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Marketing Communication Course Overview

  • Understand the concept of marketing communication
  • Learn the definition of marketing communication
  • Gain insights on different components of marketing communication
  • Know the definition and goals of Integrated marketing communication
  • Develop an understanding of various tools used in the promotion mix
  • Get the idea advertising & its objectives
  • Learn the difference between contemporary and traditional marketing

Course Content

This is the introductory part of the course. In this module, learn about Integrated marketing communications, the definition of communication & marketing communication. 

After getting the introduction, in this module, you will learn the definition of communication. Furthermore, you will also get to understand different modes of communication.

After familiarizing yourself with the definition of communication you will move to this module. Learn critical concepts such as effective and ineffective communication, one-way and two-way communication. Also, understand the six components of communication.

Module four explains the definition of Integrated Marketing Communication. The module explains what IMC or integrated marketing communication is.

In this module, you will learn about the goals of IMC. Gain an understanding of five Strategic goals of Integrated marketing communication. Awareness and customer retention are 2 of the strategic goals of IMC

Understanding the Promotion mix is crucial. In this module, you will learn about the types of promotion mix. Get the idea of five types of promotional tools. For instance, advertising, personal selling.

After understanding the concept of promotion mix, In this module, get a clear understanding of advertising and its concept.

In this module, you will be able to learn about the three objectives of advertising: 1. Information, 2. Persuasion, 3. Reminder.

In this module, the Concept of Promoting sales such as a discount on products is explained.

Personal Selling is the last type of promotion mix. In this module, the concept of personal selling is explained.

In this module, learn about the role of public relations.

Understanding key concepts and difference between Contemporary Marketing & Traditional Marketing.

Course Curriculum

Marketing Communication
Module 01: Introduction & Welcome 00:02:00
Module 02: Definition of Communication 00:04:00
Module 03: Components of Communication 00:06:00
Module 04: Def of IMC 00:04:00
Module 05: Goals of IMC 00:05:00
Module 06: Promotion Mix 00:05:00
Module 07: Advertising 00:06:00
Module 08: Objectives of Advertising 00:04:00
Module 09: Sales Promotion 00:04:00
Module 10: Personal Selling 00:04:00
Module 11: Public Relations 00:04:00
Module 12: Direct & Digital Marketing 00:04:00

Course Reviews

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