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Tarot Cards have been around for a very long time, and with then, a great deal of wisdom.

This is going to be a very straightforward, yet easy and enjoyable to understand. Through the course of the centuries, Tarot gained a lot of rules and complications, however, it is much easier that it appears to be.

In this course, you will get a good foundation about Tarot Cards, your Intuition and how to combine both together to provide amazing readings. After a few foundations classes, I will be sharing the symbolism of the cards themselves, in a way that you will learn to connect that symbolism with your own personal intuition and interpretation. You will not need to learn by heart everything I am saying, you will just need an open mind and allow the information to blend with your own knowings.

While you are going through each of the cards, I will be sharing additional tips and lessons, so it becomes much more enjoyable! This is the best way to learn, especially when talking about the Tarot.

Do not hesitate in checking out my Intro video. I am sure you are going to enjoy this course and learn lots!

What Will I Learn?

  • Find a deeper connection with any Tarot deck, but especially, with the Cosmic Tarot.
  • Understand a simple, yet accurate and efficient way to interpret the symbolism.
  • Start developing or keep empowering your gifts through the Tarot.
  • You will learn to get quick answers and validations from your own cards.
  • You will expand your intuition a lot, not only with the cards but with the many “hidden signs” that we can find everywhere in life.

Course Highlights

  • Internationally recognised accredited certification on successful completion
  • Free accredited e-certificate
  • Study at your own pace, anytime and anywhere
  • Access to all courses with a monthly membership plan of £29
  • High quality video and text course materials
  • Efficient exam system, assessment and instant results
  • Improve your chance of gaining professional skills and better earning potential
  • Eligibility for NUS Extra card which gives you a discount from thousands of retailers


There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students of all academic backgrounds.

Assessment and Certification

You can test your learning as you progress through the course by undertaking mock tests. On completion of the course, there will be an assessment consisting of multiple choice questions for which the pass mark is 60%. On passing, you will gain instant access to your e-certificate. PDF and hard copy certificates can be ordered for an additional fee.

  • PDF Certificate – £9
  • Hardcopy by Post- £19
  • Both PDF and Hardcopy – £24

Tutor Support

With all our courses, you will receive access to dedicated tutors and technical support. You will also be provided with unlimited email, phone and live chat support to help answer any questions you might have whilst studying the course.

Course Compatibility

All our courses are fully compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and smartphones.

Career Path

Completing this course will help you to increase your knowledge and improve your skills and instil in you the confidence to progress. You will also be able to add your qualification to your CV, enhance your career and become more competitive within your chosen industry.

Course Curriculum

Get to know your teacher and to know what this course is about!
Understanding the Tarot. Why should you take this course? 00:02:00
LIttle Introduction: Finding and Connecting
Hello. I am a Tarot Deck! May I come with you? 00:05:00
Read the cards, not the book! Read with your mind’s eye! 00:03:00
Got Card Spreads? They are unnecessary! 00:03:00
Tarot “Data”: Symbolism. Engine: Intuition. Delivery: Actual Reading. 00:07:00
Major Arcana
A brief overall about Major Arcana. 00:04:00
The Fool 00:06:00
The Magician 00:04:00
The High Priestess 00:05:00
The Empress 00:05:00
The Emperor 00:03:00
The Hierophant 00:03:00
The Lovers 00:05:00
The Chariot 00:04:00
Justice 00:04:00
Strenght 00:04:00
Wheel of Fortune 00:05:00
The Hermit 00:03:00
The Hanged Man 00:03:00
Death 00:05:00
Temperance 00:05:00
The Devil 00:04:00
The Tower 00:06:00
The Star 00:04:00
The Moon 00:05:00
The Sun 00:04:00
Judgement 00:05:00
The World 00:05:00
Minor Arcana
A brief overall about Minor Arcana 00:06:00
Ace of Cups 00:07:00
Two of Cups 00:08:00
Three of Cups 00:07:00
Four of Cups 00:07:00
Five of Cups 00:06:00
Six of Cups 00:05:00
Seven of Cups 00:07:00
Eight of Cups 00:03:00
Nine of Cups 00:04:00
Ten of Cups 00:05:00
Princess of Cups 00:04:00
Prince of Cups 00:04:00
Queen of Cups 00:04:00
King of Cups 00:04:00
Ace of Pentacles 00:06:00
Two of Pentacles 00:05:00
Three of Pentacles 00:05:00
Four of Pentacles 00:06:00
Five of Pentacles 00:07:00
Six of Pentacles 00:07:00
Seven of Pentacles 00:05:00
Eight of Pentacles 00:05:00
Nine of Pentacles 00:05:00
Ten of Pentacles 00:03:00
Princess of Pentacles 00:05:00
Prince of Pentacles 00:04:00
Queen of Pentacles 00:04:00
King of Pentacles 00:07:00
Ace of Wands 00:07:00
Three of Wands 00:04:00
Four of Wands 00:04:00
Five of Wands 00:03:00
Six of Wands 00:04:00
Seven of Wands 00:04:00
Eight of Wands 00:06:00
Nine of Wands 00:06:00
Ten of Wands 00:08:00
Princess of Wands 00:04:00
Prince of Wands 00:05:00
Queen of Wands 00:07:00
King of Wands 00:04:00
Two of Swords 00:05:00
Three of Swords 00:07:00
Four of Swords 00:04:00
Five of Swords 00:07:00
Six of Swords 00:07:00
Seven of Swords 00:05:00
Eight of Swords 00:06:00
Nine of Swords 00:06:00
Ten of Swords 00:04:00
Princess of Swords 00:03:00
Prince of Swords 00:03:00
Queen of Swords 00:05:00
King of Swords 00:04:00
Conclusion, tips and advices 00:04:00
Thank you! 00:03:00
Mock Exam
Final Exam

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