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Complete Web Design with Graphics Design and Adobe Photoshop CC Course Overview

  • Get a complete grasp of basic coding for web development
  • Understand the dos and don’ts of web creation
  • Familiarise with website design terminology
  • Know how to optimise web pages through SEO 
  • Learn how to select a web host, develop a content-rich website, and build backlinks
  • Get expert tips on how to measure web page performance using analytics tools
  • Develop in-demand Photoshop CC skills 

Complete Web Design with Graphics Design and Adobe Photoshop CC Course Content

In module one of this web design tutorial, you will gain an insight into these two creative industries, deepening your understanding of the roles and skills of a Graphic Designer and Web Designer. 

Module two will break down web design theory in simple terms, to help you gain a solid understanding of what makes a successful website. It explores the key elements of high performing websites in detail.

In this training session, you will learn step-by-step how to design a professional website, with tips from an industry expert. Through video guidance, it will equip you with a wide range of practical skills that will help you gain a competitive edge in this industry. 

Through module four, you will learn about the different career opportunities in graphic and web design, taking a more in-depth look at the skills required to work in this field. You will gain all the foundational knowledge you need to start preparing your portfolio.


  • HTML Basics

HTML is the code used to structure a web page and its content. In this HTML class for beginners, you will learn step-by-step how to structure a web page using HTML, exploring the key elements of a web page in detail.


  • CSS Basics 

Cascading style sheets (CSS) is the code that styles web content. It plays an important role in how a website looks, and how web pages are presented. In this masterclass, you will learn the fundamentals of CSS and how to incorporate it into your web design projects. 


  • Web Design & Development: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Now that you’ve mastered HTML and CSS, it’s time to learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This complete introductory training guide will take you through each one step-by-step, through the guidance of our expert instructor. 

Module six includes key topics such as:

  • Six Steps to Website Design for Beginners

In this section, you will master essential web design skills to fast track your career. It will take you through each stage of designing a website in detail, from goal identification to content creation.

  • Dreamweaver or CoffeeCup for Website Design

In this class, we will take a look at two leading design software used by top Web Designers. It will teach you a wide range of skills needed to perform day-to-day web design tasks that can add real value to your CV.

  • How to Use WordPress for your Website

WordPress is the world’s leading blog and website design platform. In this class, you will learn how to navigate WordPress to create a professional website from scratch. It will teach you up-to-date best practices, from setting up your domain name to using plugins.

  • Common Mistakes in Website Design

Now that you are all set up on WordPress and understand the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript, it’s time to take a look through some of the common mistakes that Web Designers make. This class will teach you where new designers go wrong and how to avoid making costly errors.

Module seven includes key topics such as:

  • Selecting A Web Host

This class will walk you through how to choose a web hosting service, exploring the key facts to consider. It will help you to identify your hosting needs based on the kind of website you are developing.

  • Building A Content Rich Website

Now you know the basics of developing a website, the next step is to make your web pages content rich. This means mastering SEO and ensuring that your website is packed with valuable information. In this class, you will learn how to write compelling content that will engage your audience, as well as produce unique content that they will want to read.

Module eight includes key topics such as:

  • What Do You Need to Launch a Successful e-commerce Site?

In this class, we take a look at the key ingredients needed to launch a successful e-commerce site from scratch. It includes tips from the experts and the latest industry best practices, to help you get started.

  • General e-commerce Site Guidelines

In this class, you will learn the most up-to-date guidelines for setting up an e-commerce site. It covers everything you need to know to create a successful website: from usability design to checkout processes. 

Module nine includes key topics such as:

  • Introduction to Photoshop

The very fundamentals of Photoshop will be explored in this introductory lesson: from its basic settings and tools, to navigating the interface.

  • Customizing the Workspace

In this training, you will learn the Photoshop workspace basics and gain the practical skills to customise your workspace for your professional and personal projects. 

  • Using Masks and Advanced Layers

Master masks and layers in Photoshop, with this complete video training class. You will learn how to apply and delete layer masks, organise, merge and flatten layers, use adjustment layers, and much more.

