with suitable software and equipment set up. Then, learn how to record and edit your work and finally send it to the client! There are some softwares you can use to make your work better. For instance, Audacity, Sony Sound Forge Pro, Adobe Audition.  You can take this level 2 certificate course for comprehensive training on how to use the software.

Your payment could be in-between £25 to £250 depending on the employer, your experience. Besides, your performance and popularity will also be taken into consideration. It would be best if you did a lot of networking with people working in the same industry. Take improvisation classes and build your network. You can look for jobs on sites such as Bodalgo, Mandy, Voice123 etc. You can do both part-time and full-time contractual projects on these websites. Additionally, you can do freelancing work on Upwork and Freelancer sites. It will help to build up your rapport if you are starting fresh.

6. Take Online Surveys

Online survey

Getting paid to take online surveys might sound too good to be true to some people. But fret not, because you can pick up some extra cash on the side by sharing your opinion on products and services that you use or are interested in online, for only a few hours every day.

There are several survey sites available, but not all of them are legitimate. Consider Survey Junkie, Prize rebel, Swag bucks, the opinion panel, or Populus live if you’re searching for authentic, high-quality surveys.

When you join Survey Junkie, you will receive virtual points to redeem for PayPal or e-gift cards. Swag bucks & Prize rebel is another common alternative where you will join over 20 million other people who have got paid to take surveys and other popular online activities.

On average, you can earn up to £10 an hour or £60 per survey if you get into one of these survey websites’ focus groups. However, read the terms of service before signing up for any online survey program so that there is no confusion about what you are getting yourself into.

7. Become a Transcriptionist!


Transcription jobs can be a great work from home option if you have quick and reliable typing skills, good communication skills, and a keen eye for detail. Listening to audio files and typing up what you hear is what transcription work entails.

You may transcribe letters, college lectures, discussions, medical dictations, and other things depending on the work and the abilities. To get started, most medical transcription and legal transcription jobs require relevant training and qualification. General transcription jobs typically don’t necessitate much if you have any relevant prior experience.

Daily transcription, Verbal ink, Babble type, Scribie, and Transcribe me are some of the popular transcription sites in the industry. You can sign up and start working without any investment. You can charge £60 to £90 per hour as a transcriber and make your working hours!

8. Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic designer

If you have the creativity and visuals to create aesthetically pleasing graphics and have experience working with Adobe Creative Suite or Adobe Creative Cloud, consider designing graphics professionally for money. You don’t need expensive software or multimedia tools neither a university degree topped with student loans to get started as a graphic designer.

You can quickly learn the necessary skills by taking online classes if you are a novice for a fresh start. Furthermore, you can get started for free with freeware like Inkscape. Multimedia, web design, and logo design are some of the most popular graphic design work you can do. You can create logos for companies such as crowd spring, design crowd, 99 designs

Additionally, set up an account and work on projects in popular freelancing websites such as Fiverr or Upwork to build up your clientele network. Furthermore, if you have sufficient expertise and few years of experience in the industry, you can host classes on skillshare.

You can get paid as high as £170 or £250 for completing a project for independent businesses or get paid £15 to £20 per hour on freelancing websites.

9. Develop & Sell Software

Software development and selling

There is a growing need of developing software that is helpful and entertaining for people in this age of technology. You can build a massively profitable company if you build apps targeting a specific demographic, whether it’s an actual user application, a specialist app to solve a particular niche issue, or even a time-wasting game you can play on your computer.

Even though most successful apps are built by massive tech companies or established development studios, many small individuals have had their successful launches merged with Google store and Apple Store. Who’s to say your creation can’t be the next big thing in the tech industry?

 Code academy, devCodecamp can help you learn the skills needed to develop high-quality software and potentially earn millions of dollars if your app sweeps consumers off their feet!

10. Become a Translator!


If you like studying linguistics in your free time and develop your professional expertise in different languages, then why not give this a go? The job of a translator is gratifying, but at the same time, you have to be very skilful at interpretation as sometimes the natural language barrier can tweak the correct meaning of a specific expression.

In most cases, the employer prefers a translator who is bilingual or has professional certification in the required language to be translated. Translators are employed in various fields, including government, medicine, industry, education, and all in between. A translator will be needed in any industry that uses language.

