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Course Overview

  • Understanding Branding and its importance
  • Know your niche markets
  • Create practical marketing strategies
  • Creating campaigns with target groups as the focus
  • Learn about Referral campaigns
  • Get to know about Influencer Marketing
  • Know about Social media Marketing 
  • Learn to create successful Reward Programs
  • Develop an ideal Business image/portfolio

Course Content

Get to know the materials that will be covered to replicate business success compared to top branding strategies executed by current successful businesses in the modern-day marketing environment. Grow your businesses community, customer base and revenue with the help of Influencers, giveaways, referral campaigns and reward programs 

How providing “Free” products/service can have a positive impact on buyer behaviour and get the targeted communities more engaged towards your business.

In this module you will learn how to formulate a cost-effective referral marketing program using different types of incentivised referral marketing campaigns, to build a sense of trust within your targeted community. Effectively upscale your business and generate revenue.

The process of choosing prizes and rewards can be a challenging task, it needs to be both cost-efficient and of good value. This module will guide you in setting up the right incentives/rewards while being cost-effective with the motive of attracting the right kind of customers towards your business increasing revenue and brand recognition.

This module covers how to analyse your overall business and get to know the ideas on how to increase the value of the incentives being offered to the audience, for them to be satisfied and attracted to be a part of your brand. 

Designing a successful Referral task campaign can be a tough task. Learn how to make clear and flexible formulas towards designing a campaign that has the best chance towards conversion and generating results, making all incentives and direction concise and friendly for the audience to grasp.

Social media in the modern day is so important, a platform with millions of audiences always observing. This module will show the makings of eye-catching contents with both aesthetic imagery and setting the right tone for communication with the target audience with conversion in mind.

Email engagement still holds a lot of value in the current business setting. Know the importance and how to form an ideal email marketing campaign strategy focusing on the content, tone & timeline of engagement with conversion as the key motive.

Organic Marketing brings leads through natural growth. Know the art of creating a marketing and branding strategy by engaging the right target groups towards finding true value to your offering or content to boost conversion by promoting reach and brand awareness organically from the beginning.

Paid marketing is also very essential as it attracts the lead who is just beyond reach, and the ones who hold high potential as clients. The importance of spending on paid advertising in the right platforms and channels at the right time to boost reach and brand awareness, and having conversions to sales as the primary focus are all covered in this section.

All these campaigns ultimately bring to the final and ultimate step of closing a sale. Get to know how to take the necessary final steps to securely convert your leads attracted from all your campaigns into sales and revenue dollars.

Detailed Tutorial/Walkthrough from the start to finish on creating a Giveaway campaign. 

Detailed Tutorial/Walkthrough from the start to finish on creating a Rewards & Referral program/campaign. 

Course Curriculum

What’s This Course About 00:01:00
Course Content
Introduction 00:04:00
The Power Of Free 00:04:00
Referral Marketing Secrets 00:06:00
Referral Types To Use 00:09:00
Choosing Prizes & Rewards 00:14:00
How To Increase Your Value Offering 00:06:00
Designing A Referral Campaign That Converts 00:06:00
Designing Eye Catching Social Images 00:04:00
How To Use Engagement Emails 00:07:00
Understanding Lead Quality 00:04:00
Organic Marketing Guide 00:10:00
Using Paid Advertising To Scale 00:17:00
Converting Your Leads 00:11:00
Guided Campaign Set Up
Setting Up A Giveaway 00:18:00
Setting Up A Rewards & Referral Program 00:12:00

Course Reviews

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