Course Curriculum

Graphic and Web Design
Advanced Theory Semester
Week 1: Lesson 1 Advanced Theory Semester Week 1: Lesson 1 00:55:00
Week 1: Lesson 2 Advanced Theory Semester 01:00:00
Week 2: Lesson 1 Advanced Theory Semester 01:02:00
Week 2: Lesson 2 Advanced Theory Semester 01:03:00
Week 3: Lesson 1 Advanced Theory Semester 01:01:00
Week 3: Lesson 2 Advanced Theory Semester 01:01:00
Week 4: Lesson 1 Advanced Theory Semester 00:51:00
Week 4: Lesson 2 Advanced Theory Semester 00:51:00
Professional Creation Semester
Week 1: Lesson 1 Professional Creation Semester 00:57:00
Week 1: Lesson 2 Professional Creation Semester 01:00:00
Week 2: Lesson 1 Professional Creation Semester 00:56:00
Week 2: Lesson 2 Professional Creation Semester 00:58:00
Week 3: Lesson 1 Professional Creation Semester 01:00:00
Week 3: Lesson 2 Professional Creation Semester 01:05:00
Week 4: Lesson 1 Professional Creation Semester 00:59:00
Week 4: Lesson 2 Professional Creation Semester 01:00:00
Career Semester
Week 1: Lesson 1 Career Semester 00:44:00
Week 1: Lesson 2 Career Semester 00:58:00
Week 2: Lesson 1 Career Semester 01:00:00
Week 2: Lesson 2 Career Semester 00:47:00
Week 3: Lesson 1 Career Semester 00:51:00
Week 4: Lesson 1 Career Semester 01:03:00
Week 4: Lesson 2 Career Semester 01:03:00
Basic Coding for Web Development
HTML Basics 00:30:00
CSS Basics 01:00:00
Web Design & Development: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript 02:00:00
Web Designing
The Best Website Design for Your Business 01:00:00
What’s in a Domain Suffixes 00:31:00
Website Design Terminology 01:00:00
CSS Explanation 01:00:00
Website Designs & Power Stations 01:00:00
How Can I Build my Website for Free 01:00:00
Six Steps to Website Design for Beginners 01:00:00
Dreamweaver or CoffeeCup for Website Design 01:00:00
Using Dreamweaver to Create your Site Layout 00:30:00
Three Crucial Steps to Creating Your Website 01:00:00
Dos and Don’ts of Website Creation 01:00:00
SEO Basics for Effective Website Design 01:30:00
Ideas for Your Internet Business Website Design 01:00:00
Immediately Applicable Design Tips for a User-Friendly Website 01:00:00
6 Best Reasons to Create a Website 01:00:00
Common Mistakes in Website Design 01:00:00
Too Much or Too Little 00:30:00
Ideas for Your Personal Website Design 01:00:00
How to Create a Social Networking Website to Enhance your Business 01:00:00
Tips for Designing an Affiliate Website 01:00:00
How to Use WordPress for your Website 01:30:00
Top 14 Reasons to Create a Blog 00:30:00
More Tips Ahead 00:30:00
Developing Websites
What Are Niche Website? 01:00:00
The Role Of Visualization In Education 00:15:00
Identify Your Best Platform Or Software 01:00:00
Select A Web Host 01:00:00
Collect Your Site 00:15:00
Building A Content Rich Website 00:15:00
Build Backlinks 00:30:00
Use SEO, Multimedia And Social Sites 01:30:00
Use Analytics 01:00:00
Wrapping Up 00:15:00
E- Commerce Website Design
Introduction 00:02:00
Why e-commerce works, and why now more than ever… 00:30:00
What do you need to launch a successful e- commerce site? 00:30:00
Planning and research 01:00:00
Before you start building your site 00:15:00
General e-commerce site guidelines 00:30:00
Site creation 03:00:00
Product sourcing 00:30:00
After this comes marketing 00:30:00
Conclusion 00:15:00
Adobe Photoshop CC
Introduction 00:10:00
Introduction to Photoshop
Introduction to Photoshop 00:05:00
Understanding Types of Documents 00:04:00
Understanding Resolution 00:04:00
Creating New Documents 00:06:00
Using Artboards 00:05:00
Using CC Templates 00:03:00
Utilizing the Search Feature 00:02:00
Customizing the Workspace
Using Workspace Presets 00:02:00
Moving, Closing, and Opening Panels 00:06:00
Understanding Document Views 00:06:00
Using the History Panel 00:06:00
Working with Layers
Why Layers 00:02:00
Using Layers 00:07:00
Creating Fill Layers 00:05:00
Applying Blending Modes 00:04:00
Using Layer Styles 00:05:00
Discovering the Properties Panel 00:08:00
Understanding Selections
Creating Basic Selections 00:09:00
Using the Lasso Tools 00:08:00
Understanding the Quick Select Tools 00:07:00
Editing the Quick Mask 00:04:00
Saving Selectionsv 00:04:00
Moving Selections to Layers.mp 00:03:00
Understanding and Using Color
Understanding Color Modes 00:10:00
Creating Swatches 00:06:00
Using Masks and Advanced Layers
Applying Layer Masks 00:04:00
Deleting Layer Masks 00:01:00
Organizing Layers 00:03:00
Merging Layers 00:02:00
Flattening Layers 00:02:00
Working with Layer Comps 00:06:00
Using Adjustment Layers
Using Image Adjustments 00:07:00
Understanding Adjustment Layers 00:10:00
Using Layer Masks with Adjustment Layers 00:03:00
Cropping Images
Using the Crop Tool 00:05:00
Using the Crop Tool to Add Canvas 00:02:00
Moving and Transforming Pixels
Using Free Transform 00:04:00
Working with Other Transform Options 00:03:00
Flipping Pixels 00:01:00
Adding Text and Text Styles
Using the Type Tool 00:10:00
Discovering Typesetting 00:08:00
Formatting Text 00:09:00
Creating Type on a Path 00:03:00
Warping Type 00:03:00
Using Styles on Type 00:08:00
Applying Special Effects
Using Layer Styles 00:09:00
Working with Patterns 00:03:00
Applying Filters 00:04:00
Creating Pixels with Filters 00:06:00
Exporting from Photoshop
Printing in Photoshop 00:03:00
Converting to CMYK 00:04:00
Converting to Other File Types 00:13:00
Using File Info 00:09:00
Course Recap 1452 00:03:00

