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Carry out’s and Wouldn’ts About on the web visibility images for Women Dating after 40

Uploading on line profile pictures feels agonizing, specifically for ladies & most particularly for females matchmaking after 40. Composing a profile and completing questionnaires can be difficult, nevertheless posting pictures part will be the hardest part for several.

It really is correct that you’re putting yourself nowadays and lots of guys are likely to have a look at you. And we’ve all read about guys being really artistic, therefore it makes some sense you are worried you’ll be refused for the appearance.

In case you are a female making use of online dating, and you’re having that anxiety about “rejection by photo,” OR if that is something is keeping you from going online, this short article should assuage your own picture worry.

I’m going to give you some truths about what the majority of the male is looking in your profile images and provide you with perform’s and carry outn’ts that will help you have fun and end up getting some good shots of one’s gorgeous home.

Contrary to most beliefs, attracting guys – specifically guys that happen to be dating after 40, 50 and beyond – is not exactly about just how younger or slim you will be. Mature guys who want connection and relationship (aka the men you should satisfy) are considering your own profile images for information on you.

The profile photo inform guys a story. He is searching and considering: really does she have a look available, friendly, healthy, positive? Does she check good, fascinating, fun?

You will find scores of actual guys online who will be looking for a genuine girl. (I met my husband on line, very have the majority of
females we coach

Your pictures give a sense of whether you would be some one they might prefer to meet.

And there are all types of men who will be interested in all types of females. This is also true of males internet dating later on in daily life.

Here is one more thing: men and women post account images which are out-of-date, have them covering behind shades or are way too dark to essentially see. Women, particularly, content images that don’t program their health.

As soon as you hide or you should not inform some story of who you are, guys are attending pass.

Of course, if you post outdated pictures, they are going to feel duped once they meet you. (I know that is taken place to you before. It isn’t really enjoyable.)

There isn’t any explanation to post a profile picture of you whenever you had been 20 lbs lighter or 2 decades more youthful. Only DON’T.

This will be section of adult dating. You should SATISFY these men, right? Well if for example the photos are misleading you’re without doubt likely to be came across with resentment. (You do not need him to share a photograph with hair then appear towards coffee time bald as a cue ball, would you?)

Stop worrying about just how the human body looks at your age

and remember: you’re not 30 and you are not supposed to look like you’re 30.
Guys value AUTHENTIC ladies
and want to notice that inside photos, therefore never try to hide yourself.

Your on line matchmaking profile and your images will be the first impressions could create. When you happily reveal who you are and express it such that men appreciate, the proper men are drawn. (Got that: ideal men.)

Therefore, how will you hunt your better and inform an optimistic, authentic story to the males you should meet?

Follow these profile picture carry out’s and performn’ts as well as your photographs will attract best men:


  • You will need to have some fun if you find yourself using the photographs. Push a friend who can assist draw out your own individuality while making you have a good laugh.
  • Program different outfit; relaxed, dressy and trousers and gowns. (Men love when females wear outfits and it will let you feel uber feminine!)
  • Article one or more headshot and another complete human body try; both obvious sufficient reason for good light.
  • Have shots that demonstrate your own vibrant, sincere smile. (some people’s eyes glow when they smile!)
  • Have available body gestures. (Keep away from crossed arms and legs!)
  • Article a blend of shots: different expressions, a headshot, full human body shot and an attempt or several of you doing a bit of task you enjoy. (vacationing, kayaking, buying flowers, eating at restaurants, reading, drinking coffee, running, etc.)
  • Show images of you by yourself or only with folks in the back ground.
  • Get a better night’s rest before taking your photographs.
  • Analysis fingernails.
  • Wear garments that suit yourself while making you think good. (whenever you layer-on clothing to cover yourself it just allows you to look larger than you may be.)
  • Use shade, yet not wild designs.
  • Apply your own beauty products in day light.
  • Wear reasonably mild lipstick, shine is good.
  • If at all possible ensure you get your pictures used by a specialist.(See below for a resource, in addition to a price reduction code**)
  • Have fun please remember it is planning make you love.


  • Put on all black in more than one image.
  • Article selfies.
  • Article glamor-type shots or pictures being as well effective or revealing.
  • Put on too-much beauty products.
  • Use darker, pad lipstick.
  • Post images with your family or young children.
  • Program yourself with the exact same appearance throughout photographs.
  • Have significantly more than 6 approximately photos.
  • Have only headshots.
  • Show yourself along with other men and women – specifically some other females!
  • Set up any terrible images (guys will believe you look such as your worst photo…probably just like you would as soon as you look at them.)
  • Overlook the importance of uploading good pictures.

Frankly, women are much more critical of the look than guys. Men are trying decide whether they might as if you; maybe not whether you appear like a fashion product.

Very merely flake out, aunt. Get people to take some great profile images of you, or even better, have an expert bring your pictures. Then proudly place yourself out there…because you might be a beautiful girl!

Here is an indication for a company that focuses on getting online dating sites profile images:

Using The Internet Visibility Pros
For an excellent discount,

enter rule BOBBI10.

There are more companies that are experts in profile pictures, therefore please google away!

** completely disclosure, I am an affiliate of Online visibility Pros if you decide to employ all of them, I do get a small payment.

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December 1, 2023

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