Become a translator with Gengo, Language connect, Lingo24, Lionbridge, and Appen, among many others! If you want to manage your schedule, then do freelancing instead of working under a single employer. Upwork and Fiverr have a wide range of translator/interpreter jobs available! You can choose your pick anytime you want! Additionally, to make the translation process quicker, you can use programs such as word fast, mem source, Trados studio etc.

You can earn a yearly salary of £25,000 on average if you work at a big company. In contrast, freelancing gigs might pay an hourly wage of £19 to £28 for translating contents.  Advanced degrees in the language of your source translation might help you stand out even more. The more languages you’ve learned and the more education you’ve received, the better.

11. Sell Handmade Items!

Hand made items

If you’re looking for ways to make money online without a degree, consider creating and selling your goods. Since the possibilities are virtually infinite, you may want to begin using your natural abilities or interests. You might be a good baker or can cook up the most exquisite savoury dishes. Additionally, you might be good at painting, making personalized cards, jewellery, handmade clothes, soap and lotions etc. As you might already know, the online selling business is a growing industry; everything you can make can be sold online.

You can sell your goodies at flea markets, in your neighbourhood, or on online platforms like Etsy, Shopify or Amazon. Additionally, you can open up your website and cut the middle man process if you’re feeling confident enough! Having your website might not generate much income in the beginning, but with professional advertising and marketing, your leap of faith could be a vast sell out!

12. Become a Social Media Marketer!

Social media marketer

If you have a natural ability to connect with business and generate ideas to help them up to their game, then this is the right job for you! A Social Media Manager is a person who represents a company online on all of their social media accounts. You will represent the company by writing and posting on its behalf and responding to inquiries, messages, and comments from consumers and potential customers. You don’t need a business or marketing degree to prove your competency as a marketing manager. What you need are the skills to profit from your digital marketing efforts.

You can draw customers if you can demonstrate that you know how to use social media to increase revenue, improve engagement, and accomplish other business goals. Owning and operating a popular website, online shop, or membership platform will demonstrate your skills. Reading, graphic design, and photography are all skills that can help you improve your social media marketing abilities. Canva is an excellent tool for making your advertisements look savvy and attention-grabbing.

You can start looking for companies you want to work for in LinkedIn, Facebook marketplace, Instagram or local networking events. You may earn anywhere from £1,000 to £10,000 a month or more, depending on how many clients you have. This is done by charging a monthly package per customer, which allows you to know exactly how much money you’ll make per month.

13. Become a Proofreader!


If you’re constantly reading books and articles in your free time, you’d probably make an excellent proofreader! This is particularly true if you have a penchant for catching errors while reading, which most people overlook. Before a text, an article, or a book is published, proofreaders review and edit it. You will be approving the final quality check and giving the green signal for the content to be published.  This work requires a high degree of attention to detail and excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills.

You don’t need any specific certification or specialization to become a proofreader. However, you must complete your GCSE with good grades. Completing A-level also makes you a highly desirable candidate.  You can proofread academic papers, blog articles, journals, books, news pieces etc.

Kibin, Proofreading services, Domaine, Editor world and Wordy for editors are some companies you can work at as a proofreader from the age of 16! You need to have strong literacy, word processing and time management skills to stand out, as these companies have tests designed to check your efficiency level before they bring you on board. You can also be a freelance proofreader and set up your freelancing website or look up gigs on Hubstaff talent and cloud peeps for independent work. Furthermore, you can earn an estimated £25,000 on average annually as a proofreader in the UK.

14. Virtual Receptionist/ Customer Representative

Virtual Receptionist/ Customer Representative

Customer support representatives or receptionists are increasingly being hired remotely. Working in a call centre does not require you to have a college diploma. All you need is to be a good communicator, coordinated, personable, and calm under pressure. It would be best to make a successful first impression because you are the customer’s first point of contact with an organization. You have to be courteous, intelligent, and supportive.

If you are a quirky, quick learner and a great communicator, look out for a virtual receptionist or online customer representative job on Glassdoor, Indeed. As a virtual receptionist or customer representative, you can earn between £25,000 and £30,000 annually per annum. Customers in freelancing sites might pay you an hourly rate of £15 to £30. Being a social charmer has never paid so well until now!


With a broadband network and a firm determination, you can learn everything you need to know about making money online sitting at home, in your pyjamas. Working from home isn’t always quick, but in these fast-changing times, we need to adapt as well. Maybe now is the right time to do so! When it comes to making money from home, consistency, hard work, and perseverance go a long way. The best part is that if you do it correctly, you will make significantly more money than other people with a degree!

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