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11 Best Outsourced CFO to Guide Your Growth in 2020 & Beyond

‍An outsourced CFO solution will use your financial results from previous periods to help predict how the company will perform over future months and years. This includes projecting your expenses and revenues across all key verticals, how your sales expenses will grow, and how many salespeople you’ll need to meet revenue targets. If you already have financial projections in place, an outsourced CFO can extend and maintain them. Lean on the Propeller team and our vast network of connections to uncover industry-relevant expertise, knowledge, and tips. Since we had the right systems and processes in place and an experienced partner like Propeller at Sir Kensington’s, I could focus on other areas of the business that led to our growth and our ultimate sale.

  1. Our end goal is to transform your company into a higher functioning, more profitable company poised for strategic success.
  2. I launched Propeller Industries in 2008 as it became clear that cloud software and digital documents would make it feasible to decouple financial work from the physical location of each company.
  3. Pilot is a provider of back-office services, including bookkeeping, controller services, and CFO services.
  4. It serves clients throughout the greater Bay Area region and is based in San Francisco.
  5. Managing the financial side of your business is an absolute necessity for any small business, whether just starting out, or trying to grow and scale.

The firm will work with many stages of business, from startups to those companies that have been in business for a while and are ready to expand. We’re builders, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers who draw our inspiration from the incredible leaders we serve. We are more than just an outsourced CFO and accounting provider; we are a growth partner for our clients. With a best-in-class technology platform and unparalleled data and workflow optimization tools, we give founders the visibility and confidence to make smarter decisions. AirCFO is a company that specializes in accounting, finance, people operations, and tax services, operating primarily in the startup sector.

I highly recommend Preferred CFO and look forward to the continued growth of our business as a result of this partnership. Human Resources are a critical part of managing a growing business, from hiring to benefits, compensation strategies, training & more. With expert outsourced HR services, you can get the Human Resources support to make your company more effective and propeller outsourced cfo compliant without the in-house cost. Founders who are new to the startup world (and sometimes even those who aren’t!) may make strategic decisions that have unexpected consequences on their expenses or revenue growth. An experienced outsourced CFO will help you avoid these kinds of mistakes by advising on strategies that work from both finance and business viewpoints.

Outsource Your Startup’s CFO Services With Zeni

Raising capital can be stressful, but Preferred CFO can help get you in the door and make the process go more smoothly. Our capital raising experts have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars of debt & equity capital and are highly respected in the industry. An outsourced CFO can advise business owners on how to negotiate more profitable contracts with customers. From a finance perspective, the CFO can identify potential risks that could end up costing the company and make sure contracts are watertight. From the business perspective, they can assess whether the contract terms are in your best interest, and suggest ways to make them more profitable.

Professional Services

Plus, our team has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to make a startup successful, and can help you manage your finances smartly. Zeni is a next-generation, full-service financial firm that handles finance functions more cost-effectively and intelligently than traditional outsourced CFO solutions. Even if an outsourced CFO won’t be presenting at meetings, they can support the team by preparing the reports, slides, and figures for you to present yourself. This service is particularly helpful when you’re preparing for meetings with investors.

If the timing is right, the offer is right, and the necessary work is done correctly, selling your business can be highly beneficial. Below are two common examples of how some startups use outsourced CFOs in a counterproductive way. Trust Propeller to help you break down blockchain’s complex financial and regulatory framework and ensure you’re compliant with industry-specific rules and regulations. Propeller Industries is an enterprise-grade financial partner that empowers the most ambitious companies to reach their full potential. Gain valuable insights and greater visibility into your financials to propel your company forward. Propeller is transforming the way venture-stage businesses are built.

In 2020, we partnered with Newlight Partners for a growth equity investment to help us accelerate faster and bring more tech-enablement to the company to unlock our full potential. I launched Propeller Industries in 2008 as it became clear that cloud software and digital documents would make it feasible to decouple financial work from the physical location of each company. Your CFO will help you accelerate growth, maximize resources, improve profit margins, and optimize systems in your business. Our end goal is to transform your company into a higher functioning, more profitable company poised for strategic success.

How to Calculate Burn Rate for Startups

You can count on Propeller to help you balance cash flow and customer acquisition by leveraging the lessons we’ve learned while serving some of the most iconic e-commerce brands of the last decade. If your company has hit a growth spurt, a point of resistance, or is confronted with the need to professionalize, we are for you. We are “One Propeller” and believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork as a force multiplier. We are compassionate people that seek out and embrace our differences and know that greatness is achieved by integrating diverse views, experiences, and perspectives. We believe that you deserve a financial partner as ambitious and innovative as you are. That’s why we created a culture that attracts and develops the best and the brightest in the business.

The above list includes Outsourced CFO Services in SF that SFist believes actively provides superior services. In some cases, they are among the most successful teams in San Francisco. In some cases, variable, sponsorship listing fees or commissions effect the ranking position of the teams, but every one has a history of providing great services. Amber is an experienced finance leader with over 20 years of professional experience. She specializes in non-profit, affordable housing, real estate, and construction, and has… Sarwar is a highly experienced financial executive with an outstanding record of achievement in operational profitability, cost efficiencies, financial forecsting &…

The budget sets targets for how the startup should perform each month in order to achieve the results in your projections. To monitor whether the business is on track or underperforming, the outsourced CFO will compare your actual financial data to the budget and report back on where you stand. Calculating the variance between your budget and actuals highlights where you may need to adjust your strategy or review whether the budget is achievable.

Ways to Growyour Small Business

The company utilizes advanced technology to power analytics and create detailed forecasts for clients. The outsourced CFOs of Propeller Industries aim to predict potential issues well in advance before those issues become serious problems for the business. The firm consists of many specialized experts and those professionals are dispatched to specific clients with unique needs. With a “forward-looking” financial strategy, we help organizations implement a higher level of forecasting, budgeting, cash management, and financial strategy. Our goal is to help companies move the needle by scaling and accelerating growth, optimizing resources, overcoming obstacles, and maximizing shareholder value. We engaged Preferred CFO about 8 months ago when our controller left.

Depending on your business model and the complexity of the figures, you may want to avoid outsourcing financial presentations unless you can develop a strong relationship with the individual representing your business. Scenario modeling involves creating alternative projections that show how your company is likely to perform under various conditions. For example, you https://accounting-services.net/ may model an aggressive scenario where the business grows by 30% in one month, as well as a more conservative scenario where it grows by just 10% in a month. For each scenario, the modeling would predict the impact on financial results like revenue and costs. In the early stages of development, businesses may not see substantial benefits from hiring a full-time CFO.

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