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Makeup Artist Training Course Overview

  • Learn how to contour like a pro
  • Gain the skills to create flawless makeup looks for any occasion
  • Understand the science behind a glowing complexion
  • Get started in setting up your own beauty business
  • Know about the different types of luxury spa treatments 
  • Get tips on how to create stunning bridal glamour makeup looks 
  • Refine your makeup application technique and skincare routine

Makeup Artist Training Course Content

Key topics that will be covered in module 1 include:


Your Makeup Kit


Before you learn the art of professional makeup application, it’s important to be familiar with the Makeup Artist’s toolkit. This class will take you through the different types of tools you’ll need for making over clients to create a wide range of looks.


 Film & Television Makeup Artistry


This class will give you an insight into how on-set makeup artists work. It is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to applying camera-friendly makeup, complete with audiovisual training.


Bridal Makeup


In this section of module one, you will master a wide range of bridal makeup skills. You will  learn how to apply makeup that will look flattering in any light and learn techniques that will ensure that the client stands out in their wedding photos.


Fast Start Business Training


In this class, our expert instructor will guide you through the fundamental steps of starting your own beauty business. You will learn everything you need to get started, from picking your niche, to determining your target market, and pricing your services.

Key topics that will be covered in module 2 include:


Skin Care and Tanning


In this tanning masterclass, you will familiarise with the tanning treatment process and learn best practices used by salon professionals. It covers the tanning and skin care safety guidelines that every beauty professional must follow. 




Through this class, you will learn the secrets to giving the perfect facial, and why facials are important for skin health. It will also teach you about the different types of facials, and which facials are best for different skin types and clients.

Know your Toxic ingredients


Do you know how to read the labels of skin care products? This lesson will take you through the ingredients to avoid, exploring different toxic beauty products in detail. 


Skin Disorder and Diseases


Every beauty professional must have a solid understanding of skin disorders and diseases, as well as their treatments. This class will provide you with an in-depth understanding of different skin conditions and their causes, broadening your understanding of the anatomy of the skin to be able to advise clients on their skincare routine.

Key topics that will be covered in this module 3 include:

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils


In this class, you will learn the basics of aromatherapy and how to work with essential oils. You will learn about the different properties of essential oils and which essential oils are best for different ailments.


Face Masks


In this section, you will learn all about the benefits of face masks and how to make your own at home. It will teach you how to apply them and why they are an important part of your skincare/beauty routine.


Luxury Spa Treatments at Home


In this class, you will learn how to make your own luxury beauty treatments at home, developing your knowledge of skin nutrition. It will introduce a wide range of ingredients that you can use to make different types of skincare products and face masks.


What’s All the Fuss About LED Light Therapy


LED Light Therapy is one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry today. It works by stimulating cellular activity, including the fibroblast that produce collagen, resulting in plumper, younger looking skin. In this section, you will learn about this luxury treatment, and how it works.

Course Curriculum

Make Up
Make Up – Course 1 – Beauty Brushes 00:55:00
Make Up – Course 2 – Your Makeup Kit 00:46:00
Make Up – Course 3 – Etiquette On Set 00:36:00
Make Up – Course 4 – How to Use Color Correctors 00:11:00
Make Up – Course 5 – Film & Television Makeup Artistry 00:54:00
Make Up – Course 6 – Tattoo Covering 00:27:00
Make Up – Course 7 – Tips On Natural Beauty Makeup 00:05:00
Make Up – Course 8 – Tips On Glamour Makeup 00:57:00
Make Up – Course 9 – How To Tips for Teenage Makeup 00:55:00
Make Up – Course 10 – Makeup Tips for Sophisticated Ladies 00:28:00
Make Up – Course 11 – Airbrush Makeup 00:26:00
Make Up – Course 12 – Bridal Makeup 01:00:00
Make Up – Course 13 – Eyes and Lips 00:19:00
Make Up – Course 14 – Be Camera Ready 01:12:00
Make Up – Course 15 – Skin Nutrition 00:41:00
Detox Your Makeup Bag & Travel Like a Boss 00:31:00
Make Up – Course 17 – Henna Hair Color 00:05:00
Make Up – Course 18 – Fast Start Business Training 00:11:00
Make Up – Course 19 – What Does Bethany do to Stay Fresh 00:23:00
Skin Care
Skin Care – Course 1 – Skin Care and Tanning 00:41:00
Skin Care – Course 2 – Facials 01:50:00
Skin Care – Course 3 – Hair Removal Options 00:18:00
Skin Care – Course 4 – Dermaplaning 00:23:00
Skin Care – Course 5 – Esthetician Tools 00:12:00
Skin Care – Course 5 – Know your Toxic ingredients 00:16:00
Skin Care – Course 6 – LED Light Therapy 00:21:00
Skin Care – Course 7 – Microneedling 00:37:00
Skin Care – Course 8 – Natural and Chemical Peels 00:23:00
Skin Care – Course 9 – Skincare Using Spices 00:16:00
Skin Care – Course 10 – Skin Disorder and Diseases 00:08:00
Skin Care – Course 11 – Sugaring 00:16:00
Skin Care – Course 12 – Tinting 00:30:00
Skin Care – Course 13 – How To Be and Get Camera Ready 01:01:00
Skin Care – Course 14 – Why No Microdermabrasion 00:08:00
Skin Care – Course 15 – Food Knowledge 00:13:00
Skin Care – Course 16 – Skincare Using Spices 00:11:00
Things To Know As a Beauty Professional
Course 1- Aromatherapy and Essential Oils 00:29:00
Course 2- Detox Your Deodorant 00:11:00
Course 3 – Dry Brushing 00:07:00
Course 4 – Face Masks 00:07:00
Course 5 – Find Your Perfect Color 00:12:00
Course 6 – Go Earthing 00:05:00
Course 7- Good Morning Detox 00:07:00
Course 8- Hot Flashes 00:05:00
Course 9 – Luxury Spa Treatments at Home 00:10:00
Course 10 – How to Conceal and Correct Under Your Eyes 00:16:00
Course 11 – Make-Up Your Health Routine 00:17:00
Course 12- Oil Pulling- Natural Teeth Whitening 00:04:00
Course 13 – Tanning Beds or Spray Tanning 00:09:00
Course 14 – What’s in Your Lipstick 00:12:00
Course 15 – What’s All the Fuss About LED Light Ther 00:06:00

Course Reviews

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