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  • Get some insight into working in the fashion industry
  • Practice the basics of fashion design
  • Make yourself comfortable with fashion design fundamentals
  • Get yourself up to speed on the latest design developments
  • Become well-versed in the fine art of fashion design
  • Learn the skills to satisfy all kinds of clients

Fashion Designer Course Content

A Glance at the World of Fashion Design

We will begin the lesson by introducing you to the field of fashion design and then display a selection of key terms for you to become familiar with the profession.

Fashion Design Principles

We will then take you through the various principles of fashion design, such as  proportion, balancing, unity and emphasis that you need to achieve harmony.

Major Design Concerns

There are some major design concerns that you need to bear in mind. By going through this section, you will be acquainted with the major design concerns you must have to encounter the future challenges and stay on top of current styles.

Uncover Fashion Design Process

Through this lesson, you will have the opportunity to uncover design processes that allow you to generate custom designs based on your clients’ unique needs.The design process is broad, and there are a multitude of ways to reach it. This module provides an overview of the major phases of the fashion design process such as conceptual development, pattern making, sample creation and finalisation, presentation, and hand-off. 

Know What are Design Essentials

In this part, we will guide you through the design essentials you’ll need to get started on your way. Creating outstanding designs necessitates knowing all of the essential design parameters.

Fashion Sketching Facts

Until now, you have learned a great deal about the basics of fashion design. Let’s progress on the advanced concepts. In this section, we will thoroughly introduce you to the fashion sketching facts. We will instruct you in fashion sketching you need to produce impressive drawings. 

Learn to Work with Patterns

Now that you’ve learned how to make impressive drawings, you should experiment with more interesting drawing styles. This tool will teach you how to work with pattern cutting tools and equipment to take your drawing skills to the next level.

Trendy Attires of Women

A professional fashion designer keeps himself or herself current on trends. Through this segment of learning, you will find out what are the hottest woman-clothing items to be rocking at this moment to design clothes that always fit the latest trends. 

A Step Forward to the Career in Fashion Design

To become a fashion designer, you may like to know about fashion designers. Through this part of the lesson, you will be introduced to fashion designers and will know their strengths and limitations. It will give you insights into what it takes to develop a successful career in fashion design.

UK Job Market

You are now aware of the prerequisites to become a fashion designer, so you should examine the current UK job market situation to identify what your job prospects will be like in the fashion industry and see if it is viable. 

Secrets to be a Fashion Entrepreneur

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of a successful career. In this section, we will share the secrets to be a Fashion Entrepreneur. This is the roadmap to becoming a fashion entrepreneur, where we shall offer strategies that will enable you to fulfill your goals.

Revealing Further Study Walkway

When it comes to your educational pursuits, we want to assist you in reaching your goals by developing your knowledge and skills. In this section, we introduce you to other areas where you may be able to expand your education and brace yourself for a successful career.

Course Curriculum

Fashion Designer
Module 01: A Glance at the World of Fashion Design 00:20:00
Module 02: Fashion Design Principles 00:10:00
Module 03: Major Design Concerns 00:30:00
Module 04: Uncover Fashion Design Process 00:10:00
Module 05: Know What are Design Essentials 00:35:00
Module 06: Fashion Sketching Facts 00:30:00
Module 07: Learn to Work with Patterns 00:30:00
Module 08: Trendy Attires of Women 00:05:00
Module 09: A Step Forward to the Career in Fashion Design 00:20:00
Module 10: UK Job Market 00:30:00
Module 11: Secrets to be a Fashion Entrepreneur 00:35:00
Module 12: Revealing Further Study Walkway 00:10:00

Course Reviews

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