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ADP Payroll Pricing And Fees 2024 Guide

For example, the ADP support team quoted payroll-only for 50 employees at $400 per month. I have been working with ADP as an employer for over 10 years and I have to say, they are HORRENDOUS to work with. Long lead times, zero follow up, mis filed taxes, no accountability and a system that is glitchy and not user friendly. I am hoping the many competitors in the market will force ADP to finally invest in better customer service and product. I’ve always had trouble with their website and entering payroll for my staff, which has ended in numerous long dragged out phone calls.Since they recently changed their format things have become absolutely frustrating. I can’t just easily run a payroll, its confusing and things don’t add up.

While these options can save you a lot of time, it’s ultimately up to you if the added cost is worth the time saved. With the card, they can have access to their paychecks up to two days ahead of payday, based on when you run payroll. Employees can also load money onto the card from other sources, similar to a digital checking account. ADP RUN allows you to generate 1099s for contractors, but it’s unclear if it also natively enables you to pay contractors.

ADP RUN offers a choice of four packages that help customers manage their payroll, tax and compliance functions, and can be expanded to support HR, recruiting and employee benefits as well. You can request a price quote on the company’s website, and introductory promotions such as three months free are sometimes offered. Papaya Global’s affordable multinational payroll services start at $2 per global contractor paid per month. Global payroll for employees starts at $3 per payee per month if you pay them with your existing payroll software or $12 per payee per month through Papaya Global.

  1. The payroll software makes it easy to pay contractors by allowing for unlimited monthly pay runs and schedules, automating filings including the 1099-NEC and offering the ability to pay contractors with a few clicks.
  2. PEOs are almost always more expensive than in-house payroll software.
  3. The Complete plan offers all payroll services in the Enhanced plan as well as basic HR support.
  4. In our evaluation for user popularity, ADP Run scored 4.38 out of 5 given its average rating of 4 and up on online review sites.

Payroll and HR reports, employee access and new hire onboarding features are also included with the Essential plan and the creation and delivery of W-2s and 1099s is available for an additional fee. ADP Run is a cloud-based payroll https://accounting-services.net/ and human resources (HR) software that helps small businesses manage payroll, taxes, and basic hiring and onboarding. It even offers access to HR professionals, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and time tracking solutions.

Key differentiators & advantages of ADP RUN

On the other hand, some RUN customers thought the cost could be lower and experienced long hold times when calling in for help. Everything is supposedly my employers responsibility should I need any answers. This may be a very big business but I truly think they suck at customer service.I have tried numerous times to retrieve my tax information and receive a notice that there is a problem. While it’s entirely possible to manually do payroll, many businesses opt to use a payroll service, such as Gusto or ADP.

How RUN Powered by ADP Compares

Along with offering international payroll, Vantage HCM’s talent sourcing tools help companies create a cohesive, compelling brand narrative that attracts top talent. ADP’s benefits can also keep businesses competitive across the globe while the system’s comprehensive data and analytics tools give you crucial insights into your workforce’s productivity and satisfaction. ADP offers two different payroll products for small businesses based on the number of employees. ADP RUN, which is covered below, is for businesses with up to 49 employees and ADP Workforce Now is for businesses with 50 to 999 employees. With more than 70 years of experience and 90,000-plus clients, ADP is regarded as one of the biggest names in human resources (HR) software and services. The ADP Workforce Now software serves as an end-to-end solution to help business owners manage payroll, HR and benefits.

You can get the bulk of your questions answered through a robust online FAQ and use automated phone support to deal with common issues. Enhanced and Complete plan users have access to more personalized customer support through ADP’s HR HelpDesk service, with Complete plan users getting priority support. Additional features beyond basic payroll come with a higher price tag, and you may pay extra for features that are considered add-ons, as well. Talking with a sales rep could get you a free trial of the service or lower introductory pricing. You can pay U.S.-based employees automatically through direct deposit or have payroll checks delivered to your business ahead of each payday. You can’t get a handle on what the software will cost for your company’s needs without speaking to a sales representative—which can be tedious and time-consuming for someone trying to run a small business.

The fact that ADP is not transparent with its pricing, however, makes it difficult to compare it properly to competing platforms or conclude if the software is worth the money or not. In addition to all the tools in the Basic plan, the Enhanced plan includes more hiring tools. Background checks to verify Social Security numbers, criminal history and current county of residence are included as are check signing for enhanced security and complete management of state unemployment insurance. Users receive updated labor law posters automatically to maintain compliance with posting regulations. Payroll software can save you time and money by automating tax filing, direct deposit and employee self-service.

If you didn’t receive an email don’t forgot to check your spam folder, otherwise contact support. Employees have access to pay history and up to three years of W-2s/1099s.

Terrible Pay System

Plus, if you have a small company with a handful of employees, you should be able to set up your business in ADP Run in less than 20 minutes. If you have a lot of data to migrate into the system and need help with setup, ADP can assist you with implementation. This support is not free but likely worth it if you need help setting up the payroll services correctly. As your adp run reviews payroll and HR needs change, you can add other ADP offerings such as time tracking, retirement services and insurance benefits. ADP’s time and attendance feature is a cloud-based tool that allows you to schedule employees and have them clock in and out of shifts. The company’s retirement services help you select retirement savings accounts to offer to employees.


When it comes to Gusto vs. ADP, both payroll software offer a wide range of third-party integrations. Read our comprehensive Gusto vs. ADP comparison to find out which payroll service is right for you, based on pricing, features, ease of use, support and customer reviews. We checked to see if the provider has transparent pricing, zero setup fees, and multiple plan options with unlimited pay runs. Providers priced at $50 or less per employee monthly were also given extra points.

ADP Run HR Features

Growing startups and companies needing scalable HR solutions will benefit from ADP’s multiple HR payroll packages for different business sizes. However, pricing isn’t published on its website—you must contact the provider to request a quote. For a small business with 25 employees, we were quoted per-employee fees of $2.50 per weekly pay run plus a $49 base fee. All RUN Powered by ADP plans include W-2 and 1099 processing as well as complete tax filing and remittance. RUN Powered by ADP will also deliver payroll to your business, and new hire reporting is included as well.

However, while RUN Powered by ADP costs less than HCM software for enterprises, it’s definitely pricier than more straightforward payroll services like Gusto or SurePayroll. We’re selecting Gusto because we’re a proponent of transparent pricing that allows you to compare the cost of products and services. Also, unlike ADP, Gusto doesn’t limit your accessibility based on the size of your business.

February 2, 2024

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