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There are two types of bullet points used in this course – arrow bullet points and circle bullet points. The arrow bullet points are used for instructions that are informative and are NOT direct instructions to follow.

For example:

In the Navigation pane, click Bank accounts; alternatively, you can use the Modules menu or Alt key

Choose the option that you want

The round bullet points are used to instruct you to do something on your computer. When you find circle bullet points you should follow the instructions step-by-step on your computer.

For example:

  • In the Navigation pane, click Bank accounts; alternatively, you can use the Modules menu or Alt key.

  • Click the Print button.

When you are given alternative methods of doing the same thing, as in some of the examples above, you can choose which method you prefer to use.

Shortcut key combinations

Sometimes you will need to hold down one key while you press another. For example:

  • Press Alt+Q

means ‘hold down the Alt key and press Q‘ (then release both).

  • Press Alt+1,2

means press the Alt key and release, then press and release the number 1 key, and then press and release the number 2 key.

Screenshots throughout this course

Microsoft Windows is available in several different versions. The program constantly upgrades itself, and the specifications of computers vary enormously.

The screenshots for this course are taken using the following software:

Sage 50 Accounts Professional v23

Microsoft Windows 10

With this in mind, you should note that the screenshots in this course may differ slightly compared to what you see on your system.

Most of the time, the differences will be small and have no real relevance. Occasionally, fewer or more options and features may be shown.

September 7, 2017

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