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Lola Bond
Lola Bond
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The course costs £7.99 each month; however, the first four weeks are free. Try it out with the free sessions, and I'm sure you'll end up subscribing as I did!
Poppy Whitehouse
Poppy Whitehouse
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Keep up the incredible work, Visio Learning. Your classes have blown me away, and I will definitely be taking more.
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Shannon Kent
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Thank you very much, Visio Learning, for providing students with such excellent opportunities. I've picked up several new talents that have proven to be helpful in my professional life.
Anthony Fisher
Anthony Fisher
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I can't tell you how much this course taught me! There are over 500 courses available on Visio Learning, and I'm going to subscribe for more.
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Tyler Mitchell
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I highly encourage everyone not to squander time and take advantage of Visio Learning's fantastic learning opportunities.
Amy Dean
Amy Dean
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I had no idea that an online course could teach me so much! I'm glad I subscribed for this course.
Jennifer Winter
Jennifer Winter
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I'm glad for the chance to study under world-class educators. Thank you so much, Visio Learning!
Kate Dobson
Kate Dobson
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"I paid £7.99 for a monthly subscription to this course, and trust me, and it's well worth it! This course has taught me so much. "
David Law
David Law
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I'm thrilled to have the chance to learn from world-class professors! It went above and beyond my expectations. I strongly advise everyone to give it a shot.
Leon Davey
Leon Davey
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The course is a wealth of information! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Strongly recommend!
Sienna Simpson
Sienna Simpson
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Visio Learning offers student help 24/7 students support, and that's amazing! I could contact them with any questions or concerns I have, and they were always willing to help.
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman
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What a fantastic course! I started for free for the first month and couldn't stop myself from subscribing! Highly recommend.
Sienna Leonard
Sienna Leonard
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The top educators are unquestionably found at Visio Learning. I can't express how thorough the instructor was in each lesson, and I could pick up a lot of information.
Abbie Hayward
Abbie Hayward
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"I discovered this website through a friend and joined in the free trial course for the first month. I couldn't resist subscribing for £7.99 each month. It's my third month with them, and I'm having a great time! "
Kyle Pearson
Kyle Pearson
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I had no idea that an online course could provide me with so much information! I appreciate it.
Matthew Thomson
Matthew Thomson
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The instructor was great! I was blown away by how expertly he explained the complex topics.
Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee
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I can't express how fantastic the courses Visio Learning provides. The £7.99/month subscription charge is insignificant when compared to the training quality. I've taken a lot of courses from them, and they've all been great!
Liam Whittaker
Liam Whittaker
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I had previously taken a few online courses that did not match my expectations. I'm delighted I discovered Visio training. It provided me with the most beneficial learning experience. The 24/7 student support helped me immensely with my inquiries.
Faith Sharpe
Faith Sharpe
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"This course was quite beneficial to me. Everyone should give it a try, in my opinion. You may cancel your subscription at any time, but I bet you won't since you'll be delighted by the great classes. "
Jayden Carr
Jayden Carr
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I am a person who is always willing to learn new skills. I took a bunch of online courses, but none of them lived up to my expectations. Thank you for your excellent classes, Visio Learning. They've been quite helpful in expanding my skill set.
Muhammad Field
Muhammad Field
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Excellent classes at a fair price for a subscription. Truly recommend!
Ryan Barry
Ryan Barry
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The instructor was upfront and knowledgeable. His instructions revealed his intelligence. I gained a lot of knowledge and am grateful for the fantastic learning experience.
Brandon Vincent
Brandon Vincent
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In my perspective, they deliver knowledge with care. They were incredibly accommodating anytime I needed help with the courses or anything else. All of my doubts were dispelled. Thank you very much!
Hannah Bates
Hannah Bates
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"The training I took from them was beneficial in terms of bolstering my CV with new skills. Keep up the great work, Visio Learning! "
Ellis Swift
Ellis Swift
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Thank you so much for the fantastic lessons and welcoming environment, Visio Learning. Access to your classes at any time helped me immensely in learning at my own pace.


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