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Cake Decoration – Learn to Bake A Cake

Cakes are everywhere. The cake does not have any boundary. Whether you are a native English, or a European, Arab or Indian, Cake is the popular food around the world. When a baby is born, we celebrate it by cutting a cake. Even when the baby was in the womb, we arrange baby shower and cut cake. In birthday, marriage ceremony or any program, the cake is a must. The bride and groom share a piece of cake symbolises their union and their promise to forever provide for each other. Apart from these, cake baking is a lucrative business, and you can gain much profit through this.

This week, we will present a different type of course.  The courses are about baking and decoration. With our expert trainer, you will gain mastery over the baking procedures and decoration systems.

 The Great British Bake off:

The cake baking business was always demanding. But the business become popular and more demanding after the TV show named The Great British Bake-off. There is a steady rise in the cake baking industry.

Types of Cake:

The baking procedure is same for most of the cake. Some have little variation.

There are different types of cakes:

Shortened cakes: Also called “butter cakes” as the high amount of butter or fat shortens the gluten strands that form when flour comes in contact with water. Shortened cakes include:

  • Layer Cakes
  • Pound cake


 Foam and Sponge cakes: Eggs are the name of the games for making foam and sponge cake. Air is bitten into the eggs then folded into the butter. Sometimes only egg white is used, and sometimes whole egg is used.


The cakes which are made with egg white are low in fat and white in colour.

Unbaked cakes: These types of cake do not need baking such as

  • No-bake Cheesecake
  • Ice Cream cake, etc.

Yeast cakes: This types of cake uses yeast as an ingredient.

Apart from these, the cake category can be divided further based on the decoration process.  For example,


Varity in terms of ingredients or baking procedures

Variety in terms of decoration

Normally baked cake

Cream Cake

Cheese cake

Chocolate Cake

3 D jelly cake


Food cake

Sponge cake

Yeast Cake

3D Jelly Cake:

A new trend and popular item is 3D Jelly cake. Is it cake? The 3D Jelly cake does not need baking; it just needs gelatin or agar powder, sugar and jelly art tools.


If you like chocolate or candy, you must eat marshmallows. Fondants are made with marshmallows. Fondant cakes are trendy as it allows an amazing design with professional finishing.

For making a perfect cake, you need to have a basic understanding of the baking procedures. You need to know about the icing techniques, cake decoration tools including icing tubes, spatula, and layer creation. Our courses include a complete guide to all these information. All these courses are suitable for anyone; you do not need to have prior knowledge about baking.

The courses allow you to gain complete mastery of baking and decoration. After completing the course, you will be able to work either as a freelancer or an employee of a baking institute. Explore the courses for more information.

July 19, 2021

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